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Save Our United States

We have broken the supply chain problem… it is called the Biden administration.



Meggy M Blaser Porte

With all the crazy and disturbing events occurring for America and our President, and busy with our work, we were able to order a copy and received in time for Christmas. Thank you, Sir, for the book was a real lift, with so many beautiful photographs of amazing events and people, thanks to God working through one man and many others that he guided to create these events. Pray, for God will bring us through this, just look at this book to see all his miracles!


The WH photographer told trump she was going to publish a book, like all photographers do when a president leaves. Trump beat her to it and denied her the opportunity. Other former presidents wrote forwards for their photographers. Trump wanted a cut of any advance she would receive too. Such a dishonorable man!

Marijo Makufka

I have a copy of your beautiful OUR JOURNEY TOGETHER book. It’s just what I hoped for during your presidency. I couldn’t be more pleased with it. It will be the gold standard for ages and ages to come!!!


Keep those copies coming.

My Man Trump

Awesome! I am so glad I got mine early. Well worth the wait.


Thank you, President Trump.


That is wonderful news, I ordered mine back in November, I can’t wait to receive my copy. I think I’ll put it in a very special place and not allow it to be touched, it will be a great treasure as it is now but that much greater in the future. Come back soon, President Trump, we need you at the helm.

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Send it to Mariupol!!!


Excellent Book President Trump!
Thank You!


I received mine during the 1st round, love it.

Becky G



It’s a very well put together and beautiful book. You will be very happy with your purchase. 💯

Roller Coaster of Love

The new one comes with crayons!

Becky G

Roller coaster of trolls..

My Man Trump

Only for you commie libs.


Dear, SHE, HE, IT, THEM, MR, MS, ABC, IT, and BS (pronouns)
aka the Roller Coaster of Hate

You will love this book as it has lots of pictures and your mommy can help you with any words with more than one syllable

I would imagine you will use crayons as you mentioned and

As you get older you can move up to pencils and then on to markers. This will allow you can write on the walls of the basement room you live in at your mother’s house.

As a Soros socialist think about this….

it never occurred to mouse to wonder why the cheese was free

PS George Soros is the only person on Earth whose face will improve in the way it looks after death

Becky G




Have a copy of your book. Thank you.

Susan Mller

I have the book and I love it! What memories.. this is history and you are the best President in my life time!!! You are still my President and I love you so much! ❤❤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


Amazing how succesful one person Can be in everything. Thank you for taking your time to Write your thoughts to us. I cannot imagine how you manage to do all this for us. This will most likely a very important bestseller in many many years. Perhaps ever. But fake media will never report

Rowland L. Holland

how did you get rid of Biden ?



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