“Trending on Twitter today, ‘TRUMP WAS RIGHT!'”

By Donald J. Trump

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Kate Kate

Of course you’re right!


Of course you were! When will the decertification begin and the lawful winner, PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP, be reinstated?


Yep. Too bad for you, Twitter! Look at all the revenue you lost by banning President Trump and then losing so many of his supporters. Hopefully ALL the never Trumpers will begin to realize they have been duped—pawns in the hands of those who want to destroy America…and are now pretty close to reaching their goal. But it’s not too late! Come and stand with the Patriots and help us in the fight to SAVE AMERICA!!! ♥️🤍💙🇺🇸💥

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Tracy Fusco-David



President Trump was Spot On!

Meegan Fixler

President Trump has been right about all of this! He is always 20 steps ahead of everyone. We must all stand with him to Save America, or we won’t have a country left. God bless America!

Eira Kjear

Bullshit…You nearly nihilated the USA!!! It doesn’t matter how many forking times you try to push your lies and BS…it will NEVER be true….anything you say is a lie.


Bro, have a Snickers!


You mean he made you mad? With his tweets? But consistently worked on all the things you complained about? Yet no matter what was decided you were mad?

Bobba Sheftz

Crawl back under your rock, you definitely do not live in the real world. USA is going to the dogs since clown Biden took over. I find it difficult to believe you are so blind. Oh yes “none so blind as those who will not see”


Do your own research…..you are obviously uninformed.


Damn RIGHT!!!


America is dying fast.All I know is something needs to happen fast.If not America is over with.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

President Trump was always transparent, on top of every situation, and ALWAYS put “America First”.
I miss President Trump every day he is not in the White House. Thank goodness, there is this site and I can get push-feeds to my email so that I may still hear from him.
By the way, Twitter and Big Tech are a disgrace. I am absolutely appalled that the Taliban has access, yet I cannot hear from President Trump in those platforms. This is a very sad time for our Country.

Stalwart Republican

Yeah, none of that happened.

Tim Tates


Spread the word of the 45th President!

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