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Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Winning Pulitzer Prizes based on the fabrication of utter lies. Not only should the Pulitzer’s be rescinded, but those complicit should be charged with crimes.

Short Bus Sam

You are no longer president of anything Former President Trump. You can’t “demand” anything or boss anyone that doesn’t work for you around. I would concentrate on staying out of prison sir.


You sure as Hell belong on a Short Bus. You’re Retarded enough to be it’s King!!


Short bus, that’s a perfect for you. If I were you, I would concentrate on not getting my head caught in the cookie jar. (If you do, quick tip,……start by removing the snap to your hockey helmet)

Unapologetically Deplorable

Go on the offence Mr. President. Bravo Zulu!!!

Short Bus Sam

I am quite sure this letter wasn’t even opened by the committee before it hit the shredder

Tim Tates

Damn right!

Don McKellar

Outstanding. The Pulitzer Prize looks like a complete joke right now, and they know it. They need to be sued and destroyed in court for all the world to see and for history to record. They need to be held to account.

The same needs to be done for the Nobel Peace Prize and its preposterous award to Obama who did nothing and then went on to cause more death and destruction through his foreign affairs incompetence than anybody could imagine. His ISIS victims should sue the Nobel committee.

Van Earl

Our real president Donald Trump is the Light while these hateful leftist organizations are darkness and evil. How can those supporting or working for them look themselves in the mirror, I just don’t know. Maybe its mental illness. But one thing is for sure, our great 45th president did nothing wrong and was the subject of coordinated attacks. Now the question is, will the Pulitzer Prize Committee revoke those awards or not, which would prove them as agents of the dark, of evil God bless our country and President Donald J. Trump, the greatest president in history.

Mark Rakow

The Pulitzer Prize Board is under no legal obligation whatsoever to comply with this demand. The Pulitzer Prize is merely that – a “prize” – the clear implication being that, insofar as entrants and Prize recipients, it is entirely voluntary in nature, is nonbinding, and all bestowment decisions are made by, and are at the discretion of, the specific jury to which all entrants are submitted. Neither that jury, collectively, nor the individual jurists thereof, assumes nor declares any indebtedness nor liability in regards to entrants, nominated finalist, or Prize recipients.

In other words, the Pulitzer Prize is a gift; the Board may give it to whomever they choose, or to not give it at all, as they may see fit. The Board can do whatever the hell it chooses, whenever the hell it wishes, whether Trump likes it or not.

Case dismissed.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

If this is the case, then Pulitzer Prizes should be forever relegated to the garbage can.

Mark Rakow

The Pulitzer Prize has been around for 104 years. I hardly think Trump’s empty threats are going to change that.

Michael Jenson

Damn Skippy


And, there you have it…👏🏻🇺🇸👍🏻


We are living in crazy town…. we have a mindless clown in office acting like president and a vice president that no one likes and was out of tje president race almost right away due to overwhelming low ratings….. stolen election is an understatement and to top it off now the lefty nut jobs are destroying the one country they can be free to do anything but before had issues with the country that allowed them to do what ever they wanted to. Craziest of the crazies running our country into the grave. The elite are pushing for us to have a civil war so that they can depopulate and they do not look like the culprits. We need to get rid of the elite then work on the crazies that are destroying everything. Hang the elites and everything else will start correcting itself. The sheeple lefties only take orders from cnn and other main stream media paid by the elite. Until the masses do this we will always get the same old same old just with different packaging. The End… FIN

Craig Barrett

The Pulitzer Prize board is the definition of a bad JOKE


trump is the bad joke. Such a jealous loser.

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