We had a great time in Sunrise, FL

“We had a great time in Sunrise, FL yesterday. Very exciting, informative, and fun. We will be back in the area for a major rally in the not too distant future. See you then!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Meg P

Thank you, President Trump, for coming to Sunrise FL. Thousands of us WISH we could have been there that live in Fort Lauderdale area. We are the souls that have to work. This one had patients to see in a Mental Health practice. Just imagine all the doctors, nurses and other workers who would have loved to join you all. We are so grateful to the people who came to show the support of millions of Americans who love you and KNOW that you are our President! God Bless America and especially Kentucky.
MERRY CHRISTMAS! Remember there are dark ones out there that will try to steal away your Joy. Do NOT let them. (Example being the witch hunt now, going after beautiful Mark Meadows for his totally appropriate words prior to Jan 6th.) Evil takes all goodness and twist it into ugliness. Stay in the LOVE and SPIRIT of this season, for Jesus is the Reason for the Season


The Fake Media certainly was trying to give you a black eye, saying there were plenty of empty seats at this event. Doesn’t look like that from the video! Can’t believe their lying eyes.

Susan Cossett

So jealous…..really wanted to take part in this! I am sure it was wonderful!

My Man Trump

That was just a taste and it was exciting. Can you even imagine being there? How wonderful.


Love that your video is exactly 45 seconds 🙂 Can’t wait to hear your speech!
May God bless you & your family, Mr. President Donald J. Trump.
God bless America and God bless the World.

Rosanne. Choate

Wow!!!!!!! Floridians love our beloved President!

Yuk Chun Birch


Corey Frederic

Dear Mr Trump!

My issues are this:
1) “YOU” continue to support and beat your chest about a vaccine that is killing people.
2) Your promised to drain the swamp – did not happen.
3) Most Important… for 4 years I got “MAIL” asking me what I thought were the important issues… still getting them in the email and mail today… EACH-TIME, I had manually “write-in” what was the most important to me – and that was VOTER-FRAUD

4) Voter Fraud was not even 1 of the choices on your forms…
5) For 4 years – you did NOTHING about it, and then “it” (voter-fraud) removed you from office.
I was right – YOU were wrong!

… and now ALL Americans have to SUFFER from your mistake – while the CRIMINALS destroy our country.


Well, I understand how you feel!! … FRUSTRATED!!!! We ALL feel that way!! But, we CAN NOT give up hope!! We HAVE to keep fighting!!

My Man Trump

Well said. A lot of us are frustrated and scared. But you are right to continue with hope and fight these Marxists. The rewards are coming. Be patient. Hahaha, that is very hard to do! But we will get there.

Corey Frederic

How do we “fight the Marxists” when nothing is being done. Everyday… we hear the most unbelievable garbage that the Criminals are doing… and there will “NOT” be any future fair election. The crime continues (unabated) – just look what happened in the CA Newsome recall voting. – Once again NOTHING was done about it. It is still 1 year away from Mid-Terms… another 3Million illegals will arrive, and the criminals are “Stacking” the laws now to bank-rupt America and use $$ bribery to get all the illegal votes. America will definitely “NOT” make it to 2024 – that is a pipe dream that will never happen.

I was right about the lack of follow-thru on voter-fraud, and I will also be right about this. Too bad for Americans as women get rapped in the streets, and whites are bashed in the head by illegals. It is already happening.

Be patient. Hahaha (your words), as they are marched to the gas chambers.

What-ever happened to Mike Lindell’s “We have it ALL”… ?
We have it all, but we do not have a Justice System.??


MAGA and support for Trump is still alive and well! 100% support for the best President ever!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

I am noticing I am not receiving my emails from “from the desk of Donald Trump”. I am wondering if there is some “hocus-pocus” going on and if others are having the same dilemma. Whether this is another example of trying to down-throttle and cancel President Trump’s reach to his loyal supporters.
In any case, emails or not, I check in on the website daily and follow up with “from the desk of Donald Trump”.
Also, I very much want to purchase a few signed copies of “Our Journey Together”, President Trump’s new book. However, it’s showing sold out. Anyone know when and if I might be able to purchase a few of this wonderful book?

Stephanie Gaddis

I ❤️U! Stay Gold




love you and your family President Trump.

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