Twitter is in big trouble

“Twitter is in big trouble, has lost all credibility, and is unlikely to see Elon Musk close his ridiculous deal with them after having learned so much about the massive number of Bots and Fake Accounts that people using Twitter must endure. Why doesn’t the Corrupt Racist New York State Attorney General, Letitia James, who just dropped out of the Governor’s race after getting almost no support, investigate them? It would be great politics for a “political hack” like her”

By Donald J. Trump

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Becky G

Well put, MR. PRESIDENT! As usual! It’s almost like a movie script is playing out..


My Man Trump

But she would have to drop her personal vendetta against you. No one is impeaching the bitch for dereliction of duty. What a country we live in now.

Becky G

Remember… rules for us…and for them??????? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅🤣

Tray Tray

Tish is too busy thinking up her next devious plot against whoever she deems “Targetable”. I sympathize with whoever she attacks next. :-O

Meg P

Just like you Sir, to give us a good laugh, when we need it. Well after the TWIT man iced millions of Americans off his site, after our stolen presidential election, he and his weird beard are being exposed. Another one bites the dust.


The NY State,Attorney General,Leticia James, knows darn well I exposed the swamp, nearly four years ago. I had written to her on face book a long time ago. The fake news media also knows I exposed the swamp and I’m “knowingly” ignored. No one wants a disabled mom from NY to be a hero of this circus “show”. They don’t want to acknowledged, I exposed all the names in Epsteins’ flight log, of government swamp and Hollywood. They don’t want to acknowledge, I exposed Nancy Pelosi, in the underground rooms of Epstein island,, caught on security camera ch 11. It took tremendous courage exposing this trafficking/pedophile ring from the Vatican to the royal family. What was the point in exposing the swamp if news media knowingly ignores me? covers up the truth? The

The misinformation and disinformation about “QAnon” should be a crime in itself. I’ve been viciously attacked and persecuted for exposing the swamp! I have never seen such a cover up in my entire life! No one will ask the question. Who is Q? They ALL know and refuse to report the truth!!!! Lets do this POTUS TRUMP🌹🦁🇺🇸 I will never let you down💓 God bless and Godspeed🙏 Q-anonymous .

Meg P

If you really were directly involved in all this are hats go off to you. Who is Q?
Thank you for your hard work. (M. Porte)


Thanks 45 for getting me ROTFLMAO with this post.


So glad I never went on social media outlets. I was suspicious from the get go. To worldly for me.
New York will stay corrupt until they get competent and truthful leaders. Rudy Giuliani was the best thing for New York.

Anonymous pxerson

Trump bragged over and over and over and over and over that he had 75 million Twitter followers. It takes a unique kind of fool to say that most of those were bots and fake accounts. Oh, my mistake, all of Trump’s followers were real. Everybody else’s followers are fake, right? Listen to the 75 year old blonde, orange faced fool, Twitter’s best customer for years, call Twitter a failing company while he invested (using only other people’s money, of course) in his own failing social product. By his own simplistic, childish logic, since Truth Social is a Loser, he must be a Loser also.


Hey brainwashed Marxist, guess what it’s not all about the real president of the United States. It’s about a social media outlet that canceled free speech and was lying to everyone with a bunch of fake accounts and who knows what else.
Your probably a paid troll for the Democrat party cause I can’t believe you would be stupid enough to believe the shit you wrote.

ULTRA MAGA Trump supporter

Hey Anonymous pxerson,you couldn’t be more wrong headed if you tried.You most likely have no idea about the Op that is going on.Twitter is going to fall HARD,as is the rest of the corrupt Silicon Valley social media giants.Silicon Valley is playing checkers in a 4D chess game.No one,not even DJT knew about all of the “bots” or fake accounts until recently when Elon Musk inquired about them and Twitter refused to give up the information to Musk.Twitter can say only 5% of the accounts are “bots” or fake accounts all they want.If they don’t prove it,it seems most likely that only 5% were real accounts and 95% were “bots” and fake accounts.If the latter is found to be true,it will be the destruction of Twitter,including the stock.Everyone who purchased stock in Twitter WILL lose their asses when it bottoms out.
When Twitter falls,how many people who own stock in the different Silicon Valley social media sites are going to sell their shares before it collapses as a whole?

Meg P

Ultra MAGA, Now that’s a vision to behold.
For all the millions of Americans that loved “@ real Donald Trump” and watched the Real News of the POTUS for four years, thanks Twit man for having to give us the view inside the White House. We know Twitter you must have hated that! Funny how God can make right from wrong.
And you mr anonym you wouldn’t know a Bot from a real thought. Oh yes, millions of Americans gave “thumbs ups” to Trump every day and you can’t stand that.

ULTRA MAGA Trump supporter

Don’t you mean millions of bots and fake accounts gave 45 thumbs up,Meg P?I on the other hand am one of the real accounts on Twitter,under multiple names of coarse for my security and i am posting ULTRA MAGA nuclear truth bombs on the platform,and have had my posts censored for speaking those truths.You really do not understand what Elon Musk has done to Twitter by asking for proof that only 5% of the accounts are bots,fake or spam.WHY won’t Twitter give Musk the information he has asked for?Elon Musk baited Twitter with that multi-billion dollar offer,then withdrew the offer and asked for the bot,fake and spam accounts info to look at,then he will make his final offer.Twitter IS going to fall hard,and its stock will crash when the true number of real accounts comes out.BTW Meg P,you can tell which are the bot accounts,they all say the same thing,WORD FOR WORD!

Patricia McDermott

Good – I’m SO happy that Twitter is in trouble! Elon Musk – RUN!!! Letitia James – oh paleeeese! She wouldn’t recognize “great politics” if it came up and slapped her in the face.
It appears that Instagram may now no longer be trusted. I cannot get into my account unless I give them my date of birth. Why, after all these years as a member, do they need my DOB? They claim it’s to protect children and to prevent those under the age of 13 from joining. The left is perverted and obsessive about children. Could that be one reason? Instagram also has many Bots and Fake Accounts too. I wrote and told them to delete my account.
No social media is safe any longer.

Anonymous pxerson

Donald Trump wrote 57,000 Tweets. He was Twitter’s biggest fan. Now they’re Losers? If Coca Cola said the 2020 election was fair, he would immediately announce that he hated the taste of the 400,000 Diet Cokes he drank. He’s incapable of loyalty to anything, his wife, his children, his friends, his political party, his country……


We Have Everything And Nothing Can Stop What is Coming🌹🦁🇺🇸 #MAGA😘😉

ULTRA MAGA Trump supporter

Anonymous pxerson,which pill are you going to take,blue or red?

Meg P

You give yourself away. He has it all, a loving wife and children, two great sons, and friends. 75+ million Americans and billions more throughout the world LOVE and are LOYAL to this man.
We have watched all those like you, for five years and you are all guilty of jealousy. You are all so green with envy that the grinch can’t compare. STOP projecting you own personal issues on to others. We have grown tired of it. Get help, get God.


You and Tish have something in common, you are both political HACKS!!!


It’s not good for someone who may have something to hide to investigate another lol


I wouldn’t buy twitter for 44c let alone $44 billion. The legal investigation into the value of that company could cost that alone lol.


Scammers never like exposing each other because it threatens their opportunity to invoke the 5th amendment in the legal system lol. If someone looked into letitia jame’s past I’m sure something will surface sooner if not later. After all what good will invoking the 5th be if there’s over whelming proof against someone.

Linda M

Exposing Twitter is a good thing. Evidently it exposes NY Letitia James as well.

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