Voting system was breached or hacked (by who?)

“Arizona Senate hearings on the Maricopa County Election Audit is devastating news to the Radical Left Democrats and the Biden Administration. While this, according to the Senate, is preliminary, with results being announced at a later date, it seems that 74,243 Mail-In Ballots were counted with “no clear record of them being sent.” There were 18,000 voters who were scrubbed from the voter rolls AFTER the election. They also revealed that the voting system was breached or hacked (by who?). Very big printer and ballot problems with different paper used, etc., and MUCH MORE.
The irregularities revealed at the hearing today amount to hundreds of thousands of votes or, many times what is necessary for us to have won. Despite these massive numbers, this is the State that Fox News called early for a Biden victory. There was no victory here, or in any other of the Swing States either.
Maricopa County refuses to work together with the Senate and others who are merely looking for honesty, integrity, and transparency. Why do the Commissioners not want to look into this corrupted election? What are they trying to hide? The highly respected State Senator Wendy Rogers said in a tweet the hearing today means we must decertify the election. In any event, the Senate patriots are moving forward with final results to be announced in the not-too-distant future, but based on today’s hearing, why even wait?”

By Donald J. Trump

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What I don’t get is the whole Dominion deal. From what we now know, many counties across the nation 100% outsourced their elections.

They don’t have admin access to the equipment that they purchased, or are renting. Meaning that they have no way to validate that the machines are doing what they are supposed to do. They also have no way of knowing what the programs will do, once the whole system is connected and running.

I’m not sure how this is even legal. Can the county election commissioner legally delegate the election to a third-party entity?

Joe Bloggs

Get a true view. Add the downvotes back.
Apparently you need approval to voice your opinion here.
“Unfortunately no votes count as long as
Voting systems is counting the votes.

Proof is not evidence unless presented in a court of law.
The world economic forum davos1%er globalist communist bankster crew working hand in glove with the red chyna mafioso dog emperor xi made damn sure that didn’t happen

Sophistry, Agenda driven lies and the false usurpation of the moral high ground are hallmarks of the left

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Joe Bloggs

Unfortunately no votes count as long as dominion voting systems is counting the votes.

Karen Neall

Trump Won.
Dems cheated.
Truth was suppressed.
Dems want us to kill each other, or they’ll do it for us with a bio engineered chemical death shot.
That is the truth.
Jesus is Lord of ALL!

Alaric Balth

The election was rife with fraud. A conspiracy of the highest order from the upper echelons of global power.

Analyzing this farce from a macro perspective will reveal collusion between the media, big tech and international interests.

If one takes a step back and views every machination, and how it almost seems to coordinate with other, seemingly unrelated maneuvers, you will see the pieces fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

One example is the media’s refusal to call certain states for Trump, when under similar circumstances they were quick to declare Biden the victor, as in Arizona.

By 10:05pm election night, the betting odds had done a drastic flip and Trump was, at that moment, heavily favored to win. The odds were 77.9 for Trump and 21.6 for Biden. A moment later the odds flipped to favor Biden.

Soon after things started looking very bleak for Joe Biden, something occurred as if a symphony was being played by an orchestra with a master conductor. Unusual events started happening in unison. Coordinated.

Oddly, at 10:38pm, Pennsylvania announced they would stop counting mail in ballots. Then at 1:40am, Allegheny County, Pa. announces they would stop counting all ballots until 10am the next day. In Georgia, at about the same time as Pennsylvania, election officials announced a ballot counting stoppage and then sent everyone home. Shortly afterwards about 5-6 people pulled some cases from under a table and started tabulating ballots with no observers. This was highly unusual.

Around this same time, at about 10:45pm the Chinese yuan started crashing on foreign exchange markets, an indicator that Trump would win and not be as friendly to China as Biden would be.

The next morning it was discovered that In some counties in Wisconsin there were more votes than registered voters. And in Michigan, miraculously 100,000 ballots were suddenly discovered un-tallied. Every ballot was suspiciously for Joe Biden. Not one vote found was for Donald Trump.

These intriguing schemes, and more now being discovered, will eventually prove how fraudulent the 2020 election actually was.


The only state to do anything about the fraud you detailed is AZ. Where are the other states? Where are people protesting and demanding a fair election? Why aren’t they protesting? The only people actively doing anything to win elections are Democrats! I bet if this situation was reversed the Democrats would have a million people protesting in DC and state capital’s everyday. Sure you have a few “Trump” Republicans in Congress trying to bring light on the fraud, but overall the Republican Party appears not interested. If there was ever a time a third party could win its now, but only after the voting is fair. The Democrats are corrupt totalitarians and the Republicans are ?? Scared? Unorganized? Not sure, but the Republican Party is dead to me.

Ivan Yerkinoff

The people are not protesting because there was no fraud. More than 60 of Trump’s lawsuits were thrown out of court:

Stephanos Bibas, was appointed by President Donald Trump said:
“Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so,” Bibas wrote. “Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here. The Campaign’s claims have no merit.”

If they have another forensic audit of the election system and find “No widespread election fraud”, will you then admit that Trump lost the 2020 election and accept President Biden as America’s president?


Trump didnt file 60 lawsuits. Private citizen groups file many lawsuits, some frivolous, others had merit but dismissed on technicalities

For the suits that Trump DID file, they were tossed for lack of standing and more egregiously, for timing.

For example, one case was refused to be heard because, to paraphrase, “if Trump objected to a state’s voter laws, he should have filed suit in October.”

That is like saying a rape victim’s case cannot be heard, because the victim failed to accuse her rapist before the crime was ever committed.

To the best of my knowledge, ALL CASES were tossed before any evidence was ever presented.

Ivan Yerkinoff

To the best of your knowledge? Therein lies your tragic flaw. Do you have any ‘knowledge’ in the legal profession or in court cases. Do you know what “Lack of Standing” means? Maybe if you googled it, you’d have more ‘knowledge’ about it and you’d realize that Lack of Standing means you haven’t provided enough evidence to prove your point. There’s a difference between allegations, speculation and hearsay. The courts know the difference. Apparently, because of your lack of knowledge, you don’t.


The lack of standing was before the election occurred because he had not yet been effected. After the election the court ruled he should have filed in October if he objected to the rule changes which is a circle of bullshite. None of the cases ever reached the Discovery Phase where evidence was submitted.

Joe Bloggs

Circle the globalist wagons is more like it.


Actually, lack of standing means you are an outsider with no vested interest in the outcome of the case.

The Texas petition to the SCOTUS and countersigned by a dozen other states, claimed that their electoral votes were disenfranchised because other states violated voting laws and created a system that was unconstitutional at the state (and therefore federal level). Texas and a dozen other states were clearly participants of the 2020 election, have a vested interest in the outcome. The SCOTUS rejecting their claim for lack of standing was a political decision, not a solid legal decision. No evidence was ever heard.

The fact that you googled the phrase and got the wrong answer (which you believe to be true) is unsurprising.

But please keep up your rant! Please dont ever stop being YOU. Every word you speak flips another purple voter to red.

We need more Ivan posts!

Ivan Yerkinoff

Do YOU think Trump won the 2020 election, Jpd?
Do you also think the Jan 6 Capitol Riot was peaceful?
How about disinfectant? Did you inject disinfectant like Trump told you to?


Wow, the ignorance is strong in this one. Perhaps its knowingly malicious. In any event…

Trump never told anyone to inject anything. Never told anyone to ingest anything. He was touting the science of disinfectants as an example of the way people solve problems. It was CNN that said inject bleach. It was Pelosi who said chlorox. You and your cohorts got embarrassed big time by those false claims as another 1MM viewers fled CNN in disgust.

Jan 6th. 500k people gathered on the national mall in protest of your fraud. some gathered on the steps of the capitol. Fewer still walked inside. None of them were armed or violent, and most were taking pictures on their phones. The only one dead is Ashli Babbit, and you REFUSE to release the name of the shooter.

I hope you realize what a real insurrection looks like. Hope you understand that a leftist organization exploded bombs from the gallery in the past. That other terrorist organizations have stormed the house of congress in the past. How about the Socialist wingnut who shot and injured several congressmen during an after-hours baseball game… you know… the game where Biden claims to have hit a ball 368 feet (a lie) while several Republicans got shot (a truth) doing the same thing?

As for who won the 2020 election, I didn’t vote. But I calculate that Trump won by 20-30MM.

I’m not pro trump, just anti leftist. You need to step-up your game, Ivan. This isn’t very sporting, slapping you around like a baby Harp seal.

Ivan Yerkinoff

I hope you don’t mind if I copy your post and show it to others.

Joe Bloggs

Jan. 6th Nosurrection

Buck Fiden

There have been seventy-five (75) lawsuits filed that are relevant to the 2020 Presidential election. (Note 1: we are counting an original filing, plus additional appeals as one single case. Note 2: other lawsuits are possibly undiscovered.)
The results to date are:
a) Eight cases have been withdrawn or consolidated. (These are not wins or losses to either side.)
b) Twenty-five cases have been stopped from proceeding (dismissed) due to legal technicalities (standing, timing, jurisdiction, etc.). These have nothing to do with the merits of the case and should also not be considered wins or losses for either side. That more than a third of the lawsuits were not allowed to proceed to an evidentiary hearing is more of an indictment that many judges appear to be afraid of opening this pandora’s box. Considering the importance of election integrity to our country, it’s a shame for them to hide behind subjective legal technicalities. How is that in the interest of the citizens in our country?
In any case, this leaves us with forty-two (42) lawsuits relevant to the 2020 Presidential election where a judge has ruled (or hopefully will rule) on the merits. The results so far are:

c) Nineteen cases are completed (adjudicated). These are where the court heard arguments, considered evidence (where applicable), and then formally ruled on statutory issues (e.g. the legality of a state’s election process), etc. Of these:
i) Eleven cases were WON by Trump, et al, and
ii) Eight cases were lost by Trump, et al.
d) Twenty-three cases are still active and have not yet been decided — so the ultimate winner and loser of these cases has not been determined.
So, Trump (et al) have WON the majority of 2020 election cases fully heard, and then decided on the merits! Is that what the mainstream media is reporting?
Note that despite all the noise about fraud, only three (3) of these lawsuits materially dealt with voter illegalities (citizens voting twice, votes from deceased persons, etc.). Interestingly, all three of these cases are still open.
Further, just three (3) lawsuits addressed voting machine inaccuracies (purposeful or accidental). One of these was dismissed (due to jurisdiction), one was ruled against (although no discovery was granted), and one is still open (discovery was granted).
The likely explanation for so few cases in these two areas is that legally proving fraud or voting machine manipulations are very time-consuming processes, that require substantial investigative work and documentation. There simply wasn’t enough time to do this prior to key points in the process (like the Electoral College). Additionally, it’s likely that any machine algorithms would be erased by the time a forensic investigation takes place.
Our view is that the public needs to be much better educated regarding the election integrity issue — and having a more accurate understanding of the lawsuit component is a key part of that.

Joe Elie

Well said brother.


If we the people don’t insist on forensic audit’s in the other critical swing states questionable polling & counting practices.
We deserve the ever growing suppression of our freedom & pursuit of happiness. You owe it to your children to actively pursue your state Reps & Senators to get this done or vote them out! These are classic communism tactics that started the destruction of many countries in history.
We the people need go engage to prosecute & throw out the charlatans.

Ivan Yerkinoff

Okay, if they have another nationwide forensic audit of the election system and find “No widespread election fraud”, will you then admit that Trump lost the 2020 election and accept President Biden as America’s president?


You are correct that it was NOT widespread fraud. It was targeted.

For example, in NY, CA & IL, states that are deep blue and uncontested, Trump gained share vs 2016 while Biden lost share vs. Hillary in 2016. 25% of the population in the bluest of states leaned more right than they did in 2016. How can this be?

Yet in 5 swing states that were red in 2016, all flipped blue in 2020. Coincidentally, these same states shut down the counting and sent the observers home, yet when the morning came each of these key states saw an influx of biden votes overnight.

Ergo- you would have us believe that while Trump was gaining share in the top blue states, it was somehow the red-meat states that preferred Biden and flipped the election? The same states where FB spent 400MM in direct payments to harvest Dem ballots? The same biden ballots that were received before they were mailed, received without creases or folds, without an envelope, and received and counted in the wee hours of the morning?

Perhaps a Democrat actually does think as you do. Please get well soon.

Ivan Yerkinoff

Election patterns change all the time. It doesn’t prove election fraud. You need proof, not silly allegations. You have no proof. That’s why President Biden was certified as the winner of the 2020 election according to the rules of the US Constitution. Do you follow the US Constitution?


Yes. The Constitution provides certain remedies and rights to the people, when confronted with tyrants.


Like a broken watch, Ivan, you are correct twice per day. Yes, voter patterns change, particularly age of the voter and the migration pattern of younger voters.

That’s what makes the CA & NY results most shocking. These are two states with economies that favor millennials, yet from 2016 to 2020 the republican gained share of votes in NY & CA despite the influx of younger voters.

This is evidence – not proof – but it is evidence of a massive disconnect in 2020 and is more than a “silly allegation”. You already know that; my comment is directed towards all the other readers here not named ivan.

You are correct. There can be no proof in a court system, when no cases of fraud are allowed to be heard in a courts of law. Ivan also knows that too. That’s why he’s so cocky with his proclimations all over this site.

Ivan, I hope your job as a professional troll pays well and are protecting yourself for the future. I hope you are committed to your cause, and willing to sacrifice everything for your beliefs. It’s not going to end well, what you and your cohorts are attempting to pull-off.

Ivan Yerkinoff

Oh Jpd, your silly allegations are quite amusing. It’s not going to end well? What’s going to happen? Let’s hear more of your wild conspiracy theories. Will Trump be re-instated in August or September. December maybe? Will Trump win in 2024 or will he even get the Republican nomination?
I’m willing to wait to see if any of your outlandish allegations come to fruition. I’m 100% positive none of them will. You hitched your wagon to a loser. Trump lost. I’m sorry that’s too much for your little mind to process but it’s true. You can continue to watch NewsMax and OAN for your daily fix if that’s what floats your boat but in the end, President Biden is POTUS and will be until January 20th 2025, maybe longer.

And here’s some facts to chew on: In the last 30 years of Presidential Elections, the Republicans have only won the popular vote ONCE.

And BTW, I was a registered Republican for 40 years. I changed my political affiliation to Independent in 2016 when Trump got the nomination. I have NEVER been a registered democrat.


I love the condescension! Your myopia is incredible, given the fact that all evidence is against you.

Look in the mirror. What you see in the reflection is the reason why Shrillay lost in 2016.

I’m done trying to help ya. Please continue to post daily / hourly. Every word out of your pud-hole is another vote flipped from a moderate democrat. Yes, I’m fan of democrats. many of my family and friends are Dems.

It’s the wingnuts like you that have destroyed your party, and 2020 is likely to be the last election you “win” for the next 70 years.

Well played. It ain’t over yet, not until the last tribunal hangs the last rat bastard.

You can smell the rope coming, I hope.

Joe Bloggs

Gyerkinoff, otherwise known as Mr. Off first name Jack is a typical twisted leftist.
Sophistry, Agenda driven lies and the false usurpation of the moral high ground are hallmarks of the left.

Joe Bloggs

Proof is not evidence unless presented in a court of law.
The world economic forum davos1%er globalist communist bankster crew working hand in glove with the red chyna mafioso dog emperor xi made damn sure that didn’t happen.

Joe Bloggs

You swallowell your indoctrination.
Apparently I need approval to respond to a leftist who calls itself yerkinoff.

Last edited 1 year ago by Joe Bloggs

Why wait ?

Uncle Sam

Thank you, Mr. President for keeping up the fight. We the People love and support you. If we do not have election integrity, we do not have democracy or any Constitutional rights. MAGA, Keep the faith!

Ivan Yerkinoff

More Americans support President Biden (7 million more).
That’s why Biden is president and Trump isn’t, according to the Constitution of the United States. Unless you want to go against the US Constitution.


Yes, there was lots of support for Biden.

At least 10,000 supporters were all born on 01/01/1900. He resonates well with the dead voter.

About 10,000 all live at the same street address, doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint.

At least 50,000 of them live at the UPS Store or Kinkos. (Yet Kamala says nobody has access to Kinkos… pfffft!)

Another 800,000 dont know who they are. They arrived to the polling centers without an address or envelope, with no preference for any of the down-ballot candidates. This group is very ADHD and they dislike the paper used for ballots. They decided to use Xerox paper instead, and rather than using a sharpie they completed their ballot using black toner. They are very unified in their ADHD and submitted their ballots without any folds or creases on the paper. A loyal bunch of deocrats.

Another 50-100k people like Biden so much, that they mailed in ballots using their prior address so they could vote for him twice.

Let’s not overlook the institutional voter, those fine people residing in dementia wards and nursing homes, their frail hands shaking as the ballot-harvesters go from to room collecting signatures on their pre-populated ballots. “Just sign here sweetie, and I’ll get you your apple cobbler.”

Yes, Ivan. We all know who voted for Biden.

Ivan Yerkinoff

“Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so,” Bibas wrote. “Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here. The Campaign’s claims have no merit.”
  Stephanos Bibas, was appointed by President Donald Trump.

You have no proof, thus your accusations are all bullshit.
I rest my case.


If that’s what you’re hanging your hat upon, then there is no fixing your stupidity. The next sentance that followed in Bibas’ ruling stated that Trump’s lawyer claimed no election fraud at the time (Nov 25th) and the case had nothing to do with the results of the election.

The case before the court was whether the campaign could amend a prior petition, which had been denied by a lower court and then appealed by Trump. Trump’s appeal was shot down, which raised it to Judge Bibas’ court. Bibas ruled that the lower court was correct to deny the appeal.

The more interesting topic here is this: why would Bibas open his statement with a colorful and melodramatic editorial comment, when the case before him was a mundane procedural motion?

Every time you open your mouth, Ivan, another voter is flipped from blue to red.

Keep up the good work!


You’re not really up to speed on the Constitution are you? Numbers don’t matter, electors matter. That’s in accordance with the Constitution. Five Presidents Adams, Hayes, Harrison, Bush and Trump all won their elections and lost the popular vote.

Ivan Yerkinoff

I never said those who won by Electoral Votes didn’t really win. Where are you getting that? Did you graduate from the Donald Trump College of Reading Comprehension? That would explain a lot.

Buck Fiden

Why are you here badgering comments you don’t agree with?

Uncle Sam

We who were up late Tues. night, Nov. 3, 2020 witnessed cheating first hand on TV when suddenly the swing states all simultaneously stopped counting. When the resumed the next morning, the President’s totals had been reduced and Biden’s simultaneously increased by the same amount. Who are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?

Ivan Yerkinoff

I’m going to believe AG William Barr, DHS, FBI, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Supreme Court, and all the other legal experts who said there was NO ELECTION FRAUD before I believe some delusional poster on Trump’s website.


The AZ Senate provided an executive summary on the fraud, it happened. I for one have been waiting for a real audit to show either it was enough fraud or not to win the election. So far what we see in AZ is massive fraud, so the question now is why don’t we check the other battle ground states? Its interesting when I see people not want any audit at all, usually a red flag. The bigger problem will be when all these Trump supporters realize Biden is the illegitimate President, good god imagine the stress this is going to create. Hold on its about to get really interesting and more chaotic than ever! Trump won and we all knew it then and now its about to be confirmed.

Ivan Yerkinoff

There have already been audits in the other states. Georgia has had three audits. None of them have shown widespread fraud that would change the results of the election. All elections have some errors. The election has already been certified according to the Constitution.
Why are you trying to circumvent the Constitution? Are you a communist?


Just curious Ivan… does the DNC pay by the word or by the post? Is the money good? Are there any benefits or are you working as a contractor?

It seems like an easy gig, if the money’s good.

Ivan Yerkinoff

Oh, so now I’m a DNC operative. Is that where your silly conspiracy-theory-laden mind is going?
No wonder you swallow Trump’s load of misinformation. You’re just not very smart.


Mr. President, please file an appeal to the supreme court to demand forensic audits of all the state election results in 2020. The evidence in AZ points to a massive widespread election fraud all over America. I would not be surprised if you won California also. There are 75 million people in this country who are supporting you. God Bless America.

Ivan Yerkinoff

How could evidence in AZ point to “massive widespread election fraud all over America” when each state runs their election process independent of other states?
It’s that you, Don Jr?

Todd Lane

I, as well as my Family are behind you all the way Mr. President. I would prefer peace, but at this point I think it is a foregone conclusion.


Global mass murder system is operational as well as the mark of the beast system via the
vaccine passport system and deadly covid vaccines. Much more with total proof at that site.

Ivan Yerkinoff
  • Overall, InfoWars/Alex Jones is a crackpot, tin foil hat-level conspiracy website that strongly promotes pseudoscience. The amount of fake news and debunked conspiracy claims, as well as extreme right-wing bias, renders InfoWars a non-credible source on any level.

Detailed ReportBias Rating: EXTREME RIGHT
Factual Reporting: VERY LOW
Country: USA (45/180 Press Freedom)
Media Type: TV Station
Traffic/Popularity: High Traffic
MBFC Credibility Rating: LOW CREDIBILITY
HistoryFounded in 1999 by Alex Jones, InfoWars is a far-right American conspiracy theorist and fake news website and media platform. The radio program originates from Austin, Texas, and is broadcast on over 100 radio stations. InfoWars routinely reports fake news that has led to harassment lawsuits against Alex Jones. InfoWars is most famous for promoting the fake false flag idea that the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings were staged by actors and directed by the government. This has resulted in numerous lawsuits against Jones by grieving parents who lost their children in the mass shooting. Further, during a child custody case, Jones’s attorney admitted that Alex Jones is a “performance artist.”
In February 2018, Alex Jones was accused by former employees of antisemitism and sexual harassment of women staff members. Jones denied the allegations. In August of 2018, InfoWars/Alex Jones content was removed and bannedfrom Facebook, Youtube, Spotify, and Apple due to a violation of community standards through hate speech promotion.


As usual, I occassionally agree with you Ivan. The rants that flow from Alex Jones are indistinguishable from the rants that flow from Mother Jones. That’s why SANE people should take BOTH of those sites with more than a grain of salt.

I’d also add Axois, Politico, and a hundred other sites as sources of misinformation, including FaceFraud, Twatter, Giggle, Dickopedia, Snoops, etc. All of these poisonous click-traps are sources of disinformation.

Ivan, speaking as a friend, you need to take some time off from trolling. It’s not healthy. Spend some time working on your HTML coding, as Biden suggested. Your bold fonts and color changing text are a fine start, but you’ll need to step up your trolling game before the shit starts to get real.


What more could anyone expect from a Commie propagandist like you!? Ivan. You obviously demonize the messenger because the content they broadcast is researched, public information and you are too lazy to check it out yourself. You are pathetic.


I said on Nov 5th that Trump should have granted clemency to any Dem poll worker who wanted to turn over evidence.

Too late now. Now is the time for indictments and 20 year jail terms for every clerk, lackey and rump polisher who took part in the fraud.

Gere Minnick

We all knew the fix was in when the six main swing states all shutdown in unison, then rebooted in unison during the middle if the night after millions of votes were illegally counted, This is the only time this had ever happened in our nations voting history. I have to applaud Jovan Pulitzer and the Ninja warriors for exposing the fraud, Now that they have our political class has to step up to the plate and void Biden’s unwarranted victory. .

Ivan Yerkinoff

That didn’t happen. Where are you getting this misinformation? NewsMax or OAN?


Let’s face it, we are at War with the Communists both inside and outside of our country.
We Have To Win or this beautiful country is Over.

F. Stephen Masek

We need solid proof, then may see several states announce that the election was invalid. After that, will the Supreme Court do their jobs and demand a completely new election, with in-person voting and proper ID, or will they goof-off?

Ivan Yerkinoff

If you get ‘solid proof’ and it shows NO ELECTION FRAUD, will you then admit that Trump lost the 2020 election and President Biden is America’s legitimately-elected president? How much proof do you need? When will it end? You’re hurting Democracy by sowing doubt into our election process by believing the lies of the radical, extremist media. The election was certified according to the US Constitution. Why are you circumventing the US Constitution? Are you a communist?


There will be no responsible party. The cheating RATS didn’t do it. Slow Joe and the RATS will viciously attack the integrity of the audit.

Rob Witte

Fight for 2020!

Decertify the Fake Election!


Waiting for the DoJ to do anything would be a waste of time. If I’m not mistaken the election is run exclusively by the state legislatures. Wouldn’t the states therefore have the jurisdiction to bring charges, (even though the election was for federal offices) basically we have 50 elections. I hope AZ, PA, GA,MN, NH etc have the cohones to prosecute the people/organizations responsible for corrupting this mess. I could be wrong, but then it’s not as if there’s any precedence for this. Fedzilla is lost, they belong to the progressives. The states should reclaim their power per the constitution.


The counties can charge the individuals who are responsible for those messes, I guess it depends on the wording of the state laws. States should be able to charge for crimes committed in their jurisdictions as well.


Why even wait… To figure out a way to delegitimize these findings. Doy

Alex johns

People involved with this national fraud must be given extremely harsh prison sentences. They need to roll over and identify their payors. Then those at the top need harsh prison sentences. Until there is justice there will NEVER be trust.

This may not get done in time to reset Trump, but it MUST happen in time to ensure fair 2022 and 2024 elections.

Mike Kissinger

Well, Alex, first you need to have an investigation into fraud and document the people involved. The findings are presented to a court of law for review and adjudication. So far that has not happened, and as you should know, Mr. Trump’s lawyers have tried frantically with no results. Why do you hang on to Sore Loserism? Don’t you know any better?

Sassy Pants

Mike Kissinger: kiss my ass and then go back down into your mom’s basement.

Mike Kissinger

Ah, idn’t that cute, nothing to say, but resorts to insults. You must be a hoot on the playground.


So says the liberal who started the insults and uses the Women’s bathrooms.

Mike Kissinger

Idn’t this even cuter, someone who has not read any of my posts and makes really wild@ss assumptions. Priceless.

Hey You

Imagine that (((Mike Kissenger))) insulting then responding with more insults…🤔

Mike Kissinger

Imagine someone not reading any posts and then start right in on insults. Kettle meet pot.

Ivan Yerkinoff

He didn’t insult anybody. Did you go to the Donald Trump College of Reading Comprehension? I’d ask for a refund if I were you.


Democrats seem to know how to get an investigation wrapped up in two days time. Just look at how the impeachment fiasco’s were put together.

Now you want a meaningful investigation when before it didn’t matter and “we know the truth” tactics.

Investigation from the audit shows lies and fake ballots pushing through.
There’s your investigation.
People in charge are the ones responsible, from floor supervisor on up.

No splitting hairs now, press on with the truth.

Mike Kissinger

Ah, which audit was that tman? And as I had previously stated, an investigation leads to an indictment which leads to a court case, which leads to a trial, which leads to a ruling. Where has that happened?


this is what we get when the criminals are in charge of investigating themselves. are you really stupid enough to believe they will find themselves guilty of anything? but hey you go on believing whatever you like. the bottom line here is if there is nothing to hide, why are the democrats trying so hard to hide everything?? let that sink into your brain for a few minutes.

Mike Kissinger

Criminals investigating themselves? WTF are you talking about? Nobody is hiding anything. The 2020 election results are there for anyone to see. Only sore losers will not abide by them.

Mike Kissinger

Ah, duckduckgo, a fine place for those who do not enjoy thinking.

Ivan Yerkinoff

You need to check your news sources, dude. And apparently you’re not smart enough to know when you’ve been duped:

Reasoning Propaganda, Conspiracy, Fake News
Factual Reporting: VERY LOW
Country: USA (44/180 Press Freedom)
Media Type: Website
Traffic/Popularity: Medium Traffic
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HistoryFounded in November 2018, News Punch is a Los Angeles-based clickbait news websitethat promotes extreme right-wing conspiracy theories and pseudoscience misinformation. The website is founded and edited by Sean Adl-Tabatabai, who was the founder of YourNewsWire. In fact, News Punch is actually YourNewsWire redirected under a new domain name with a clean, attractive website. All previous fake YourNewsWire stories have been ported over to this website/domain. Not much has changed.

Vince Yawn


Mike Hawkslarge

The intelligence syndicate runs the government – it runs most governments around the globe. While Trump tried to give the control of the US government back to the people, he had zero power to accomplish the task. The intelligence syndicate is coordinated with the politicians of both parties as well as the media, large multinational corporations and the social media giants to maintain control of their interests and subdue to population to keep them powerless and unaware. Sad but true. I have no clue how this can ever be reversed and the government be restored to We The People.

Mike Kissinger

The intelligence syndicate? That is a new one. Please Mike, enlighten us to what the heck that is. Is that a new phrase for qanon?


You are a class one dumba$$ mikey kissinger, but then again, you’re a liberal so that’s just repeating the truth

Mike Kissinger

So another little trollie with nothing to contribute but insults. Welcome.

Ivan Yerkinoff

Mike, when they resort to petty insults, it just means they have no cogent rebuttal. It’s the far right’s way of surrendering.


How could anyone expect LESS from the “Most Extensive & Inclusive Voter Fraud Organization in History of American Politics”?

I’m furious.


There are some panicked “Kissinger’s” and “Ivan’s” in this world, 🤣

Mike Kissinger

Hi Tj, glad you are reading my posts….unfortunately, you have comprehended none of them. Panic? Maybe at the attempted takeover of our Republic by Sore Losers. It is out of hand and most of you should have learned by now how to handle a loss. Your fearless leader obviously has not, so it will be up to you. Good luck. Epiphanies are easy once you open your mind.

Ivan Yerkinoff

Panicked? What do we have to panic about? Biden is President. Trump isn’t.
The pandemic is waning. The Market is up. Businesses are opening. I’m going on vacation next week. Football is around the corner.
Life is great.
Now shut up and go get your vaccination.


Ah shut up and go jerk off yerkinoff..

Ivan Yerkinoff

I accept your surrender, Gomer. Now go donate more money to Trump’s fund because “A fool and his money are soon parted”.

James Hallwachs

Trump is right!




The underlying problem remains, what is going to be done about it?

Once the massive fraud IS revealed, who’s going to prosecute anyone? The entire DOJ is filled with people who were in on The Steal from the beginning, along with many state legislators, who did nothing before the election. Now these same legislators are springing into action to “fix” the election integrity problem?

Everyone knows that the election was rigged. But they also know that none of the mechanisms put in place to stop, or prevent such a thing, are going to do anything about it. Exposing it is good, but I don’t see where this goes now. There isn’t really anything I’ve seen that undoes what was done. When the senate folded and voted to certify the rigged election, that was it.

What can be done at this point is up to debate. That being said, I hope that there is a way to resolve this and take those out of power who should not be there in the first place.

As for Trump, I have one piece of advice. When you get back in the White House, fire EVERYONE and get your own people in there. Anyone left behind is going to do everything in their power to stop you, and work against the American people! Which is exactly what they did the first time.

I don’t blame Trump for not being able to stop what happened, because like me, I doubt that he knew that the corruption was as deep as it is. I would have assumed that some of the people in Washington would put country before party, but that was just not the case.

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Agree, if anything Democrats have now created a legitimate precedent for cheating in every future election. The RINOS aren’t going to do a darn thing – most are in on it. Some kind of secret underground organization needs to form to fight this…secret because ordinary people speaking out will be harrassed or imprisoned.

Ivan Yerkinoff

But, what if massive fraud ISN’T found? What then? Will you demand more audits? Will you finally admit that Trump lost the 2020 election and President Biden is America’s legitimately-elected president?
What does it have to take for you to SHUT THE HELL UP and accept the 2020 election results as certified by the Constitution? Do you not believe in the US Constitution?


We all know that there was massive fraud. It was witnessed by many people.

Biden bragged about it.

What more do you need?


When you get back in — here is my to-do list.

To reduce medical cost, move medical authority to the state level. Make the states compete with each other.

The medical patent system, as is, encourages maintenance, not a cure. Have an X-prize for curing something and then give the formula back to the people.

Proprietary formulas should be held liable.

School choice — we need to break up the teacher’s unions and make them compete.

Ron B

Put cameras in taxpayer-funded public school classrooms so parents can monitor what is being taught to their children.


Add a GAB share icon please, you folks need to wake up to the fact, many of us do not or no longer use twitter or fb, we will not succumb to censorship as you all have on these platforms. Twitter and FB have cowed MSM and Alt media and so many others who can’t or never did stand behind their convictions of America First spouted about routinely by so many. How many times have we all heard the news feeds complain of twitter follower losses or Utube removals, yet the same cry babies suck the arss of Jack and Zuckerbucks daily with every tweet or fb message. pathetic.


We all saw what happened on election night. Four swing states in which Donald Trump was leading suddenly stopped counting. That, combined with the huge disparity in enthusiasm between the Trump rallies and the Biden “rallies”, made most Americans suspicious of the final result. Then there was the hysterical media campaign to brand anyone questioning the result as a ‘conspiracy theorist’, or worse. Now the media is attacking the audits. Why? If they’re right and it was a fair election, wouldn’t they want more transparency?

Ronald D Milam

That’s easy. According to Pew Trump gained in every category, Blacks, Latinos, and Women so why did Trump lose 7 percent (14 point total shift) with White males? Psst, because the Dems had already mined every other category, and when Trump did so well they had to go to plan B. They shut down after midnight, logged into the system to see who all had not voted, but were on the vote rolls, then created a bunch of FAKE BALLOTS. Thus they had to use the one category of voters who are much less likely to vote than all the other categories, the WHITE MALE. There were not enough black or Latino votes to shift the Election.

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doug santo

Mr. President –

My wife and I support you. We would like to see you as the Republican candidate for President in 2024. The work you are doing now in support of Republican congressional candidates in very important. Your outspoken opposition to Biden Administration border policies is also very important. Please keep up your good work. We look forward to seeing you at your great rallies in the runup to the 2022 midterms.

Doug Santo
Pasadena, CA


Totally agree but by 2024 we will be in ruins. Trump needs to reclaim his duly elected title now.

Never give up

As penance they should have to immediately give Trump the office of President and start his 4 year effective immediately


why not admit YOU are a libtard? your nonsense bs about wanting Trump to win in 2024 is a joke, Trump won in 2020, the audit s will prove that out, at which point we don’t let biden stay because “he’s already sworn in”.. we ARREST him and ALL his cohorts and inaugurate TRUMP…. dumbsheet

Ivan Yerkinoff

What if the audits DON’T prove that out? Will you finally admit that Trump lost the 2020 election according to the US Constitution?


It’s too bad that DOTUS and his crack whore will have this nation in shambles before the mid-terms.


What has me worried is what can happen before 2024. I guarantee that there many more executive orders being drawn up and signed as we speak. They will cover any number of things that are outside of the constitutional powers granted to a president. But that won’t slow them down.

They will pass these unconstitutional orders anyway to get things as messed up as possible. Then states and individuals will have to go to court to try and reverse them. The leftists in charge of the administration are going to do it just like Obama did. Make the order, then wait until someone tries to sue for it. Otherwise treat it as law.

That’s where we are.

Myrtle's Daughter

Of course you won, Sir. Frankly, I believe you easily won in excess of 100 million votes. Truth and Justice Will Prevail.

Ivan Yerkinoff

Prove it!
Federal Judge Stephanos Bibas, was appointed by President Donald Trump.
“Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so,” Bibas wrote. “Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here.
The Campaign’s claims have no merit.”

Last edited 1 year ago by Ivan Yerkinoff

Hey Joe wake up, President Trump was Re-Elected!


God bless you, President Trump.




Dear Ivan, Mike, the other stooge who’s ID I can’t even recall, and we might as well include the new clown who calls itself “Sue”:

Do you realize how sad you are? Your purpose in life is to invade places designed for sharing useful feedback and ideas, purely for the purpose of annoying others?

Do you think you’re some sort of modern French Freedom Fighter working for Hillary’s New Resistance?

You need to study history if you think that PRESIDENT Trump, his Administration, or any of his supporters are anything like a Nazi. I know your propaganda machine is working hard to create that connection in the minds of gullible Americans, but you simply lack the ability to pull that off. You have neither reality on your side, nor the intellect to carry the day.

These audits are bringing the corrupt DemoNazi’s to light. Soon they will be in prison. My hope is that your seditious efforts will reap for you the same whirlwind.

Feel free to continue your feckless spew. For those of us with insight and awareness, your “wokeness” is amusing, albeit pathetic.

Mike Kissinger

Ah, so many words, but not a ring of truth anywhere.

First off: I do not see any references to Mr. Trump or his supporters being Nazis. Now that you bring it up, there are some parallels, but I do not believe Mr. Trump is a smart as Adolf was.

Spreading, repeating, believing lies over and over is not useful feedback. It only demonstrates that you are a parrot.

Did not know I had a propaganda machine. Interesting.

The only thing these audits are doing is to throw more shade on our voting processes, hence our Republic. This does smack of Insurrection with a gullible populace willing to follow Mr. Trump down the rabbit hole. Similar to Germany in the 1930’s. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Wokeness is a weird term. It is used as derogatory I suppose, but it is funny. It insinuates that you prefer unwoke people. The right wing propaganda machine has worked well on you. Please throw in some references to critical race theory and your indoctrination will be complete.

Thank you.

Sorry, for the edit, almost forgot. Name calling puts you right in place with the rest. When in doubt, call people names. You will get some upvotes.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mike Kissinger
Mike Kissinger

Dang sorry again Ken, forgot one last point. You complain about being referred to as Nazi, and in the next paragraph you call Democrats Nazis. Amazing, but not unexpected. Mr. Orwell could not even twist reality that good.

Ivan Yerkinoff

Hypocrisy is Ken’s middle name.


You can troll yourself until you are blue in the face Mike. It still doesn’t mean your version of your truth is correct. But you can keep lying to yourself and everyone else here. Truth always prevails in the end and you dont need to name-call or insult everyone. It only makes you look small and juvenile. But I am not sure you care about how bad of a look that is. You are here to insult and provoke. Such a sad human being.

Mike Kissinger

Please point out any untruths from me Eric. Thank you.


First of all, Hitler was a socialist. So your insults are aimed in the wrong direction. It is clear that you do not understand the gravity of the situation where division is being sowed by democrats. This is the method behind all socialist takeovers and is spelled out in Marx’s books. Divide and conquer is the method in current parlance.

If you were to take the time to watch the videos of hearings, read the courts reasons for not hearing complaints, you may be as angry as your political opponents. Listening to mainstream media will tell you nothing about what is happening in the real world.

Did you know, for example, that cnn have admitted to publishing propaganda?

Mike Kissinger

Gee Grumpy, please try not to show off your political science skills….because you have none. Hitler was a nazi, which grew out of the fascist movement. BTW, Marx was not a socialist either. He was an economist who promoted communism.

The division in this country is driven by misinformation (you are a fine example). It is perpetuated by the sore losers (again, you are exhibit A).

Do you even understand what socialism is? You appear to be too lazy to use Google and are relying some preconceived notion you heard somewhere.

But please do enlighten us about videos and hearings. Because here in the US, we investigate when there is an allegation of fraud and document the person(s) involved. The findings are presented to court where it is determined to be admitted for a trial. A trial is held. A finding is released. Please let us know where this has happened.

Ivan Yerkinoff

Hitler was an Authoritarian. He was a Dictator and a Despot.
I’d rather live in a Socialist country than an Authoritarian one.
Authoritarians do not relinquish power. They do everything they can to stay in power. They spread misinformation. They break the laws. They will do anything to stay in power.
You know, like Trump is doing.


It’s a simple process to be honest. But honesty is something most politicians and their propagandists in the media know nothing about.
Let every single state go through a forensic audit just like Arizona is finishing up. It’s done in every single business across our country and should be done here as well. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with making sure our elections are free of corruption and also to make sure that all state laws regarding each election were followed by the laws put in place within each state as per our constitution. If they find nothing so be it, then the narrative that your side has been pushing is deemed legitimate and free of any corruption or illegalities.
If it is not well then we have another HUGE problem on our hands don’t we?
It’s all very suspicious on its face which is why over half the population doesn’t believe that Biden was in fact legally elected.
Just like the Russia Collusion BS narrative…..
The left was allowed to push through a BS investigation but nonetheless it was allowed with no pushback from the right. The investigation was allowed, no collusion was found and we move on but at least we know right?!
If your people have nothing to hide then they have nothing to fear.
Let the audits continue……

Mike Kissinger

As you state, it is simple: A small minded person cannot admit that he lost. His gullible followers are going off the cliff with him and taking us along.

Our 2020 election was certified by each state and DC. Each governor reviewed the results (not sure about DC). Signed off on the electors. The electors cast their votes. The full session of the US Congress (including the VP) presided over, counted, and certified the results. All per the US Constitution.

Several states allow for audits and were completed. Several states allow for the loser to challenge the results. That was also completed.

The only thing left is for you sore losers to admit that your boy lost….and lost bigly. It has been over 8 months, how much longer will take for your epiphany?

Last edited 1 year ago by Mike Kissinger

Once again, what are you all afraid of?
Once again if it was the most secure election in history then let’s just see.
The initial “recounts” were just that, recounts.
Those were not audits, and any so called audit they did was taken from a sampling of CHOSEN ballots but partisan entities.
What they did in Arizona will be followed in Georgia next and they already have enough evidence to recall that certification as well.
Admit it, you people are scared shtless of what’s going to be found and we all know what’s going to be found otherwise you wouldn’t give a damn if a forensic audit was done or not!
Your people got caught with their hands in the cookie jar and you know it…….PERIOD!

Mike Kissinger

I already told you what I fear: An ignorant populace that feeds a small minded person’s false narrative about a stolen election. The 2020 election is history, Biden won, Trump lost. Time for Sore Losers to move on.

Ivan Yerkinoff

My biggest fear is that Donald Trump and these far right wing media sources continue to inundate gullible people with election bullshit and it leads to another insurrection like the Capitol riot.


Approximately a third of the population believes trump won, not over half. Look it up

Ivan Yerkinoff

More misinformation from the radical far right wing. Why are they so freaking gullible? And elections aren’t decided on how many people believe something. They’re decided by people voting and according to the Constitution, Biden won.

Ivan Yerkinoff

Ok, I agree. Let the audits continue. And when they show NO WIDESPREAD FRAUD, will you then admit Trump lost the 2020 election?
President Biden won the 2020 election according to the laws of the Constitution. Do you believe the Constitution of the United States?


Projecting … again.

Mike Kissinger

Truth, yes of course. Thank you.

Mike Hunt

Ken (regards to Barbie) the comparisons to Hitler are obvious except of course to someone like you who is quite ignorant of history. Do a little research (I assume you can read) & stop making an ass of yourself!

Ivan Yerkinoff

Read it and weep, Kenny boy:
Harvard legal professor and Trump legal defender Alan Dershowitz made clear that former President Donald Trump is wrong in his baseless and consistent claims that the 2020 general election was stolen. The fact that he made these claims to Fox News host Sean Hannity, in full view of millions of Hannityviewers who likely disagree, is no small thing.
Hannity started the conversation by discussing ongoing audits of elections in key swing states that went for President Joe Biden, arguing that the audits were a healthy exercise for the body politic as people need confidence in the results. This ignores the fact that many people see the audits as a politically motivated effortdesigned solely to undermine that very confidence, and that the results in Arizona and Pennsylvania had already been certified and vetted and recounted during the end of 2020.
Dershowitz followed Hannity’s intro by making two salient points. “Number one, there’s never been a perfect election,” he said. “JFK’s election wasn’t perfect, George Bush’s election was imperfect and the current election wasn’t perfect.” He then added, “Number two, the evidence seems to strongly suggest that it wasn’t stolen and that the outcome was right.”


Ivan the Terrible, Go Back To Russia you Commie-Lib!

Buck Fiden

Wait! All of a sudden you are using fox news as the arbiter of truth? I don’t really care what Hannity puts on his program! The truth is undeniable that fraud took place in Maricopa and bidumb lost.

Mike Kissinger

Ah, nope. Nothing has been proved in Maricopa county other than that our Republican senate has not clue what they are doing.

Ivan Yerkinoff

Wait! All of a sudden, you’re claiming that FoxNews doesn’t tell the truth or is it they don’t tell the truth if you don’t like what they say?
I don’t really care what you and your far right wing extremists say or think. I believe the US Constitution and Joe Biden is our legitimately-elected president according to the laws of the US Constitution.

Sherry Chastain

Alan is not keeping up with the audit evidence. 74,000 mail in votes that were counted in Arizona with no evidence those ballots were sent out? That alone is seven times more votes than decided the Arizona outcome.

Ivan Yerkinoff

That’s not true. Stop believing the bullshit. It makes you look silly.


Bravo Ken! Well Said!

Ivan Yerkinoff

Are you trying to ‘cancel’ our contrary opinions? What’s the matter? You can’t handle some criticism. You spread misinformation. You make statements that have no basis in fact. It’s up to others to call you out for your lies and misinformation.
Joe Biden won the 2020 election. All of Trump’s election fraud allegations have been thrown out of court. The Courts and Rule of Law are the truth. Not you and your far right wing bullshit.
Federal Judge Stephanos Bibas, was appointed by President Donald Trump.
“Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so,” Bibas wrote. “Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here. The Campaign’s claims have no merit.”



Ivan Yerkinoff

Of course. Trump has to pay off his massive debt somehow and you suckers are the easiest way to do it. Go open up your checkbooks and pull out your credit cards and send Trump all your money. And while you’re at it, don’t get vaccinated. You TrumpTards are such an easy mark. No wonder Trump loves the poorly educated. He knows an easy mark when he sees one. Now, go donate. Give Trump all your money.


Talk talk talk. When is AZ going to decertify the usurper???

Mike Kissinger

They already did. Several times. Biden won, Trump lost.

Buck Fiden

Trump won, Biden lost. The audits are proving it.

Mike Kissinger

Which audit would that be Buck?


Hey Criminal Joe Biden, PRESIDENT TRUMP WON!

Ivan Yerkinoff

Did you get your Trump vaccine?


Did You Commie-Lib?

Ivan Yerkinoff

Yes, I did. Do you always answer a question with a question?

Buck Fiden

You mean the one that dementia joe and his ho told you not to get last October?


For some reason, I can’t “upvote” you, so I’m writing my “upvote”! Nicely stated!


I up voted you Ken! Rock N Roll!

Mike Kissinger

Bravo Mr. Trump, this is your best collection of exaggeration yet. Don’t worry, I have the unicorn ready and saddled up so you can make your ride up the White House steps.

Seriously, though, what do you hope to accomplish by the quest to prove the election was a fraud? If you care about America (more and more doubtful at this point), cut the crap about fraud. There is/was none.

Here is a tip on how you can get back into good graces with history: Convince your cultists to get their vaccination. You and your wife got one, please help us get everyone vaccinated. The ones who believe in you the most are not getting vaccinated. This you can do and you will be cheered for it. Please?

Last edited 1 year ago by Mike Kissinger

Mike, you can ride your unicorn to Cuba and help with the over throw of the communist government!


Stuart! Mike Kissinger is not a real person. Don’t waste your time! It is artificial intelligence with great emphasis on artificial and well, let’s face it… no intelligence at all. A robotic troll if you will. It comes from Russia as in Rusha Rusha Rusha paid for by the queen of mean herself. By the way, ‘Mike Kissinger’ is pronounce Asshole in Russian, so please make sure you don’t offend him by pronouncing it incorrectly.

Mike Kissinger

Hi there Lee. Thanks for the chortles! You are amazing. Ability to type, but no demonstrable ability of thinking. You sure seem to be hung up on Russia, but that is the norm for fourth graders.


Artificial or not, there is certainly no intelligence in anything “it” writes.

Mike Kissinger

Yay, my third trollie! I am still honored.


Well Said Lee!

Ivan Yerkinoff

Do you prefer Authoritarianism over Socialism?

Ivan Jerkedinhisowneye

This is the dumbest shit ever… Authoritarianism? How many authoritarians have the media so far up his ass with lies for four years? Every single scandal was fake. Every one. Authoritarianism looks a lot like big tech censoring groups of people in one political party, Big tech and media canceling words and phrases you can use, the media being lap dogs to the current “president”, media not covering any of the fraud evidence, woke mobs threatening judges if they hear the election fraud cases, etc. If Trump was a Dictator, None of these things would’ve happened. Authoritarianism. You can’t see the forest through the trees.

Ivan Yerkinoff

You failed to answer my question so I’ll ask it again:
Do you prefer Authoritarianism over Socialism?
Authoritarians never relinquish power. They do whatever they can to remain in power. You know, like Trump is trying to do.

Mike Kissinger

Not interested in Cuba, not sure why you are. More concerned about the overthrow of the US by misinformation and sore losers.

Ivan Yerkinoff

“Cuba” is the Right Wing media’s Flavor of the Month.
Last month it was “Critical Race Theory”.
In May, it was “Mr. Potato Head” and “Dr. Seuss”.

What will it be next month?

Right Wing Media always keeps us entertained.


Face it Mike , Trump won and you know deep in that Black heart of yours its true…go crawl back under that rock now.

Ivan Yerkinoff

Wow! You really do believe that, don’t you. And with absolutely ZERO evidence. The Crime of the Century and you have ZERO proof.
And you accuse others of being delusional?


Stay tuned,,, bright one

Ivan Yerkinoff

You must really love losing, dim one.

Mike Kissinger

Still have no ability to contribute other than name calling?


For a piece of Troll crap like you , no I dont ,,, get bent..

Mike Kissinger

Ah, good morning my little Trollie, staying true to your grade school I see. Bravo! Stay in your form, you are highlarious. Thank you.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mike Kissinger
Mike Kissinger

As you put on and adjust your MAGA hat in the morning, I have recreated your Trump pledge for you (imagine the voice of your master):

Then a mirror speaks, the reflection lies
You don’t have to follow me
Only you can set me free
I sell the things you need to be
I’m the smiling face on your T.V.
I’m the cult of personality
I exploit you still you love me
I tell you one and one makes three
I’m the cult of personality
Like Joseph Stalin and Joseph Geobbels
I’m the cult of personality
The cult of personality
The cult of personality

Ivan Yerkinoff

Hey, let the TrumpTards believe that there’s a chance Trump could be re-instated.
It will prolong their pain and agony. It’s so satisfying to watch Trump and his minions lose again and again and again.


How’s Biden working out for you mate? BWAAAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Mike Kissinger

So far so good. How is the Trump Insurrection working out for you?

Ivan Yerkinoff

Much better than Trump. BWAAAHAHAHAHAH!!!

How’s that re-instatement working out for you, mate?


Mike Hunt

It must suck having your hero lose the same race time after time after time after time. Bitch lost Georgia 4 times in a month!

Mike Hawkslarge

Unlike people just like you Ivan who FIRMLY BELIEVED that Trump would be removed from office before his first term was up and were sold this DAILY for 4 YEARS by your lovely intelligence controlled news media only tiny a handful of patriots believe Trump will be reinstated. We do believe in a complete and FULL AUDIT of the entire 2020 election encompassing all 50 states (for you and Obama that’s 57 states). If Biden won it – that’s a democratic republic at work and we accept it. Audits are good things, not something to be worried about. They point out ways to improve accuracy which is all any of us (not you – but us) want. But we know that even if a full forensic audit was performed and it was proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump won the election and there was massive fraud, that there is no mechanism to “re-install” Trump. We want ALL elections in the future to be fair, honest and accurate. You may not want that, but we do.

Ivan Yerkinoff

Mikey, where did I say I “FIRMLY BELIEVED that Trump would be removed from office before his first term was up”.
Oh, you just made it up. I see. You do that a lot. You just make shit up. Does it make you feel better believing bullshit that you make up? If not, then why do you do it, Mikey?
BTW, the 2020 election has already been certified based on the laws in the Constitution.
I’m fine with a FULL AUDIT of the entire 2020 election encompassing all 50 states as long as it’s done accurately by election professionals and not Qanon.
But go ahead and believe the election was fraudulent and the audits will prove it. I love seeing you and your ilk lose again and again and again.
It’s funny. You and Trump have been losing so much, you’d think you’d get tired of losing.

Mike Hawkslarge

I see you spend a lot of time on here – wouldn’t it be better if you did some work or spent the amount of time you spend fighting with people on something to improve yourself or those around you? If you have a job – perhaps do that instead of fighting and arguing with people? If you don’t have a job, why not go out and get one? Why not contribute to society in a meaningful and positive way instead of degrading people?

Mike Hawkslarge

I see you spend a lot of time on here – wouldn’t it be better if you did some work or spent the amount of time you spend fighting with people on something to improve yourself or those around you? If you have a job – perhaps do that instead of fighting and arguing with people? If you don’t have a job, why not go out and get one? Why not contribute to society in a meaningful and positive way instead of degrading people?

Bill Senn

See you in the streets little communist. We are gong to settle it with you the only way history proves you understand.

Ivan Yerkinoff

Sure you are, little boy. Just like you did on Jan 6th, you failed and now MAGA stands for Many Are Getting Arrested.

richard thomas

Awesome News Mr.President We are behind you 100%. You are the real President !!!!!


100% Correct.

Ivan Yerkinoff

Not according to the Constitution. Do you believe in the Constitution, Stuart?


Read it , bright one . Maybe you’ll actually learn something.

Mike Kissinger

Reading and understanding are 2 different things. Have you read the 12th amendment? Do you understand it?

Ivan Yerkinoff

I did. It says that Biden was legitimately elected as America’s President.
If you believe Trump won, you must not follow the Constitution.

Mike Hunt

Believe in it? Doubtful he can spell it w/o help


Ivan, go to Russia you Commie-Lib!

Mike Kissinger

Kiss kiss.


You can kiss it alright Commie-Lib!

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President