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Elizabeth Headley

Yes! Thank you Nigel!

My Man Trump

I watched that! Thank you Nigel for being brave, unlike Fox and their rino board member.


Rally was great tonight!!!

Johnny Appleseed

The “war” is between the deep state banking system


Decentralized modes of trade.



What was 80 years ago???



strangely enough….

They are trying to start WWIII….

(I know history was boring…)

“Those that do not learn from history…..” and the all rest….

For the reset to work….

30% of the world’s population has to die.

It’s what fixes inflation.

Do “wars” make better since now???

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Johnny Appleseed

Last reset…

Most of the ones that died were Russian….

Let that sink in for a little bit.

I personally believe Russia is the third monkey on the ramp to the ark… and brother it’s starting to rain….

They most likely have not forgotten that either.

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Becky G

2 bad it was on 🦊🦊🦊
Can’t wait to watch rally tonight!


Tim Tates



Spot On Nigel!
President Trump is 100% Correct!

Johnny Appleseed

The whole story:

To control a nation, you must control the nation’s currency.

Bottom line.

No currency ever created is immune to inflation. Inflation is cause by printing money.


There is no other reason.

Economists, financial advisers… I don’t care who they are… may talk a big talk about oil prices and blah blah food costs and shortages…

The real reason is the printing of money.

Think about it like this:

If there are only three oranges left on the planet and two apples….

Three oranges are worth two apples.

Period. If you have 10 oranges and two apples….



and only two apples…


No matter how much money you print,

A car still has the same value.

A home still has the same value.

A bicycle still has the same value.

Technical understanding has been removed from schools because humans have the ability to create things from thin air.

The things they create have ultimately two values attached:




These two things will ALWAYS have the same value.

Money, currency, will always decline in value. As time goes on there will be more of it made because more people will want it… if there is not enough circulating it is worthless paper… the actual paper is worth more.

If there is too much circulating… it is worthless… the paper itself is worth more plus.

The bottom line is no matter how much money there is an apple has Intrinsic value.

One apple a day will literally keep the doctors away.

What is the value of your health??

The media has conditioned us to see the shiny new blah blah blah and make us want it. It is designed to jingle your pocket book and remove your money from you and give it to them…

But think about this for a moment…

They are getting you to do all the work and then give them your efforts too.

What is the value of a clean house??


How much do these things cost??

Honestly if you knew how to use Lye with oil…

It literally costs Pennie’s and elbow grease.

Think about that for a moment…

The media jingles your pocket for the latest fad which will cost a left arm and two toes in money… (the medical establishment has attached a price evaluation to our body parts like a car)

When all it takes is making a little soap (lye kills germs and sanitizes) and getting off our asses and cleaning.

But the problem with their system of money is people knowing how to make soap.

Well we can’t have that can we…

So the people that know how to make soap are pulled into the fold… and given rules to follow….

The one that refuse are made out to be murdering scum bags because:

They make killer soap….

When both side make the same soap….

And most likely the person that was holding out because they know they can survive on their own is because they know they already make the best soap…

So, the “money people” the Deep State…

Demonizes the better soap maker until they have no one buying their soap…

The. They take the recipe from the beaten battered and destroyed Better Soap Maker…

And the deep state has both:

The rebel is destroyed and they took their better soap recipes.

This is continued over and over until entire cities are controlled by one group.

Then counties.

Then states.

Then countries.

They only have one objective left and that is the world.

This is God’s world and they are now going to war with him.

I am fairly certain they are going to lose.

Call it inside information.

If you can create, and make a living on your own…

You are their enemy.

Because your abilities fulfill the needs…. Once the need is filled… they lost revenue.

Think about it.

If everyone stopped buying gas right now.

Where would the money for the war in Ukraine come from??

For either side??

Three things you need to have a war.

Stuff that kills

People to kill and be killed

The fuel (be it food, or petroleum) to transport the people and killing equipment in place.

All three cost money.

With out any of these things… there is no war.


New York got tired of a small group of people causing all the problems.

Rudy got rid of them.

Strange an organization’s money you strangle the organization.

Make an organization that deals in Intrinsic value and good old fashion know how…

Well now that is an organization that even when the wheels are blow off…

You can take your kids into the woods… teach them how to survive…

And eventually beat the pants off the assholes that caused all the problems…

It CANNOT be destroyed.



(Side note: they said Russia is moving slowly and getting stopped because of fuel shortages…. How does the country providing most of the world with oil and natural gas have a fuel shortage exactly??

If you said in your mind the media must have been lying… you are probably correct.)

All this from a “name calling simpleton”…..

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Johnny Appleseed

TL:DR Random man on internet tries to explain economics.

Johnny Appleseed


Blah blah blah….

Some asshole trained to say something to remove the actual truth…

You can’t stop this.

And the fact you took my handle to try and shut me up says…

I just dropped a bomb.

A huge one.

Thank you for your validation.

Johnny Appleseed

Here is the really cool thing… see I respected my elders.

They gave me a shit ton of secrets.

The thing I just wrote…

Is not my own.

I can’t even try to claim that as my own.

I can tell you by myself I am not all that smart… which makes me fairly intelligent to be able to admit that.

This post I just wrote is the culmination of over 500 years experience… and that is being waaaaaayyyyy conservative.

This is their knowledge they handed down to me…

If we actually respected our old timers they would give their secrets away…

You know how I earned this knowledge????

I will give you a hint I didn’t use money.

I cut their grass when no one else would.

I took care of their dogs when their own family decided they didn’t want anything to do with them because they cut the money off…

I fixed their faucets and trimmed their hedges.

I painted their houses and repaired their roofs.

When they needed help… I just helped them.

I got more than money from them.

I got the secret of a poor idiot like my self from living in a tool shed… to living in the house of my dreams.

Simply by being respectful and hearing what they had to say.

Some were millionaires…. Some were regular workers that made themselves land barons….

All because I was taught one thing by my dad:

(I was going to type a rule…. But there are more than one)


To have that….

You have to know ALL the rules.

Johnny Appleseed


I just summed up over


Hours of video and


hours of reading

in a five min read…

This is the core of everything that is being said.

Not bad for a “name calling simpleton”….

Wouldn’t you say??

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Damn… Why did you let him get to you?

Isn’t better to just let him live in his simple world?

Johnny Appleseed

Tried that for years…

Everyone tried that for years.

Look where it got us.

They saying this could be WWIII…


You never know which one of us saves them.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to be saved from a reprobate mind.

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Not news. Anyone with a good read on a person would know this within minutes of interacting with Donald J. Trump or simply knowing his long history of being honest, right and good.

Johnny Appleseed

This is the most powerful statement on this thread.


My Man Trump

Brilliant and right on.

Craig Barrett

Of course President Trump was right and most of the world knows it

My Man Trump

Hell yeah!

Mississippi Jen

The majority of us know, we’re just silenced. We need you back in the worst way!! 💪❤🇺🇸 And bring Daddy DeSantis with you 😉

My Man Trump

Leave DeSantis. Florida needs him. Trump and then DeSantis to follow.

Spread the word of the 45th President!

We need YOUR help