Wants nothing more than to get a deal done at any cost

“Senate Republicans are being absolutely savaged by Democrats on the so-called “bipartisan” infrastructure bill. Mitch McConnell and his small group of RINOs wants nothing more than to get a deal done at any cost to prove that he can work with the Radical Left Democrats. It is so important to him that he is agreeing to almost anything. Don’t do the infrastructure deal, wait until after we get proper election results in 2022 or otherwise, and regain a strong negotiating stance. Republicans, don’t let the Radical Left play you for weak fools and losers!”

By Donald J. Trump

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All of the money that was given out during covid would’ve been recouped from China, who caused the pandemic IF President Trump had remained in office. But since the fakes stole it, we will be under in a couple years.


Weak fools and losers, huh? Just like you and your demon spawn.


I am really glad we still have one true leader. Thank you President Trump.

Mike Hunt

Last I looked Dickwod, it was #MoscowMitch holding everything up.


Mr. TRUMP’s “think tank” is running on empty… not even fumes…
Maybe Biden should follow the TRUMP path
– declare an “infrastructure week”… (to be held “in a couple of weeks”)

Mr. TRUMP does have it correct that any infrastructure progress at all will be seen as a boon in many, many parts of the country and will be credited to Democrat leaders.

TRUMP started wailing about American infrastructure 6 years ago… (“bridges falling apart”, “worst airports in the world”, etc.) – TRUMP delivered nothing but talk (and the talk even faded in the last couple of years).

TRUMP largely created the political mess McConnell now faces.

And this is the self-proclaimed “GOP leader” ?

Mike Hunt

Mr. Trump’s stink tank! Fixed it!


And Trump will be your President again soon enough…No one cares about you leftist rhetoric. We all know the democrats didn’t want to work with Trump on anything, and they obstructed the American economy and infrastructure plans anyway they could. Get your facts straight please before wasting your time commenting.

Sheila Diehl

At all cost Then get binden to concede admit the hack publicly just as he admits in his video & provide all proofs, all involved and charges of treason

Mike Hunt

Yes, Trump should be charged with treason as should Barr, Lady Graham, Josh Hawley & Lowrent Hoebreath (Lauren Bobertg)


Where you been boy? He’s been charged many times and they all have been partisan democrat failed attempts that continue to this day(jan 6th commission), and are all doomed to fail. Trump is a winner at Life, unlike you.



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