To look at her is to despise her

“Low-polling Liz Cheney (19%) is actually very bad news for the Democrats, people absolutely cannot stand her as she fights for the people that have decimated her and her father for many years. She is a smug fool, and the great State of Wyoming, together with the Republican Party, fully understands her act. To look at her is to despise her. Hopefully she will continue down this unsustainable path and she will soon be gone!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Meegan Fixler

Good-bye, Liz!

A Trump in the Wind

She will run & win in 2022. Her numbers in Wyoming are strong\.

My Man Trump

This bitch is a reptile. Enough said.


Just watch Wyoming will re-elect her, since “they” control the voting systems and true citizens votes do not matter.

My Man Trump

Oh I am sure the steal is alive and well. As long as the swamp, and that includes all rinos, are still here and operating so will the steal. The big lie.




Lincoln project liz


Liz Cheney is admired by many, including myself, for caring more about truth and democracy than her political career. May God bless her and keep her in her position for years to come!


hahaha. U funni

My Man Trump

OMG..LMAO. God better bless you too because you are delusional.

Alia McBroon

As soon as there was a petition, my husband and I signed it. We’re tired of the misrepresentation here in Wyoming! We love you President Trump!

Cheryl Lueddeke

President Trump please note you can not use GOOGLE to search TRUTH Social. They just kick u off completely. You use Duck Duck GO to sign up early. Also I have android I signed up for early rollout but I need for android I refuse to buy into apple anything


I did the same thing. Samsung Note Android user… but signed up anyway! Google redirects a lot of conservative sites to porn pages or goes white page and will not load. (Stops anything from going to the real site) I also use Duck, Duck, Go and Rumble for anything legitimate! I hope he takes down the Big Tech fat heads and loony left nut jobs! Let’s go Brandon! TRUMP FOREVER!!! 🇺🇸

Milo Manx

I found TMTG right away on Duck Duck Go. You can too!

Dick Morgan

There’s a lot of them Dems that are hard to look at!!!


May God hold us all in the palm of his hands . 🙏🏻🇺🇸




We need you back

Hannah Lenfestey

The sooner the better.

Cheryl Lueddeke

These buffoons have literally no chance ever again they’re literally destroying this nation because they’re ugly evil hateful spinsters that couldn’t pay for a solid ….

William hollowell

If I may sir, that is one. Seriously. Nasty. Woman.


I Do Despise Liz Cheney! I’m Going To Tell You Why I Do. I Told Her I Exposed Nancy Pelosi In The Underground Rooms AndThe Flight Log List Of Epstein Island. I Exposed The Deep State Swamp And Hollywood Elite Guilty Of Human Trafficking. I Told Her I Had Never Been To The Capitol And I Was Disabled. I Told Her I Downloaded Declassified Documents And Files. I Told Her I’m Not A Liar Or A Conspiracy Theorist. She Knows Darn Well What The Truth Is About And She Is A Total Trump Hater!!! I Have Never Seen Such Vindictive People In My Entire Life. It Is Hurtful And Evil. I Will Never Give Up Sticking Up For You President Donald J Trump. Because Of You I Wanted To Register And Vote. Because Of You I Believed This World Was A Better Place. This Circus Show Has Gotten Way Out Of Hand. The Fake News Just Wont Acknowledge That An Anonymous Person Exposed A Worldwide Trafficking Ring. I Feel So Insignificant And Unimportant. The Fake News Media Is Knowingly Ignoring Me. It Has Been Nearly Two Years And They Still Haven’t Exposed Any Of This. You Told Me To Trust The Plan And I Am Trying Real Hard To Hang In There. I Have Cried My Eyes Out Nearly Every Day. It Is Truly Hurtful. This Has Wrecked Me Spiritually, Physically And Mentally. I Haven’t Slept In Almost Two Years. My Face Book Account Was Deactivated. I’m Starting All Over Again And I Lost Many Friends And Family. I’ve Been All Alone Through This While Other Patriots Have All Kinds Of Support. I Have None At All. I’m Hurt And Offended By The Lack Of Empathy. What Is Going On With Humanity? Has Everyone Become So Full Of Themselves That They Cant Reach Out To A Person Who Is Hurting? No One Talks To Me Or Anything. This Exposing The Truth Has Wrecked Me.

Last edited 1 year ago by DianeLion

You keep mentioning Nancy Pelosi and underground rooms, but I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Can you clarify? I’m genuinely curious. I haven’t been on this site that long so I’m sure I’ve missed a few of your posts.

Ralph Fleming

She just keeps repeating that on a bunch of posts


The fake news media hasn’t exposed the witch Pelosi for her crimes. The biggest cover up in US history.


She is on security camera in the underground rooms of Epstein pedophile island. The swamp all got caught. You are watching the fake news coverup the truth. There are trafficked and naked victims sitting on buckets in other rooms.I also posted the flight log list of hollywood elites and government swamp. There were many who are guilty of human trafficking and crimes on that island. These people are sick demons


If this isn’t a strange joke, you should receive psychiatric help. You are obviously a distressed and mentally ill individual and if you do not want your life to turn even worse, you should reach out for professional mental help. I am not saying this to be hurtful, but you yourself said you are miserable, have alienated family/friends, cry constantly, and also have developed a strange parasocial relationship with a man you’ve never met. Please get help.


It isn’t a joke!!! I’m of sound mind and I’m not lying. You lack of empathy and knowledge of the truth is ignorant. You need to wake up Eli. I exposed them all. It is nothing to joke about. These people are sick. Your ignorance of the truth and judgemental retort is hurtful. I’m upset with the media for not exposing these scumbags.I cry out of fustration. This should be front page news. I find it disturbing that fake news hasn’t exposed the witch Pelosi and the rest of the swamp listed in the flight log.


I hear you and feel for you, like I’m sure many others on hear do, but I as well am not sure what information it is that you have. or what we can do to help you expose the truth concerning it. Without seeing the evidence it’s hard to determine a path forward.

I pray you might find resolution to your cause, as no sane person would not want human trafficking stopped and the perpetrators exposed, tried, and serving sentences.

I’m sorry your efforts have not come to fruition, and feel for your pain in suffering this heavy burden of knowledge you endure daily, and again pray your heavy heart is released from the cross you bear because of it.


Praying the truth is revealed soon. The media is doing a disservice by not exposing Pelosi for her crimes. Justice is coming and nothing is going to stop it. They all got caught.


LIz may be hating herself more that everyone else hates her.


I think she’s very proud of her principals, ethics and patriotism, unlike the whining loser.


Highly unlikely. Her actions are all conscious decisions.


that is what happens when you are a traitor.

Save Our United States

Hard to believe she represents WY. She is an embarrassment to her own constituents. It will be pleasurable to watch her lose.

Gerald Warner

How many if not all these elected fools are entwined in the monopolies we now see clealy that have taken over this country and world using the planned china virus and these elected were supposed to put an end to any monopolies in this country?

Daniel Bacon

For her to be gone, would be a great day for America 🇺🇸

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

I hope she is out of office too. Along, with crying Kinzinger was well.


I think that’s how the majority of people think of trump. Truly an evil, vindictive person

Cary Miller

She/it needs to be charged for the crimes the she/it has and is currently committing! We can let God judge these demons, after they have been put before a fair Tribunal. God Bless all PATRIOTS!

Craig Barrett



Yep. That she is. Sad. Pray for her to change her heart. Justice for us.


Good Riddance for FAKE Republican Liz Cheney!

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