Vote for Katie Arrington on Tuesday

“Don’t forget that Katie Arrington, a wonderful person, is running against the terrible Nancy Mace, who really let us down.

Nancy fights Republicans all the time and is not at all nice about it. Frankly, she is despised by almost everyone, and who needs that in Congress, or in the Republican Party?

Katie Arrington’s policies are perfect, she’s a hard worker, and she loves the Great State of South Carolina, where she has the tremendous backing of almost all who know her—especially when she is compared to Nancy Mace!

Vote for Katie Arrington on Tuesday, and thank you for the great support I’ve had in South Carolina—two landslide victories, and who knows, maybe another one soon coming!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Jim A Spurling

I don’t have much money but I can fight!


Keep Soth Carolina RED!
Vote For Katie Arrington!

Jim A Spurling



so defensive!!!!


Thank you President Trump.



Karl Young

What happened to the message starting with “Wow!”?. It has been removed? The ones starting with “Wow!” are my favorites. “Wow!” is sarcasm, of course, but the next sentence is always 86-proof pure distilled hate. Nobody in the Oval Office had so much pure hate in his heart since than the late Richard Nixon. Nixon was very intelligent, though. Trump is a hateful idiot.


You are still confused.


I forgot, Wow, you are still confused. You like?

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