Unselect Committee of Political Hacks refuses to investigate

“Why is it that the Unselect Committee of Political Hacks refuses to investigate the fact that Crazy Nancy Pelosi rejected my strong recommendation, through the Secretary of Defense and others, of 10,000+ troops for Capitol Protection, three days before January 6th? The Chairman, together with Pscycho Liz Cheney and Cryin’ Adam Kinzinger, said it is “off limits, we will not investigate it,” knowing full well that it is the essence of the ever continuing Witch Hunt—there is no January 6th if she takes my recommendation and properly does her job! As everybody now knows, it is Nancy Pelosi and the Mayor of D.C. who are responsible for Security of the Capitol, not the President. Why is she not being accused? Did she want this to happen? By her lack of action, did she incite the doings of January 6th? Was she, in fact, hoping for a Real Insurrection (one where they actually brought guns) thinking it would be a wonderful thing for her and her sick political ambitions? The Unselect Committee should be immediately terminated unless and until they are able to answer this overriding question—why did Crazy Nancy not act? Was she too busy policing her husband—who he was with, where, and when? The Committee must get to the bottom of this question, and must get there soon!”

By Donald J. Trump

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The day America went to D.C.!
We know. They know. Truth wins.
We are going to flip their witch hunt upside down when all is said and done.
❤ God bless our courageous President.


I believe it was all a set up. Just like 9/11. When will all this be exposed. The world must know the truth.


You have got to be kidding Cindy. Honestly, before this comment, I just thought you were a Trump-loving supporter with blinders on. Not anymore–you are a conspiracy theorist. Terrifying people.


Just Like 9/11??? What’s wrong with you?


You should start a gofund me to hire the cyber ninjas to investigate…


The news media will not acknowledge, I exposed Nancy Pelosi in the underground rooms of Epstein island caught on security camera ch11.

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We know!
Everyone has seen it on video like Hunter Biden and the Prostitutes!
It’s Disgusting!


You ask a lot of questions and make a lot of noise. It sounds as though you are trying to deflect as to the cause of the Jan.6 attempted insurrection. It won’t work.

My Man Trump

They are not going to try to prove anything. They already know the lies, that is why they were hand picked and illegal. The entire regime is a disgrace to decency and law. Their agenda and mission is to destroy this country and be overtaken by China. The Biden crime family and China are on a very serious strategic mission together. The China virus was just the beginning.

Andrew Tripp

So…..why do they exist?


Probably, because it never happened. Just another gaslighting attempt….and cue Stuart and Cindy to say “lol, FJB, Ultra MAGA” etc…..clowns


Sir, with all due respect…. They are called “Unselect” for a reason
We love you sir


Rock & Roll!
FJB! and the Unselect Commitee Commies!


Everyone knows they won’t, Mr. President.

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