Wave goodbye to our Justice system.

“Gregg Jarrett, FoxNews Legal Analyst.”Wave goodbye to our Justice system. There is no Justice system anymore. There is only a legal system, and it’s corrupt.That is the tempting conclusion to be drawn from the unsealed indictment of Donald Trump on Tuesday by a Manhattan Grand Jury. District Attorney Alvin Bragg seeks to bend statutes beyond their limits and stretch alleged facts beyond reason. This constitutes prosecutorial abuse in a brazen attempt to weaponize the law & criminalize politics.””

By Donald J. Trump

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Sarah Luu

This has been the left’s main attempt for YEARS, with the MAIN goal of PREVENTING YOU FROM BECOMING PRESIDENT AGAIN. IT’s no secret. ANYONE WITH HALF OF A BRAIN CAN SEE RIGHT THROUGH IT. They have gotten away with so much BS over the years that they FIRMLY believe that they can get away with ANYTHING they attempt. STEALING & RIGGING ELECTIONS FOR ONE! THEY MUST BE STOPPED & ELIMINATED NOW! The ONLY WAY I CAN SEE NOW is to utilize our friends in the armed forces to rally & stage a coup to restore you to power where YOU RIGHTFULLY BELONG! I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are far more people in the armed forces RIGHT NOW that are on OUR SIDE, that if properly organized, that they WILL OBEY their sworn oaths TO PROTECT & DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION FROM ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN & DOMESTIC, & place you BACK IN POWER WHERE YOU BELONG!. I’m sorry to say, but I believe that it is now THE ONLY WAY!. MANY are saying that we are now a third world acting country. I guess that we have to act like one to get our country back. FIGHT EVIL WITH EVIL. The ends more than justify the means. The next elections WILL BE RIGGED IN THEIR FAVOR AGAIN IF WE DON’T DO SOMETHING NOW! History, I’m sorry to say, MOST OFTEN, repeats its self. The ONLY WAY TO GET OUT OF THIS MESS IS BY AN ACT OF JUSTIFIABLE DESPERATION. I SEE NO OTHER WAY. If SOMEONE HAS A BETTER IDEA, LET’S HEAR IT NOW, BEFORE THE WORLD FALLS APART – WW3 OR WORSE, WORLD COMMUNISM! GOD, PLEASE HELP US ALL! Sarah Luu


Gregg Jarrett is 100% CORRECT!
FJB! and the Jack Boot Courts!
TRUMP 2024!

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