We are becoming a large scale version of Venezuela!

“Can you imagine? The Pennsylvania Primaries ended almost 5 days ago, with early voting of possible Fake and other Mail-In Ballots going on for weeks, and we still have no idea of what is happening, or when it will all end. France counted millions of PAPER BALLOTS on their Election Day, no problem! It is all strictly 3rd World, which is what our Country is becoming with Open Borders, Rigged Elections, Rampant Inflation and Energy Inferiority. We are becoming a large scale version of Venezuela!!!”

By Donald J. Trump

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And this is GOP primary. Just wait for the final, then the corruption will go full blown.


How many fraudulent elections will they have in Pennsylvania before someone does something?

My Man Trump

Absolutely! You can always count on FJB and his handlers to aim as low as possible while they sit high and mighty above it all on our backs.


One step closer to #OneWorldGovernment #GlobalistsSuck


Unfortunately, the election criminals know exactly what they are doing – selection versus election. These crimes must stop. Where the hell is law enforcement? We’re back to the 1930’s Europe when fascism was spreading like wildfire. The first thing to go was law and order.


Spot On President Trump!
The United States BETTER get their shit together on voting or the USA is screwed!


Move then Stewie you AH


Your right on the money Mr President, what gets me is there is a population of American people that don’t see this coming. Theses people will be the ones crying the loudest when it is too late.

Phillis Massad

This is unbelievable and we have so many in our own party sabotaging our party and helping the leftists communists democrats get their illegal agenda passed. Some Republicans states were able to pass election reform and voter turnout was huge!! President Trump knows, and now finally voters are becoming more aware of the Deep State. God Bless America.

Robin Seeber

THANKS to Pence, why did he screw you like that? traitor !


Mike Pence = TRAITOR!
Benedict Pence!
Judas Pence!
He should be tried, convicted and shot by firing squad!!!!


He should be HUNG from a REALLY HIGH tree. For ALL to see. Things will NEVER change as long as these c**t’s have NO fear of the people. For ALL TO SEE!!

Ken Locke

George Washington would be looking at as today and saying! What a bunch of pussy, to let your Republic just fall…




This is horrible. This cannot happen to to America. We can’t allow this to continue. We must protest loudly and demand this to stop! Paper ballots is the only way with signature and legal Identification.

Harvey Ghesser

You are so correct Mr. President. We need you and men like you more than ever!


President Trump. Please call on your conservative Christian base to pray. This is your greatest lack of response to all that is going on. You are right on everything but we want to hear you call out to God almighty for His almighty help and intervention. I believe He will hear and answer a heartfelt submissive plea and give us back a better country like what our founding Fathers gave us 245 years ago. We love you and your powerful insights and stand but this thing has gone over our heads now and only He who is over it all can reign it all back in again. God, we need your powerful help!!!


Trump is a godless person. Any “prayers” he says would be to only benefit him. How can you admire such a lying, cheating, thief, conman. He would steal money from the collection plate if he could get away with it.

Last edited 1 year ago by Prize

YOU are a Commie-Atheist-Liberal!
FJB! and the Prize!
May YOU Burn in Hell!

Patricia McDermott

Stuart, “it” is just a troll. Don’t waste anymore of your time on it. Truth has no impact on trolls. God Bless America and President Trump!


Is that why he does everything to benefit the people? Is that why he speaks the truth? Is that why he gave up his own salary? Only God will bless such a man.


He does nothing to benefit anyone other than himself. He gave up his salary but made millions overcharging the government for secret service, etc staying at his properties and at least 1.6 billion in outside income as he reported while president. He needed the presidency to support his business. Trump rarely speaks the truth and had at least 30,000 proven lies while in office. But keep sending him money so he can pay his multiple legal fees

Steed Back

Keep speaking Truth Mr. President!


You wouldn’t know Truth if it came out your backside, which I believe it does!!!



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