Violent Crime is rampant

“Violent Crime is rampant in New York and yet Corrupt, Racist, failed Gubernatorial Candidate, Attorney General Letitia James, who campaigned for her job on “I will get Trump” even though she knew NOTHING about me, spends many of her waking waking hours, for years now, trying to make her illicit campaign promise come true. People are fleeing New York State, bringing Billions of Dollars in Taxes with them, in order to get away from people like James. New York State has never receded so rapidly!”

By Donald J. Trump

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California is close behind!!!


The only thing that will be left in beautiful NY will be proverty and criminals.


I wonder how many “progressive” wealthy New Yorkers are leaving the state, not only bringing their wealth and taxes elsewhere, but their insane voting habits, which will only get them back to a similar crime-infested hell. Then, where to next?

Mark Rakow

Actually, that’s a good point – and a very good question indeed.

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