Twitter quickly take down this video made on January 6th

“Why did Twitter quickly take down this video that I made on January 6th, and why isn’t the Unselect Committee of political hacks talking about it?”

By Donald J. Trump

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Brenda N

Their hate for Trump, America and We the People is greater than you can imagine. They live in an alternate reality where we are just the workers in their elitist world of crime, power and money. Nancy can’t contain her hate for Trump and he knew it and continually pushed her buttons. His mean tweets, speeches, presses, were meant to be rude and mean because he was talking to the Deep State.

Don’t forget, it had to be this way to expose it all. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. People have to wake up to the corruption or we will have serious civil unrest. Keep praying, God always wins.

Rosanne. Choate

You are the real President, sir, but in their pea-size minds, you’re out of their minds and out of their lives so the rats can play and party. In their minds, you are no longer President, but we know the truth. Mr. Musk needs to fire those rats.


They hate God, family and country. They spread lies as cover for their own treason. We the people are the news now. 


It just doesn’t fit into their narrative. They will never let the truth out. They would be disgraced and the people like Glenn would finally know the truth.


It’s the timing and the lies sir!! Not “everyone” knows it!!!!

Johnny Appleseed

As angry I am as to what she went through.

I will work on your house.

I will stand in the gap.

I have a feeling y’all know how to find me.

Let me know what I have to do.

I don’t have the money for the materials.

I just know every emotion she went through.

I will be the one that stands in the gap.

My words are to convey to you how the situation she went through felt.

Constantly fighting an uphill battle.

I don’t have a thing to offer but my labor on the weekends.

No one else will stand in the gap.

And it’s all I have to give.


Go eat an apple

Johnny Appleseed

I believe this all to be a cabal set trap.

If it is.

The world will get to see us ripped apart.

To bits.

But I have faith in God it’s going to be a wrong set right.


Well Mr. Trump, the true reason is, that most of Washington DC crowd in “so called” public service is scared as hell from you, as a political opposition. A man who truly speaks his mind on matters! DJT in 2024!


Spot On!
The D.C. Swamp SHITS in their pants when they hear the Name Donald J. Trump!

Johnny Appleseed

All you have to do is look in to everything…

And then do her like she is one of your kids.

No malice. No underlying bullshit the media and politicians do.

Look into her case and treat her the same as you would your children.


We are Pro-American Nationalism, and they’re Globalists hell-bent on One World Government!

Correct 11/3/2020, and reinstate POTUS Trump before it’s too late…!

Johnny Appleseed

And before you go on that thing everyone goes on…

Do you think I like looking like a crazy nut case???

Do you think I like people looking at me like I grew a third eye??

It’s not the most pleasant thing in the world when it comes to dealing with other people to be honest with you.

It puts me utterly alone most of the time….

So it would be real easy for anyone to get to me to take me out.

But, for what ever reason… God looks out for this fool.

So if anyone decides I need to be taken out… go for it.

And good luck. 🍀👍🏻





He has had enough. He don’t want to whip our asses. He is like a daddy that don’t want to Discipline us because he knows that makes us hate him…

But if we as a people don’t start getting it together and doing what he says soon…

Daddy is about to bust our ass.

Have a nice day.

I don’t think that message was directed at you sir.

Have a good day Mr. President.

Strange Brew

Because you really don’t matter anymore?

My Man Trump

LOL. You and the others keep telling yourselves that. PLEASE!

Johnny Appleseed



You house looks like her life.

Which one are you going to fix first??







The woman


I am done. I figure y’all don’t want to hear from me anymore.

Mr. Trump I do support you.

The RINO needs to put his money where his mouth is.

Last edited 10 months ago by Johnny Appleseed
My Man Trump

They took that video down from twitter just like Fox news was ordered, probably by the rino Ryan, to stop showing antifa coming by limo dressed as Trump fans and Pelosi’s son-in-law in the crowd dressed as a Trump fan. They stopped showing the truth that the insurrection was manufactured by Pelosi and friends. What a sick bunch of criminals to do all these things to stop DJT. Did it. Hell no! Our President is victorious in everything he does. They know he is coming!


All BS and debunked. Why would antifa be there. They wanted Biden to win.

My Man Trump

OMG….Stuart is right about you…..So damn dumb!


Thanks Patriot!
“The Prize” is dumber than a box of rocks!


booby prize? Because they were PAID to, at least 1 whistleblower on that aspect.
You have to at least be correct to “debunk” anything, and credibility helps, which none of the fake fact checkers seem to have. Snopes is probably the only fact-checker most people trust.
You can find dozens of videos like this with eyewitness accounts of recognition of Antifa members AND videos of many people changing their appearance often, with NONE of them being actual Trump Supporters:

AND, Because it was a setup to find the way to PERMANENTLY remove Trump from ever being able to run for office, without turning him into a martyr by assassination. So they could “justify” their spying on US Citizens that are resisting their plans (and uncovering the fraud) by labeling EVERYONE present as domestic terrorists.
They were trying to kill the momentum of the grass roots movement of normal every day citizens, We the People, who are actually doing all the work where it needs to be done.

FrankSpeech Fix2020first has your corrected totals which represent the minimum amount to be corrected. Totals in the end will likely be MORE than these numbers! And appeared in ALL 50 states.

2000 Mules in first week of May gives your concrete proof of ballot stuffing, which is the excess votes ammo they used with the electronic voting system manipulation (remotely!). Why did they have to stop in 4 states at the same time in the middle of the night, like never before? Because Trump almost beat the algorithm AGAIN!

Whistleblowers and corruption cases and more evidence in PA, MI, WI, and more
Dominion workers caught red handed deleting election DATA via “standard maintenance” by because she backed up the system before and after their maintenance, catching them in the 2020 election and a following local election.
And then all those findings from the REAL Arizona Forensic Audit start to make sense, just how much widespread election fraud was found. It was deeper, and much worse than most suspected, and has been going on for decades, but this most recent general election set records “like we’ve never seen before“.


Yes sir, for sure, for sure!

Dan for DT

Maybe we can get some one from ANTIFA to stick a black umbrella up his ass and OPEN IT.

Johnny Appleseed

Hey Nunguesser….

I am going to shut up now.

But, I am going to be watching real close as to what is happing with your situation and if you and your state do the right thing.

I will plaster the situation all over every fucking telephone pole All over the state from the tip of the boot to Texarkana.

She is not going to be able to afford an attorney.


But someone is watching… someone knows the truth.



And they are fucking tenacious and persistent.

This is how God works. You maybe innocent… but your state did her evil… you were delivered the problem at your door step your state had the chance a long time ago to fix.

I am not the only one watching Nunguesser.

God is watching too.

What are you going to do???


Let’s see if you actually get off that round ass of yours and do it.

Sarah Luu

I remember this comment very, very well. I believe it was broadcast by every major mews network, BUT ONLY ONCE EACH! Those fake bastards of the media kept bitching for over an hour, “Where’s Trump, What does he have to say about all of this?” Then they ALL started out saying “President Trump is locked himself in the White House bunker and is staging a coup with the military” All kinds of ridiculous conspiracy tripe was being puked out by the media. For at least an hour “Where’s Trump?””Why aren’t we hearing from him. Then, when he does speak, They show that clip ONLY ONCE and never speak of it again as if he never said a thing. You gave them what they were bitching for and then when you did and it’s not what THEY want you to say, THEY SQUELCH YOU OUT WITH TOTAL DISRESPECT. May-be you should have given them what they wanted and shocked the 5hit out of them – stayed and refused to leave until there was a FULL AND HONEST RECOUNT! We need you back Mr. President, NOW- MORE THAN EVER before our ENTIRE world is destroyed! Thank you for EVERYTHING you’ve done and continue to do, now and in the future. God Bless You and Yours FOREVER, Sarah Luu


That is BS Sarah. I have seen it many times on many networks


You were watching the fake news my friend. Controlled media.


It was on all networks many times.

Sarah Luu


Craig Barrett

Because they are CORRUPT AS HELL


Scared Chickens Run that’s why..
God Bless America

A new leaf on the tree

Twitter (shitter) is part of the commie takeover and why I am on Truth Social (looks great) which is up for everyone with an iPhone and very soon for everyone… download and get on board


Is that an outtake ?


Well, with Obama surfacing recently at the White House, and his statement about his desire to control the social media along with Hillary Clinton, doing much the same in calling on leaders of allied countries to do the same, I’d say they are both rather worried about something.
Let me guess, could it be that the TRUTH is about to be revealed to the world of criminal indictable actions, regarding the democrat’s role in various coup attempts on the Trump administration, the events of January, 6th, the 2020 election results, the Biden Family and just who at the very top, knew and condoned corruption as well as sedition?
To me it appears that someone powerful, someone dangerous wants the suppression of free speech for their own survival and their plan to change irrevocably, the USA.


O yes, the truth is coming out & I hope the law is applied by righteous judges to put any & all corrupt folks in jail & let them all know that they are not above the law at all; regardless of who they are! Their money, which they took from office or begged for donations from the public, can NOT buy their way out of judgement for their corruption! Time will tell!

My Man Trump

Of course. It’s called the deep state.


A very fine video and beautifil statement and the very proof that you did not want it despite it was so underatndable how everyone was very angry and they were trying to protect their lives and their country And our FINE President against the criminals inside Congress and it was every Way a good and fine thing to do

Dean Anoia

We stand beside you sir. They took it down in part of a plot to destroy our leader, and handcuff our people. But Truth is prevailing and will prevail. Gold Bless America 🇺🇸

Cheryl Driscoll



And it’s time to hold them accountable for lying to and gaslighting the American people (and the world of course). Schiff and Sullivan have no place representing the US in foreign affairs, nor even domestic. We can’t trust anything they say, at all, ever again. When you know you are blatantly lying to help a false narrative, there is no excuse you can provide going forward, and you should be removed from office ASAP! Chair of the Intelligence committee is the LAST place you should ever be!

Let’s have @AOC show us how – (Millennial Millie YouTube but also on her webpage and other video sites)
she appears before the 2 min mark in this summary RELEASED BEFORE THE NOV 3 2020 ELECTION! Plans from Election Day until Inauguration Day, regardless of who won!

Jan 6th was a False Flag perpetrated by the Leftist activist groups, SunriseMovement, ShutdownDC, BLM, and many others, along with help from government employees and even politicians…. and I bet most would assume I mean conservatives and republicans?
WRONG! Here’s video of leftist orgs and @AOC discussing and planning a “coup” before the 2020 election, and clearly talk of HOW they can subvert democracy, no matter WHO wins! @LisaFithian is a ringleader, teaching others how to be an effective traitor, with her years of experience, inciting everyone just enough in her silver-tongued way, to make it sound reasonable, logical and not that bad to be a traitor to your country.
After all, she was probably PAID (by the leftists or the globalists?) to do this, and was aware of the False Flag operation that would try to pin this on the “trump supporters/conservatives” that stand in their way of selling our country out to the globalist agendas.


I was there, January 6th, too. Had my phone with me. Got no closer than the reflecting pool. After I watched the commotion behind the capitol building, my 28 years of experience as a federal employee told me to keep my distance. I stayed behind the reflecting pool and respected Mayor Bowser’s 6 pm curfew alert she put out at 2:30 pm. I was back in my room at 5 pm. I knew the fake news would spin the occasion. I just wanted to see firsthand how much spinning would be done by the fake news.

Jeff Bezos

Any ‘grabby grabby’ lately?


Ask Brandon.

My Man Trump


Johnny Appleseed

I saw this video.

Larry K Robinson

I was Also Kicked off Twitt On January 7th 2021 for posting a article about John Sullivan getting Arrested At a BLM Riot in Provo Utah just A few Weeks before We All Saw Him At The Capital On January 6th , The Swamp Is Deep and Wide And These People Are Pure Evil.


I remember seeing this video that & I remember all the other videos coming out on Twitter that day. Truth will always come out in the end. We will prevail!

Gloria Hensley

I did see that, and I think it was right after the incident that Nancy Pelosi had set up. I remember seeing the buses sitting outside of the capitol with Antifa getting out and I don’t know who else. Trump and the people who were listening to him were nowhere around. What will they do when it’s time for them to meet the King of King and Lord of Lords? Next to God, they are like worms and garbage. So is Twitter. I don’t know why anyone would even bother with Twitter anymore.

Save Our United States

January 6th is just another excuse for the communists to try to keep you from ever returning to the White House. But, you resonated with freedom loving Americans so you are exposing and thwarting their plans. Keep moving forward and upward. You are proof that divine providence is at work. Evil will not succeed; it is God’s will.


To God be the glory for allowing Donald J Trump to reveal & speak out the corruption that has been seeded way to long in the very fibers of our nation! Alot of Americans have suffered & paid the price for our freedoms in this great nation. Now it is time we take back from the enemy’s camp what they stole from us! Our liberty, freedom of speech & our beloved constitution being applied exactly as it was written, no amendments from corrupt politicians being applied at all!


Does anyone have an embed link for this? I need to post it at my site,


Donld J. Trump the BEST President EVER!

Cheryl Driscoll

Just as Vance repeated @ Rally in Ohio!! “GREATEST PRESIDENT IN MY LIFETIME”! DITTO!!! But God! The Cabal did murder the GREATEST that came before you, whose INTENTION’S you are now here to FULFILL! Hallelujah!! VENGENCE IS A BITCH….FOR DEEP STATE MURDERING BASTARDS!!!! And for our beloved JFK, “VENGENCE IS MINE”, saith the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!
As my Pastor likes to quote @ those who dabble in darkness, “OH WELL”!!

cynthia powers

Dear President Trump, we know you are a peacekeeper and never wanted violence that day and the democrats’ twisted agenda is what caused it all, and I am praying America can survive this fake president and his minions wreaking havoc until we can gain back the control.And in the meantime, I’m praying for a hedge of protection around you and yours. God bless

Patricia Geymer

I can’t wait until we can take charge of the Jan 6th commission and release the video that Nancy Pelosi is hiding. The Fedsurrection revealed just like the Michigan governor kidnapping. This election was stolen plain as day. Look at all that has been revealed since.


A true leader of the people. We love you. Thank you for what you do for us. Best President ever. Smart and honest and handsome.

Cheryl Driscoll


Mark Rakow

And morbidly obese.

My Man Trump

You probably are as well. Who cares. DJT is still smart and honest and you’re still a nothing in comparison. He is successful, you are not.

Save Our United States

Better to be a little plump than an idiot.

Michael Jenson

it’s called the triple H+L (Hildabeast Hillary Hide and Lie method)…..


Lol!!! Yeah, she is trying to hide for sure! 😉 They will drag her out in chains & shackels when her time comes. I hope it will be sooner than later!


They have a Prison Cell with her name on it awaiting at Leavenworth Federal Prison!


and a smaller one with the name STEWIE!!! for YOUey!!!!

Dan for DT

Spoken like a child on a playground at recess. Go back to your video game in mommie’s basement BOY.


Don’t Think SO Commie-Lib!

My Man Trump

All the indictments are ready and signed for when the time is right.

Dan for DT

From your mouth to god’s ears.

Mark Rakow

Oh, yeah. Right. When the time is right. Right.

Because indictments are ever perpetual, and can’t ever, ever, ever, never, never, never, ever, never, ever expire, ever. So, any time now is almost never any old time.

Right. Don’t stop never believing.

Last edited 10 months ago by Mark Rakow
My Man Trump

LOL. I love when you play your role as a know it all atty. You bust me up.

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President