Truthful and very important

“This Article, as written in The Wall Street Journal, is a truthful and very important one. The whole New York Judicial System is RIGGED against me, and everyone knows it. It’s a disgrace, and not only this Judge, there are others that are just as bad or, believe it or not, worse! It’s all a political Witch Hunt, in coordination with heavy handed, dishonest, and highly partisan prosecutors, working in conjunction with D.C. “Justice,” the likes of which our Country has never seen before!

By Donald J. Trump

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Put the Commie-Lib Traitors in GITMO!
TRUMP 2024!

Mary Geiger

Where does anyone go for help when the help is corrupted too? Corruption is like a disease, so many have it and it seems to hit those in power most of all. Not good.


president trump the new fake news is awful they lie and lie, but america knows the truth.

Sarah Luu

If you did not have so much history & investments in NY, I’d PULL ALL OF MY MONEY & BUSINESS DEALINGS OUT OF NY. I wonder how they would change their tunes with the LOSS of business & TAX REVENUE you bring to NY. WE WOULD GLADLY WELCOME YOUR EMPIRE TO HERE IN INDIANA!(except Pence & his traitors) Sarah Luu

Nancy A. Daylo

One news agency that is telling the TRUTH! Wonder of wonders! It would be so good and so refreshing to just be able to trust the news is true. This must be a federal offense to lie in print. But, thank goodness that the Wall Street Journal has come forward and is telling the truth about the corruption. It is a big story and all the papers should get on board and tell the TRUTH. It is sickening to see them destroy AMERICA, the beautiful country with lies. It is infuriating that they hurt you and use your name to drag it through the mud. It is outrageous!!!. Even FOX is not always on the right track. Who can you trust? Only GOD. But, I hope when you win that things will change and these shysters will be held accountable. Nancy A. Daylo

Sarah Luu

I’m so ashamed of the press, “fake news” being created in OUR country. At least MANY of the foreign press agencies are reporting the facts about our COMMUNIST, KIKE Democrat mayors that are supposed to be running our largest cities & are flat out DOING NOTHING about the rampant crime ( drugs, mass killings, looting & burning down entire blocks,etc.) AND NOT ALLOWING LAW ENFORCEMENT TO STOP IT. Of course our “fake news” networks won’t speak of it unless it benefits one one their insane narratives ” It’s TRUMP’S MAGA FOLLOWERS FAULT” You don’t hear ANYTHING about how tourism has bottomed out in our country-PEOPLE AFRAID TO COME HERE BECAUSE IT HAS BECOME A RACE WAR EVERYWHERE OVER HERE “so Sad” Thanks for your comments Nancy, Sarah Luu.


How do we get rid of these people and fast?

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