We created a true masterpiece

“The redevelopment of the long vacant and dilapidated Old Post Office in Washington, D.C. was both a great honor and achievement for The Trump Organization. We created a true masterpiece, and know that it will do much to glorify our Nation for many years to come. Our salutations and best wishes to The Waldorf Astoria!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Congrats on the sale.


Great Job President Trump!
A dormant building into a Masterpiece!


stop patting yourself on the back sir. It is egotistical!!!!


I was very sad to see the Waldorf disappear from NYC. It was a great place to stay. So I was thrilled to see they picked up your hotel. A true mating of giants.

Mark Rakow

The Waldorf in New York did not disappear. It was closed in 2017 for a major renovation, but is expected to reopen early in 2023.

Annette Dimesky

May the Greatness of the Trump Tradition be carried on!


Proof that the government doesn’t improve , create or contribute! The government only takes! This government is operating in its purest form, “tyranny!” (Mark Levin)

Gloria Hensley

What? Is it a post office again? Is it a post office with a new face? I have never been to Washington D.C. But I just heard the genome sequence under the direction of Dr. Colliins and Dr. Fruad Fauci removed the genome sequence at the “request” of the CCP. Now THIS is HUGE news, and is hugely disgusting. Dr. Fauci – GITMO! Like many of us have known for over a year.

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