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Meg P

We are so irate with this news. Pardon the words, but if these SOBs of Time Warner and Comcast/infinity want to take the communist route of removing One American News, then these dumbasses will just loss millions of dollars! Do they hear the cancellation calls-a-ringing? We just called Xfinity to tell them, Comcast has 48 hours to resend this plan, or millions will be cancelling them, including us. I told the representative that Time Warner’s corporate staff Never have to hear what they are doing, directly, from their customers. They put those poor underpaid people on the front line to take all the negative. So, remember to speak kindly to those poor souls who you speak to, to cancel your services.
AT&T modem services does bring OAN to you online! – Our second line of defense.

Mark Rakow

“Comcast has 48 hours to rescind this plan, or millions will be cancelling them.”

I’m sure they’re shaking in their boots.


Check this out: $1 Billion in Taxpayer money paid to “mainstream media” to control vaccine coverage:

Isn’t there something criminal in that ? Impeachable for doing it and criminal for accepting it ?

Meegan Fixler

And NEWSMAX fired her for telling the truth about the so-called vaccine!!


Calling each other names gets us nowhere…and CHINA LOVES IT

The people calling Trump supporters names and egging them on, are just showing their lack of a clear view of the world around them.

They became this way through brainwashing from the teacher’s union (communist) run government schools and social media.

We need to recognize that we in this country have a common enemy and that it is not each other….

Communism is trying to divide us to conquer.

Communism has penetrated our political parties, media, government bureaucracy, universities, wok businesses and is gaining strength elsewhere.

Hopefully we don’t have to live under communism for a number of years before some people wake up and realizing they were fighting the wrong enemy.

Otherwise, we will end up fighting communism with hunting rifles and butcher knives…. as the Ukrainians are doing at this very moment.

People supporting communist & socialism have sold their souls to the devil (communism) or their soul was stolen, and they don’t even realize that it is gone.

Check out the book by the other great president Ronald Reagan 40th president


Put me in coach 🐸


Well said, President Trump!!


American Patriots DEMAND out 1st Amendment Rights!
FJB! and the FAKE news!



teria Burger


Cary Miller

“They”, will not give it.

“WE THE PEOPLE”, must take it or make it!

WE THE PEOPLE are making it. We are the news.
now. “They”>MSM are the evil opposition against
All of us Freedom loving people.


Ask our ancestors, Communism is the ultimate EVIL and must die or we will never know Peace without tortuous agony.

God Bless all PATRIOTS that, “Stare evil to death.”


Baskin Robbins

What the magical thing about “FREE PRESS” is that it really is FREE! It is not obligated to cover your side, the other side or any side. That’s where the free enterprise comes in! You don’t like what you call “FAKE NEWS?” Don’t purchase it, boycott them. You can’t get rid of them, that’s not how “free press” works!


Wow, it always amazes me the sheeple types that follow the will of the government so blindly.

Stick your leftist head out the window and smell the quasi socialism. (Cheered on by the leftist media, that you call so fair and free)


The fake news media knows I have everything and they could care less. The total disregard and lack of empathy is what hurts the most. It took courage exposing a worldwide trafficking ring of demonic pedophiles. They know I exposed all the names in the flight log of government swamp and Hollywood. They know I exposed Nancy Pelosi in the underground rooms, caught on the security cameras. Many in Hollywood and the government swamp, are guilty of human trafficking, and sadistic crimes on Epstein Island. The media knows I exposed the Vatican including the royal family. This truly is a holy war of good vs evil.


We need a clean web search engine!



Baskin Robbins

Well wash it once in awhile FloRo!


How long did it take for you to come up with that brilliant reply?

You are obviously a rookie on this website……(extremely lame responses)

My Man Trump

If you are for freedom join DJT and his Republicans. If not, go to the Marxists and the rinos. It is your choice. See how great freedom is!

Mark Rakow

If they’re “his” Republicans, they’re anything but free.


Free press means different things to different people. To TFG and his supporters, it means being able to tell lies totally unchecked and promulgate disinformation for his own personal gain.
To the rest of the free thinking world it means quoting facts and be happy to be fact checked with evidence (not rumour or strong belief) and be prepared to debate a point. It doesn’t involve unproven and unsubstantiated election claims, injection of bleach, windmills that cause cancer and underground demonic pedophile groups that refer to “pizza” as the product. If you allow this to be broadcast as truth without evidence or fact checking, you go down a dark rabbit hole that nobody wants.
Free press, yes, lie spreading, no,

My Man Trump

Don’t you mean “to FJB and his regime”.


Sounds like them in his rant.


You have no clue, AND you’re ranting garbage to people with their eyes open. Either do a little fact finding, or just plain reasoning (e.g.; BLM and Antifa riots injured and killed people, and cost millions of dollars, but the Demoncrap party defended their actions. Why would that be?) or shut up and go away.

Your spew has no impact here. Try CNN, your home territory, or maybe Fox Fake News or Breitfart (both bought out.)


FJB! and YOU!
Up Yours Commie-Lib!


Stick it Pippy!

Sarah Luu

They are practicing freedom of the press – The Free-Dumb to LIE, CHEAT, DISTORT, DEFECATE ON THE TRUTH AND SIMPLY, SELECTIVELY SAY WHAT EVER THEY WANT to DISTORT AND BRAINWASH TO THEIR OWN ENDS. This is most CERTAINLY NOT what the founding fathers intended by placing FREEDOM OF THE PRESS in our GREAT CONSTITUTION. They have taken that phrase and COMPLETELY changed it’s meaning from reporting the straight facts to nothing but LAME POLITICAL COMMENTARY – definately what it was meant to prevent in the first place..May-Be THIS should be taken before the supreme court for a Constitutional analysis! The so called “reporting press” for decades has totally abused its rights. THEY HAVE INCREDIBLY WAY TOO MUCH POWER and THEY need to be “reported on” in the SAME WAY THEY PULL. See how they like it. Who in the hell do they think they are anyway. They WERE NOT ELECTED by the people they “claim” to serve. I strongly believe “the Freedom of the Press” needs re-evaluation. for modern times. If the founding fathers were around today, I think may-be some people would be losing their heads – LITERALLY!!!


A free Press is essential. Look to Russia and China. All media that refuse to tell the truth must be banned.


And are you planning to move to Russia or China to enjoy this free press?


Not neccesary. Our President will Secure free Press. The rest must go to jail.

Michael Jenson

If the press is not true, what else is there lie….

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

We are all sick and tired of Fake News medias and Big Techs. Enough is enough.
TRUTH now!!

Baskin Robbins

What you really are “sick of” is a media that will not perpetuate your strongly held lies!


You mean the left leaning press that advocates for the progressive left movement?

Craig Barrett


Just Me

Yes; we do. Very pleased with your stand for a free press and confronting the media on misleading the American people and having one goal, to destroy America.

Ken Locke

Time to hold them accountable for Lies and fake news/propaganda. Pull the power on them, seriously shut off the electric to their big fake news buildings and transmitters, until they come straight and report only Real news ,that real journalist and reporters are bringing to us. The Truth and only the Truth….

Sue Mckee

We the people bare RISING UP AGAINST SOCIALISM TYRANICAL GOVERNMENT. That being said, We can’t protest a corrupt criminal organization that has paid off and threatened the MSM into going with only what the left and government says. We need to clean house!! DOJ , FBI CIA state department.

John F. Brzezinski III

I would be more aligned with ‘Honesty and integrity in journalistic reporting’ at this point.

They have all lied about so much so many times no one knows what’s what anymore….even the best and brightest out there.

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