“”TRUMPISM,” as some call AMERICA FIRST, is very simple: Low Taxes and Regulations, the most powerful Military, Tariffs & Taxes on other countries who have taken advantage of the United States and which will make the USA rich and debt free again (if countries want to “take” from the U.S., they must pay for the privilege!), protection of our under siege 2nd Amendment, GREAT Healthcare, Low Energy Prices through Energy Independence, PARENTAL POWER on School Boards, “LIFE,” STRONG Borders, & more!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Linda M

That’s exactly what is wanted. America first, low taxes and reducing regulation. Appreciate a strong well supplied military. Protect the constitution all of it. Should not be infringed upon. Energy independence. ❤🇺🇸❤

Mark Rakow

Trumpism is a fraud, and a figment of the imagination; the worthless product of a shameless con man. It feeds on the worst instincts of ignorant rubes and brazen bigots, transforming them into enraged, hate-laced xenophobes, foaming at the mouth, seething in outrage, convinced that Someone Else is out to destroy their version of America. This America, a land where freedom and liberty are two different concepts, is a sort of political fugue state, where all they know is what they believe – and all they believe is what Trump tells them to know. Thus distracted, all that’s left to do is for Trump to empty their pockets

Meanwhile,Trump-brand politicians, a craven, cowardly clan if ever by hood and robe it will never die, refuse to say a word. They don’t even try, their lips being so firmly planted upon the vast expanse of Trump’s flabby ass. Occasionally, a tongue finds his nether regions, hoping he’ll produce something they can sink their teeth into, something they can take home and feed to their own supporters.

True; what Trump produces is hardly palatable, but at least it’s pliable. As are the constituents – once they’re full of it.

Last edited 10 months ago by Mark Rakow
Save Our United States

I find myself scratching my head wondering why you waste your time visiting this website. We got it! You don’t like President Trump! OK! Beyond that, why do you waste your time writing comments when nobody here cares what you think?

Now go get a job! It will occupy your mind and cure your bitterness.

My Man Trump

You’re the biggest fraud!


We dont want your criminal commustist thoughts in here or Anywhere Else. Enemies of We the people must be totally silenced when law and order is restored. Freedom of speech must be Secured and Only the TRUTH Can be allowed if We want our country back

Mark Rakow

I don’t give a rat’s ass what you want, or don’t want.


“Trumpism” You mean common sense any half-wit can apply. I want solutions over pollution. Meaning until I see heads rolling for the wrong committed I am not playing this game anymore. To many people are above the law. Therefore, I am above it all.

Every Tom, Dick and Con is making money both on the RIGHT and the LEFT off of the corruption. I’m broke and going nowhere fast. The best thing left is to become a criminal of die.

My Man Trump

I am a huge Trumpism person and always will be. Anyone who can not get behind Trumpism must be a commie or brainwashed to be a commie. They must be liars, haters and in it for personal gain….greed and power and control. In this country there is Trumpism or the Biden crime family and his regime and comrades. In a short time from now there will only be Trumpism.

Nicholas Sabalos Jr

Thank God we’re under 1,000 days (985 today, 11 MAY 22) until you are re-sworn-in as President of the United States! Trumpism is the beating heart of America! We won’t let the lefty loonies abort us!


Yes, that’s what we need!! And you as President!!


This is why you won on US Insurrection Day (11/3/2020)!

Dan for DT

I don’t understand how anyone would not believe in “America First”. What is wrong with that? Dems don’t like it because our Buddy Trump came up with it and made it work and all while being targeted by the Dems and woke left morons that hate our country for some stupid reason.

Mark Rakow

In that case, he cannot run again in 2024. The Constitution is very clear on this point; no person can be elected President more than twice.

Needless to say, Trump supporters – being unwavering defenders of the Constitution – will understand, and will surely accept the fact that he cannot, and will not, be a candidate in 2024.

My Man Trump

LMAO. He will not and cannot wait until 2024.

Spread the word of the 45th President!

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