We already have the Taliban flag flying over

“Biden did this to celebrate on September 11th when in actuality the celebration is our enemies and the fact that we already have the Taliban flag flying over our Obama-Biden built $1 Billion U.S. Embassy in Kabul.”

By Donald J. Trump

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It took less than 9 months for the world to face facts about Biden. He will be edged out but it will not improve under the cackling VP. In fact, she is worse than Biden because her experience is so narrow and she only knows how to pander. Imagine all the damage they can do before 2024.


Drain the swamp Mr. President Donald J Trump. It is time to take back the white house. Please make it happen soon. MAGA


The TRUE CIC @potus #DJT You Hold the American Nations (purple) heart TIME TO COME HOME Mr President Sir #God Speed!


You may Not hold the Office CIC potus #DJT but you have the American Nations (purple) Heart …Time To come Home Mr President Sir #God Speed!

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#Afganistan Burns ,Borders Burn ,Cities Burn FACT CHECK #MSNBC5 trying to tell America that kabul Is being Evacuated In an Orderly fashion .and #MSM Sensationalism at its highest Idiocrisy …SAD part and SO TRUE There’s American citizens That still Believe It LIBERALISM IS STILL A MENTAL DISORDER and YOU JUST CAN’T FIX STUPID

Mike Hunt

Actually not a single word above is reality based, Not. One. Word.


You will be back approve & see my last post! It’s The We The People Key. You are gonna be back Zero doubt. MY heart us pounding still watching the link I sent. Air hugs Sir from my heart & I thanked Jesus and God 🙏

katherine K hensel

Obama-Biden are just so intelligent. love to
show their love for America .
love you President trump


peace dividend: a sum of public money which becomes available for other purposes when spending on defense is reduced.


Looks like about $110B annually back in our pocket. US embassy in Kabul was totally worth sacrificing for that kind of return.


This is not an either/or situation. You can have a peace dividend AND still not turn billions of dollars of assets over to the enemy.

Deliberately leaving behind military equipment and intellectual property for the benefit of the enemy is considered high treason and punishable by hanging.

It is inexcusable to evacuate troops before executing a plan to:

1) Evacuate private US citizens and protection for local personnel; and

2) Remove or destroy anything and everything that might aid or comfort the enemy.

Don McKellar

Flaw #1: It didn’t cost $110B last year. Or the year before that. Or any single year that Trump was in office. Not even close. Most all of that money was spent during the incompetent Bush years, and then the fantasy-based foreign policy years of Obama.

Flaw #2: The worth of the military equipment abandoned stupidly, the opportunity for China and Russia to gain technology, and the value of the tens of thousands of Americans now trapped and who will soon be held for hostage (as sanctioned under Islamic law) will far exceed $110B.

Flaw #3: The disasters to come, with America’s enemies now 100% completely certain as to the incompetence and idiocy that a fraud election has brought, will very quickly exceed $110B in economic impact. They know they can do anything they want.


As far as I’m concerned, 4 presidents and 100’s of legislators co-own the entire debacle and all of its consequences.

Joe mama

The construction of the new complex, was in 2006 under the Bush administration!

Don McKellar

Flaw #1: The majority of the cost was in an massive expansion which Obama delighted in, $792 million, and was completed in 2016.


Completed in 2016. Proposed in 2012 under Bush admin


Total Disgrace! Commie-Criminal Biden needs to RESIGN!


Isn’t SA just a stopping place to re-purpose tax dollars and have endless wars?


What an idiot


We gave Obumya’s mooslem brothers all of the military weapons they could dream of, so I guess we had to give them a nice building from which to orchestrate their use against the free world.

Zero must be very happy with his latest accomplishment! 😈

steven skaggs

SAD!! VERY SAD!! Don’t think this country (USA) can take much more of this non-sense! It feels like it is going to break very soon!! GOD HELP US!! You still have my VOTE Mr. President Donald J. Trump!


You are absolutely correct,, but It is only ‘non-sense’ if you are American.

IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE TO ANTI-AMERICANS. So who’s running the swamp in DC? Americans or anti-Americans?


You’re making a great point here Ken.

Everyone is saying that it was just plain stupid to leave behind so many valuable people and billions of dollars of military equipment and secrets.

I think it was so obviously ‘stupid’ that it must have been deliberate.

Noelle B


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