Tweet from UFC Superstar Jorge Masvidal

“Thank you, Champ. You are a truly great fighter in more ways than one!”

By Donald J. Trump

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The Whole World Knows By Now What A Traitor And Demon Joe Biden Is. I Exposed The Deep State Swamp And Hollywood Elite On The Flightlog List To Epstein Island All Over Face Book! This Included Nancy Pelosi In The Underground Rooms On Security Camera Ch11 . I Never Gave Up And Posted The Truth Everyday For Nineteen Months.

Meegan Fixler

I have always supported you, President Trump, because you are a fighter as well, and have always fought for this country and for we the people!! It’s great to see these people finally waking up!!!


The lights come on for some and not for others.


The REAL “People’s Champ”. God bless you Jorge.


People are STARTING to figure out that President Trump is the REAL President of the United States and a True Champion!




Those are the 45% that voted for Biden.
Are the computer votes also regretful?

Lilli Jones

I hope the whole world is wising up!


Wonderful to know he is getting more and more messages from folks who realize President Trump is a GOOD thing for America. SAVE AMERICA ♥️🇺🇸💥

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