We are no longer respected

“Our Country is far more susceptible to attack by outside terrorist groups than ever before. Our enemies all over the World are inspired by what just happened in Afghanistan—the removal of the Military first, and our “gift” of $85 billion in Military equipment. We are no longer respected after the pathetic and incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan. It will be a long time before we gain our reputation back. Just nine months ago, the United States was viewed as being strong, and now we are being viewed as weak and stupid. The Taliban has totally retaken Afghanistan—a far more potent position than they had 20 years ago, after we spent trillions of dollars, with hundreds of thousands of lives lost (on both sides). This loss emboldens not only foreign terrorists, but also Antifa and BLM. It’s sad that this is not what you hear from the Fake News Media who are only interested in talking about “terrorism” from the right and protecting an illegitimate president. Our reputation is gone, our Borders are broken, inflation is raging, and COVID continues, even with the vaccines (developed under “Trump”), to ravage our Nation.”

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

There is only one single thing ravishing our nation which is the cause of everything else….The illegitimate administration led by a corrupt, lying hater…Dementia Joe and his handler.

Teresa Bernard

Obama is the one who is really behind all this. Biden is senile.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

What a utter disgrace, we as a Nation went straight into the sewer when the election was rigged. In a short 8 months that feckless senile basement dwelling retard Joe has our Country literally going down the drain. The Chinese, the Russians, and the Iranians are laughing at us.
We need President Trump back as our leader ASAP!


How much longer and how many innocent lives taken before people wake up?

Don McKellar

Joe Biden, His Fraudulancy, is pretty clearly a sock puppet for Obama. All of his policies, all of his actions, all of his failures are just like Obama to the letter. Sleepy Joe is a senile dotard and expendable, so the agenda is ramped up. Obviously each of these situations which are a disaster for America and its citizens are ways to gain wealth and power for the “elites” and the Deep State and their agendas. And obviously unless America’s broken and corrupt elections are fixed, it’s not going to change.

America saw the Senate, the V.P., the SCOTUS, six state governments, and the judicial system turn their back on her in 2020. Some were corrupt, others were cowards. Sadly, American citizens have a lot of suffering coming up. It’s going to get really, really bad — it’s just starting! But they know who to hold accountable.



Robin Seeber

and worthless lindsey graham said we need to go back in there!! REALLY, and put our men and women at highest risk yet with the taliban armed to the teeth with our weapons?? he needs to be impeached too, along with the rest of them


Lindsey is an obvious stooge for the internal enemies of America. How could “it” have ever been trusted?!


Our people are dying, true Patriots…We know good ones behind the scenes have been dying while fighting the ds for some time now. When is this shit show going to end, how many more will die? Our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus around the world have been dying. God wins this I know…my heart aches, it is also determined to fight harder in however I can. I love my nation, I love people, and I will fight to the end.


We must pray to G-D almighty to help us in our time of need. Open our collective eyes, and send us a leader that loves our country and fears and follows G-D.



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