Warmest condolences to Cayler’s family & friends.

“Cayler Ellingson of North Dakota, a great Republican Patriot with an unlimited future ahead, was struck by a truck and killed. The person that did this was a deranged Democrat maniac who was angry that Cayler was a Republican. The Media doesn’t want to cover this horrible event because of the politics involved. If it were a MAGA Republican that drove that truck, it would have been the biggest of all stories. We LOVE Cayler, AND WILL NEVER FORGET! Warmest condolences to Cayler’s family & friends.”
By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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Meegan Fixler

Absolutely! What a horrible thing to have happen to a young man with so much potential and for what?! I put this on the Resident, Bye-done, he’s stoking the fire against MAGA Patriots! He needs to be dealt with some way, some how!

Sarah Luu

Was channel surfing & was stopped by “A STORY” about Cayler’s ASSASSINATION. The “reporter” on “Newsy” called Cayer “A well known, right-wing FANATIC”! How MUCH MORE DISGUSTING can the “FAKE NEWS MEDIA” GET on someone from the right being killed? This so called reporter should at BARE MINIMUM, apologize, then be fired & CANED ACROSS THEIR BARE ASS with a LONG piece of split bamboo. Newy’s comment is about as low as I’ve EVER heard from the left. INEXCUSABLE!


The Big Sunday Show on Fox News with your wonderful Daughter In Law, Lara Trump and is the only media coverage i have seen of this heart breaking story. May God give rest and grace for the family abd comminity. Why the silence from MSM outlets? They select what they want the viewers to know! The same defunct and abject failing nonjournalist news agencies and broadcast platforms that spread all the Big lies! Mr. President, thank you for opening our eyes to the false FAKE News! I see elsewhere that the world is awake in real time and questioning everything and that you wont hear about on armchair news. They fear our unity and we want to know the Truth!

Save Our United States

Anyone that knows the radical left knows that they have been a violent people throughout history. We don’t need the news to tell us this but it sure would be nice if they did their job (for once).

Prayers for Cayler Ellington’s family.


Biden has incited violence against the American Citizens who oppose his radical regime and agenda’s.
Feels like we’re living in China under their dictatorship already.
The compliance media(fake news) will not report the truth to the American citizens, leaving us to fear that we are next.
This is the deranged thinking of these evil people.
Just like with the murder of Ashley Babbitt, with no resolution.
We are no longer protected by our government but we are now hunted and destroyed by them.
God help us.


Well Said!


Prayers for Cayler Ellington family.


GOD Bless You Cayler Ellingson!

Sarah Luu

I’ve said it MANY TIMES before, INSANE, DESPERATE PEOPLE, DO INSANE DESPERATE ACTS – ASSASSINATIONS!!! I express my sincere condolences to Cayler, family & friends for this TERRIBLE act of POLITICAL INSANITY. EVERYONE associated with the MAGA movement, BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL!!, ESPECIALLY YOU Mr. President. This WILL NOT be the last. As always Mr. President,you are right on. The “FAKE NEWS MEDIA” would be ALL OVER THIS if it was someone on the left killed that they could connect to the MAGA movement. At LEAST they could do is express some condolences. I KNEW this kind of 5hit was only a matter of time. So EVERYONE be EXTREMELY CAREFUL!! DEATH SQUADS ARE NEXT. ALWAYS keep in mind that DESPERATE INSANE PEOPLE DO THESE THINGS WITH NO CONCERN for collateral damage.WATCH YOUR BACKS & YOUR LOVE ONES. May the Holy Spirit Protect us, ESPECIALLY PRESIDENT TRUMP & HIS FAMILY.


So sad for the family. Prayers for them. These people that do this are so evil. If you heard his comments in court, he does not want to lose the life he has built for himself and his family…??? Insane. No remorse.


Prayers going up for Cayler’s family!!


Hey, where are the effing troll(s) on this, defending their fellow progressive, a grown-ass “man” who murdered this great young man?
When I heard this on the radio I was stunned, extremely sad and worried for our country, more than usual. I think we largely have “biden’s” angry screed against MAGA Republicans weeks ago to blame for this murder along with much else. Where is the accountability for him and mainly his puppeteers; where is the MSM’s major unending news coverage and riot dog-whistles, as with George Floyd et al?!
So sad for Cayler’s family.


None of us are defending this terrible maniac. That is not the way we roll. You are disgusting for making this all republicans agains all democrats and politicizing this tragic event. Honestly Laura you are one angry lady who I hope can find some peace and not make all things about MAGA against anybody who is not MAGA.

Dan for DT

MAGA means Make America Great Again- You? You just Hate Trump –If you don’t want America to be the Great Country that it was and could be again, then you have tipped your hand–We know you are an Anti American Communist POS.

Donna Richardson

Anti- American much? You worship one man his name is Trump. That makes you a cult member. Just incase you were wondering. We believe in elections here, not dictatorship.


Iol! America’s waking up, pretty soon your gona have to crawl back under that rock you came from! Nobody is gona want to listen to your communist rhetoric anymore.😂


Adk, it’s your president Biden that has incited violence against Republican supporters. You may be in the dark since you are only informed by fake news and they lack reporting the truth.

Donna Richardson

What violence has Biden incited. He called out the pathetic MAGA Rhinos that worship Trump. I’m assuming your one of them. Biden has passed more to help working Americans than Trump ever did. You know that or your just retarded.


Too bad we cannot block certain disgusting, admitted fvck*ng trolls in here and bar them from attaching their trash to our statements. Let them spout all the rotten rubbish they want, but not harass decent people whom they have no business “talking” to. I’ve totally had it with these “biden admin” supporters. 1000 freaking percent.


eek Laura. Wouldn’t that be barring us from our first Amendment right? You all have criticized Twitter from banning Trump from his trash rhetoric. You cannot have it both ways. And I am not trying to incite an insurrection.


Too bad you’ve had it with us “trolls”. Most of us have been here much longer than you-when the dialog was much more sane.

Prayer Warrior

Prayers for the family and condolences
Rest in the arms with Jesus


These are biblical times we are living in.This truly is a holy war of good vs evil. Praying for peace that passes all understanding.My deepest sympathy for friends and family, of this horrific tragedy. God bless and comfort the suffering, in Jesus holy name.


God bless you dear sister in the LORD. My wife and I see the need for the Lord to show HIS grace in these dangerous yet prophetic times. We see the signs of HIS return drawing closer and closer.


I would say we are in the early days of the book of Revelations.


Maybe so and DJT is the Antichrist.


Joe Biden = 666 The Number of The Beast!


Ooooooh, look who’s angry now! Thought you didn’t roll like that bitch!


Read my statement above. We do not wish people harm because they are a Trump fan. We do not celebrate when something tragic happens. You just interpret things the way you want.



Mary Geiger

We are no longer a safe country.



R Minoglio

RIP Cayler. This should never happen. With the Biden administration we are no longer a free country. We must take back our country. The democrats are lunatics. Let’s go Brandon. ULTRAMAGA.

Donna Richardson

Are you Cult members forgetting about Heather the girl that was ran over and killed by a Trump supporter or the police officers that were injured and killed by Trump supporters 🤔.


YOU are a Crack Head like Hunter Biden!


Donna impressive how you can make your own likes go up like that, can you let us know how you do it? Poopy pants and chief just called more that half the country domestic terrorists and your trying To make an argument? You have to be getting payed to troll these site, you can’t be that stupid?


Wow are you suggesting Donna’s likes are a part of a conspiracy? Now I have heard it all. I know alot of folks who visit this site for sheer entertainment and never comment but rather like comments they agree with.

Last edited 8 months ago by AKD

This is exactly what The Big Guy’s vitriolic speech with the red lighting was hoping to achieve. Setting American against American to deflect them from thinking about his many attacks on the nation and Constitution. Joseph Goebbels would be impressed.


I couldn’t agree more. The communists turned the FBI into their stormtroopers, no longer a national criminal investigative agency. Even so, they’re still afraid to try to kill us DIRECTLY, so they instruct the media to stay silent about murders such as Cayler’s and the prosecutors to not prosecute those who commit the murders, thus murdering Americans by their proxy, the deluded communist followers.


Joe Biden = 666 The Beast!

My Man Trump

So very sorry to the family of Cayler. What a tremendous loss to N. Dakota, as well.

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