Vote against the biggest green new fake deal bill in history

“Democrats in Congress should strongly VOTE AGAINST THE BIGGEST GREEN NEW FAKE DEAL BILL IN HISTORY, which is about to be rammed down the throats of Americans. Those Dems voting against this massive tax hike will be legends – actually be able to win again. Should be called the Inflation Expansion Act. Adds 87,000 gun carrying IRS Agents to cajole and harass you and your family. Call your Democrat Congressmen & women – tell them NOT to vote for this killer. Republicans are 100% against!”

By Donald J. Trump

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I pay my taxes so I don’t have to worry about “gun carrying” IRS agents LMAO!!!

My Man Trump

They are determined to destroy America and this bill will do it. If dems want to win re-election, they must kill this bill. People are watching.


I pray all the Republican politicians stand completely against this bill. I’m worried because of what they have done thus far. The democrats will not stop lying, cheating, abusing the powers that be until The Republicans take the house.


100% Correct!
Thank You!

Lisa Riedinger

We do not want any more debt! Our country is drowning.


They passed the friggin thing and now biden will sign it. These people are a scourge and a blight on the planet.

God help those of us who cherish FREEDOM and who want improved and comfortable, good lives for everyone regardless of “race” or color.

Mindy Pechenuk

The Green New Deal must never pass. We must stop the Green agenda and instead develop nuclear power, Fusion, water projects like desalination, industrialize the country and develop the Artemis Space Program. I stand with you President Trump, Mindy Pechenuk, Republican Candidate for California State Assembly 18


Yes, Sir President Trump!
The House Democrats NEED to vote NO on the “Inflation Increase and taxation Increase Bill!
If the House Democrats want to Keep their Job this November VOTE NO!
This bill is a TOTAL Piece of Crap!


They act like America has money to burn! They’re evil as hell!


that g-warming crap is actual blasphemy against our Creator and His Christ…it denies His Word…and He is the Word. as if the pottery could say to the potter….we can correct the very climate creation. May those heathen get a big stick of correction from that Rod—at the 7th trump….AFTER satan has his short time with the whore of this earth when they worship him.


Right On Sister!

Patricia McDermott

Well, in my state, calling the left would be a total waste of time and energy. There is no democratic party in this Country any more – there’s nothing democratic about the party on the left. New party name for them, ummm, how about “The Deep State Swampers”!


Good One!


Demorats do not care about this country. Spend, spend, spend. It needs to stop. And Manchin is a joke.


Manchin = JOKE !




The Big Guy and his cronies have broken all records for turning a successful nation into a decaying third world dictatorship in well under two years.


Well Said!

Chris L.

How does 87000 gun toting agents not constitute a militia without the consent of the American people? And who is training these people – certainly NOT the FBI. As my daddy would say “They’ve done sh-t in their nest one too many times.




Biden will probably hire the illegal aliens that he let in. At least 87000.

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