Time has proven voter fraud

“Such LIES & MISREPRESENTATIONS by the Unselects, and absolutely nobody allowed to challenge what is being said. As an example, I never suggested to V.P. Pence to “overturn” the Election (although Thomas Jefferson “took” the Georgia votes), but that he send the votes back to the various Legislatures so that they could determine if the Irregularities and Fraud were as widespread and significant as they seemed. Time has proven voter fraud to be even more flagrant, the Election was Rigged & Stolen!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Post Patriot

Trump did not suggest that Pence send the votes back to the various Legislatures so  “they could determine if the Irregularities and Fraud were as widespread and significant as they seemed.” That’s a lie.

He wanted them sent back, so States could “correct their votes.”


You must be looking forward to Brad Raffensperger testifying this coming week. A man who supported you in the 2020 election, who investigated your allegations of fraud in Georgia and came up with nothing. When he did not agree to give you one more vote than Biden got, you threatened him, called him names including a laughing stock. You broke the law when you tried to bully him into changing the results of the fair election in Georgia.

My Man Trump

The election was absolutely rigged and stolen. This is the new America under Marxism until the 2020 election is overturned and the criminal players punished. Go get them, President Trump.


The 2020 election isn’t going to be overturned. That means it’s going to be a new America forever.

Two criminal players, Eastman and Trump, are in real danger of being punished.


only the sane can see it. the rest are under such mind control its shocking. keep speaking President Trump. its the antivenin to their poison.


They are liars, plain and simple. We heard you say to send the electors back to the states. We also heard you say to the people to patriotically and peacefully make their way to the capitol. The people that broke in were Antifa and other colluders. Disgusting.


Yes, he told them to “patriotically and peacefully” make their way to the Capitol. For the most part, they did exactly that.

But once they arrived at the Capitol, the patriotic and peaceful part was over. From then on, they did just what he wanted them to do.

How do we know this? Because for the next two hours, he watched it all on TV, and despite multiple requests and urgent efforts to get him to do something about it, he refused.

He did absolutely nothing to stop them. He REFUSED to stop them.


We also heard him say to “fight like h*ll” or they weren’t going to have a country anymore.

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Save Our United States

Even non-believers, in their hearts, know that the EVIL communist Democrats cheated in the 2020 election multiple ways. How do I know this? They do not want President Trump to be president and they will see to that at any cost because he thwarted and will continue thwart their plans to takeover our society. How many impeachments and unselect committees does it take before this is obvious? At this point, one really has to be stupid (literally) to not see what is going on.

I want to say something about the EVIL Democrat communists trying to mold our society into something it isn’t: Americans have freedom in their DNA and they are not stupid. Does any red-blooded American think we are going to stand by and let a small contingent in our society get away with this? I have a strong feeling the answer is NO!

For all of the climate change fools out there: you and climate change is merely another “useful idiot” for the left. It is a vehicle to remove energy from our society which will result in destruction of our economy (it’s happening already) with the end game of enslaving you! Wake the F**K UP you fools!

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The November 2020 election was RIGGED and STOLEN PERIOD!


No, it was STOLLEN.



Linda M

Yes, it’s so disheartening the extent of corruption. We are seeing why it made no difference which party won. May they, the corrupted politicians be brought down because of their wickedness against those they are supposed to serve. ❤🇺🇸❤ Appreciate your leadership 45.


We must hold them accountable! Justice must prevail!


I agree! Everyone who assaulted police officers on Jan. 6 and who attempted to overturn the election must be held accountable for their actions, including Mr. Trump!

My Man Trump

Lol! You are such a simple little ass. You better wean yourself off of fake news. Your brain has now turned to mush.

Post Patriot

Police officers were clearly assaulted on January 6. Do you APPROVE of such behavior?


You have nothing intelligent to say, using lies like the democrats do to turn face.


Lack of intelligence sure as hell hasn’t stopped you from yapping.


We need to hold them accountable! Justice


We need to hold them accountable! Justice mu


Time has unequivocally proven there was no voter fraud. As for Jefferson – He “did not put his thumb on the scales in counting electoral ballots in 1800, any more than he did in 1796, when he lost the presidency narrowly to Adams and could have protested Vermont’s electoral ballot (which was more problematic than Georgia’s four years later). If Pence were to try to do so—ignoring electoral votes in not one but six states—he wouldn’t be building on a precedent created by Jefferson or any other vice president. He’d be committing treason.” Washington Monthly, January 2021.


It wasn’t until Jan. 6 when Mike Pence refused to be pressured into violating the Constitution and ignoring the will of most Americans that I started viewing him as a truly honorable man.

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I don’t because for four years he did nothing. He watched as trump did unspeakable things.


I felt the exact same way the entire time he was vice president, but he showed a lot of courage on Jan. 6, particularly when you consider that nearly 150 Republicans objected to certifying the election results even after the attack on the Capitol because that’s what their master demanded of them. Do I wish Mike Pence would have shown that courage earlier? Absolutely! But I no longer consider him and Mr. Trump as being two of a kind.


Lol and the world is flat too! Kick that dead horse Prize only problem is 81 million voters know your full of shit, and I’m thinking more like 100 million. But the guy that gave the eulogy For a Ku Klux Klan members funeral got more votes😂😂😂 your such a Dipshit!


Wow! It must be scary living in a world where facts do not matter and where the only truth is what Mr. Trump wants you to believe. Your name-calling only serves to discredit your views


We know all about that, we’ve been living in it for the past Two years with this illegitimate government. You must be really be happy with the fake news you embellish.


81 million voted for Biden so what are you talking about? And it’s you’re!


You mean Stolen votes!


No, they were alle fake votes except perhaps a few 100.000s


I TOTALLY agree, more like 100 million if not More!! I Know Nevada turned red, but they (Sisolak and Co.)changed the rules in the dead of night. Everyone my husband and I talk to in Vegas ALL feel the same way, that Trump absolutely won.


When you only speak to Trump supporters, they’re bound to feel the same way.

Do you ever speak to non-Trump supporters? If so, how do THEY feel?


There were ten eulogies at Robert Byrd’s funeral. He had been a member of the KKK for less than one year, back in the 1940’s, before resigning in disgust.

The fact that he resigned in disgust says a lot more about the man than the fact that he was ever a member at all.


Fooled by the leftist democrats. You make no sense nor speak any truth.


Pence could’ve prevented all of this mess, but he’s part of it! He got his little coin of betrayal that night!$!$!$!


Suuuuuuuuuuure that’s what you wanted Your VP to do.

R Minoglio

Yes it was. The red tsunami is coming.


Look at what Just happened in New Mexico. Their supreme court deemed it fit to join on the side of CORRUPTION!! As long as we have a CROOKED justice system, it will be REALLY HARD to have a red wave. They will just CHANGE THE RULES. Not ONE person, including the glorious GOP, is stopping or for that matter, even Challenging any if these crazed democrats running our country over a cliff. They are just as bad as they are complicit.


I was a Republican for years before I became an Independent during Mr. Trump’s presidency. I’m still more likely to vote for any Republican who doesn’t play along with Mr. Trump’s elections falsehoods. I just wanted to remind you that there is nothing “glorious” about the GOP today, and it is not the democrats who are “crazed.” The Republican party of today is turning into a Trump-worshiping cult.


Your just another rino, their just has crazed or worse than demo’s.


It’s “you’re.”

Seriously, woman. How’d you ever get out of elementary school?




Yes Susanna I’m right there with you, scary times.

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