“Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

“Well, the “crazed” (I’m leading in all the polls!) Democrats are coming at me on all fronts. Even after years of beating them back on their lame-brained and fully debunked schemes of Russia, Russia, Russia,TWO Fake Impeachments, the NO COLLUSION Mueller Report and, to top it all, illegally spying on my campaign (& me!), including while I was in the Oval Office, they are now playing the ridiculous Insurrection Card – Same “sick” people each time. I guess it must be “Trump Derangement Syndrome.””

By Donald J. Trump

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They can’t stand that President Trump gives “Power to the People”.
Democrats want “control of the people”.
Stay strong President Trump, we are all behind you and fighting for our Great Nation.



Nicola Spagnolo Jr

Vote out all democrats and RINOS!!
Abolish CRT and all this WOKE garbage.
Save America!




The Commie-Libs are CRACK heads like Hunter and Brandon.


Why America is being brought to her knees!!
Follow the money and the blackmailing from the “Higher Ups” …. The general population is in the dark and kept subservient but, so too are the do-nothing “elected servants of the people! 
Greed and power become the mantra and driving force in lieu of honor, integrity and the preservation of our country. 
The oath taken to uphold the Constitution, Rule of Law, our Bill of Rights and God-given freedoms is nothing more than a right of passage to “do what it takes” for personal gain! May God have mercy upon the human race!

Linda M

They are the ones who need to be exposed. Democrats and Rinos.


I’m now thinking it is also known as: D3 or D.D.D (Dumb Democrat Derangement). These dummies are writing their own very bad history by going after you and all good Americans.


It is not “TDS”, it is the ability to see beyond the noise you make, and see the truth in you and your words. Remember, Lindsay Graham said that you would “destroy the Republican party.” He was correct then and it has been proven now.

Linda M

Lindsay Graham said? 🙄😆😅😂


Sorry, pete, that was in 2016, this is now: https://www.yahoo.com/now/sen-lindsey-graham-said-liked-104845410.html I had serious doubts about Trump when voting for him then…now I cherish his presidency and want him back where he legally belongs, running our country correctly. Graham is a loose cannon, so can be used by both sides…not a good source. But since you enjoy quoting Graham, here’s a current quote from him, who is now siding with Trump (who wouldn’t after seeing what biden’s done?!):
“But here’s one thing I can tell you about him – don’t cross him. Don’t you miss that? Don’t you miss an America that people respected and were a little bit afraid of?”

Wow, do we miss that! We’re a weak laughing stock now, self-destructing and deteriorating like poor old brandon’s mind, so it’s a very sad laugh. Congrats to you and your mind-blowing “achievements,” lefties. But justice will return.

LGBTQ = Let’s Go Brandon, Time to Quit.”


Right ON!
FJB! the rinos and libs!


RINOs who schmooze with the left are so embarrassing…letting themselves be so blatantly used by the enemies of the USA so they can be accepted and “loved” by the “hip” crowd and not be tarred and feathered by their late-night tv hosts and their jeering audiences full of marxist dopes. Then when the “useful idiots” are no longer needed, or if they run against a marxist, out come the claws and fangs against their old RINO buddies…vicious, horrible, relentless smears and ridicule. But they never learn!


#MAGA 🌹🦁🇺🇸


This is all going to depend on a few things, one, are the republicans going to take back power or will there be funny business? Two, will the Republican Party, if in power, aggressively go after all these corrupt law makers involved in this treason ? In five or six sort months the American people will see what Washington is all about. Lol I’m not holding my breath.


HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! That’s so great! 🙂

Kick their butts, President Trump! We need the truth!


We have it. That’s why your God left the White House!!!


Criminal Biden = FAKE PRESIDENT!


Must be doing something right then!! Hope we’re getting close to putting all these T-haters in a straight jacket in an insane asylum where they can do no harm to patriots..

Last edited 11 months ago by Tnbeelady

Rock N Roll!
Well Said!


Definitely TDS. You can tell the demorats, as they are crazed and angry. They have no platform, so they go after you, President Trump, and accuse you of what they are doing. Evil.


Demonrats are experts at projection = seeing and despising their own evil faults in one of the greatest American patriots.

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