This withdrawal was developed by a child’s mind

“The botched and embarrassingly incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan had nothing to do with past Administrations or things that happened “from 20 years ago,” (other than we should not have been in the Middle East in the first place!). The horrible “withdrawal” was caused, in particular, because the Military was taken out before American citizens and $85 Billion worth of the highest-grade Military equipment anywhere in the world. This withdrawal was developed by a child’s mind, and only the Biden Administration is responsible for it. When I left office, the Taliban was held at bay, we had as long as we wanted, there was no reason to rush, no soldiers were killed or even shot at for over 18 months, and if they didn’t meet certain conditions, we would have hit them very hard. But then Biden and Milley removed the Military in one of the dumbest Military moves in history, and it all began. So sad for our Nation!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Biden is a Chinese agent. The Manchurian Candidate in flesh and blood.

The American Chamber of Commerce can now accurately be described as a hostile actor vis a vis China as well.



So true.

Thank you Hussein…the man behind the mask of the intruder in OUR White House, get the hell OUT!!!


It is very SCARY that we have a FAKE President and a General with the IQ of a first grader in charge of our military! Mark Milley has to be the DUMBEST general of all time!

Sarah Stone

“What distinguishes the U.S. is a conservative party — the Republican Party — that has grown hostile to science and empirical evidence in recent decades. A conservative media complex, including Fox News, Sinclair Broadcast Group and various online outlets, echoes and amplifies this hostility. Trump took the conspiratorial thinking to a new level”

How’s the RED Covid, MAGAts?


Just for the record Sarah how many genders are there? Take your time and rember to use your science that you liberals have bastardized. I will give you a hint you only need one hand. If you know real science that is.

Sarah Stone

Sure, John. What is rember, though? I apologize if English is your second language. I think you’re trying to say remember? Is that correct, John? Because it’s spelled REMEMBER, not rember. Read a book, imbecile.


You have no real argument so you pick on a guy for a type error–Typical- what are you ? 20


Sarah is a 1st grader that has flunked the 1st grade three times!
A Total Loser!


Sarah, I Remember YOU are a Commie-Liberal!
A Commie-Liberal with an IQ of minus twenty.
Get a Life!

Sarah Stone

Trump lost, y’all. Your being grifted…

Last edited 1 year ago by Sarah Stone

Rigged Election and a Corrupt Government!
Trump was Re-Elected in a LANDSLIDE VICTORY!

Save Our United States

It is OK if you dislike President Trump but you failed to state any facts that back up your comments.


Gender biased John… any other bigotry in your CV ?

My Man Trump

Oh Stoner, I love when you talk dirty and try to sound intelligent as you are doing it.

Save Our United States

How have conservatives (which isn’t a party) and Republicans grown hostile to science and empirical evidence? I would like you to cite examples please. Thank you!


WHY ISN’T THE MAN W/ THE CHILD’S MIND NOT IMPEACHED YET???!!! He, his admin., called for your impeachment, WITH NO VALID GROUNDS, continually??!!!
(And kudos POTUS for calling out Omarosa!)
I AM proud the first woman to win on that program was Kendra!💚
She’s a NATURAL WINNER! 💪💥🎶🎵
I love her! Always!🤍
(Please tell her so, if you ever talk to her! I’m forever grateful to her Dad for what he did for me!💪🙏
I will never forget it!🙏💚
Va. isn’t all bad, anymore than Texas, I suppose!
And when you ARE BACK IN OFFICE (actually sitting at your desk!) our Country will “SHINE AGAIN”!💪🌄🕊️🇺🇸
I may be able to sleep peacefully!

Stalwart Republican

You lost.


Trump WON!


in a big f**king landslide!!!!!


Biden is a puppet he does what hes told and lots of big money I’m betting is behind those decisions, all they want to do is pad their bank accounts more and they dont care who they sacrifice to do it…..


45 left office after building a “brick house”.
46 demolished it in less then 6 months:(

Last edited 1 year ago by Lance
Deanna Collins

My hope is that everyone that thought this was the right guy to vote for – can now see that they did not vote for freedom in our Nation or any other Nation – everything they do has an evil agenda ~ look at what we have lost since Jan. 20th of 2021… steal kill and destroy is their agenda and it is so painful to watch ~ but their is LIGHT HOPE AND REDEMPTION COMING !


No kidding!

Or the Shadow President has an actual diabolical plan and is pulling the Biden Admin.’s strings? Seems easy to do when all Biden has going for him is the belligerent attitude of a pissed off 12 year old girl.

Today’s hearing did shed some light on General Milley claims that the military equipment left in Afghanistan was not our top of the line equipment? General Milley also claims he did nothing wrong. That’s odd; instead of making great plans to leave Afghanistan, General Milley was busy giving multi. hours of interview(s) about President Trump (and it wasn’t all good).

Sen. M. Blackburn said it well when she said something like: “You three (Generals) politicized the military.”

I’m a Vet. and when I served there was always a General Milley that gave meaning to a phrase I coined due to their actions. That phrase: “Political Cluster F*ck.”

Save Our United States

Senator Blackburn did a great job today!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

This is the entire Demented basement dwelling Joe regime. I bet Hunter is collecting lots of Chinese cash for “the big guy” because of all of this epic failing which has been going on.
When are Milley and the rest of these “woke” clowns going to be held accountable?
Also, why is LT. Col. Scheller being imprisoned for having spoken out about this disaster?
We are rapidly losing our Country and our freedom.


Mr TRUMP has often said he hasn’t changed since he was six years old.
Interestingly seven years old is commonly considered the age of reason !

Save Our United States

You must have not reached seven either. Better run, I hear your mommy calling you.


Facts are facts… stop your cutsey name calling and do your homework if you want to have something to say


Well Mr. Leftist, with your 2nd grade level comments you put-up on this website, what do you expect us to think? Maybe you better do the homework that your grade school teacher gave you this week. This is an adult content/comment website, and you act like a child.


Mr THosk is both a NAZI and a moron…


I rest my case…

Save Our United States

It is OK to disagree with President Trump but your comment has no relevance to what he stated. What you wrote reflects in you exactly what you are implying about President Trump.


It was a quote from Mr TRUMP and an observation. Both fact and without any inference. Nothing was sain “about” Mr TRUMP. Get your story straight

Save Our United States

I will try to help you. Nobody will ever take you or your comments seriously if you conveniently change the meaning of what people say. You do realize that President Trump did not mean that his ability to reason stopped at 6 years old, correct? I think every reader on here knows this and I think you do too. If you want your arguments to be taken seriously, then you have to engage in straight talk.


Liberal PUNK! Come and get some DINO!


Sir, surely the withdrawal was PLANNED to happen just as it did, wouldn’t you say? I sure do. Frankly, I believe Biden was paid to surrender. Surely it is not a new thing for him to take bribes to the detriment of his country. That’s old hat behavior for that wicked traitorous jackal.


Agreed. We need to unite and remove this administration. One American can not do it alone. What is the plan to take our Country back?



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