We have to rescue our great Country

“The Fake News Mainstream Media, Democrats, and RINOs are obsessed with pushing the latest Witch Hunt against me.

All American Patriots know that I always do everything “by the book” and that this Hoax will fail miserably just like the Russia, Russia, Russia Scam, Impeachment Hoax # 1, Impeachment Hoax #2, and all other attempts, perpetrated by the same people, to weaponize Law Enforcement against the 45th President, me. We have to rescue our great Country.”
By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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Patiently waiting for truth and justice to prevail. It took courage exposing all the demons.This truly is a holy war of good vs evil. Praying for peace that passes all understanding.~John 3:16🌹🦁🇺🇸MAGA


Decertify the 2020 Election. Arrest the criminals. Expose all of them.
Hold the media accountable.

Crackers n cheese

Why though? There is no evidence of voter fraud. You really can’t handle that your guy lost. So pathetic.

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My Man Trump

They will never get President Trump. He has done nothing wrong. The evil bastards are playing right into his hands. Leaking their false narrative to the fake news. Same old playbook because they have nothing else. How do you like how FJB is energizing the Trumpie base. LOL. Thank you, FJB!

Wild Bill

I think that half of the citizens of this once great country realize that our present government is misleading and dishonest. These folks are criminals and hypocrites. It’s so obvious what we have witnessed over the last seven year’s. The attacks on President Trump and his Beautiful family. The double standards of the law and the courts. The lies and misleading media. The destruction of our national monuments and historical statues. The riots and burnings of our cities by antifa and blm communist. The defund the police and the disrespect of the law. Hmmm? Is this just and extension of obamas political policies??? Seems to me that their hopefully looking for a civil war. Do not take the bait. These folks are wrong and the truth always prevail. GOD BLESS AMERICA and what is left of it. Respectfully.


The Commie-Libs are trying to provoke a fight with MAGA!

Just Me

Barr is doing a lot of damage. He’s the Democrats’ weapon and they are using him. His comments may very well dampen the Red Wave that we so desperately need in November.


Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. That’s what the do….. 🙂


Material on foreign nation’s nuclear capabilities seized at Mar-a-Lago.
Some seized documents were so closely held, only the president, a Cabinet-level or near-Cabinet level official could authorize others to know.
Is that okay with you trump followers?

Just Me

Those papers probably contain information that is available on Google. Lots of countries keep up with nuclear capabilities of other countries. Whatever is in those papers is outdated information, anyway.

This is just the latest attempt to find President Trump guilty of a crime that will prevent him for every again holding public office.


It’s been “NOW we’ve got him!” over and over and over again over the years, and they never have anything real on President Trump. “Well, he could’a done it” is their tired old refrain at the end, before they move on to the next one. They are beyond description, have broken all records of SLEAZE.




I seized YOUR GED.
Is THAT OK with the Commie-Libs?


Yes. He is the President. I do not trust the Criminal Communists to have those documents. It was a very correct thing to take all the secret and classified documents with Him . Trump did nothing wrong


FJB! and YOU!




Can’t wait till I move out of California! rolling blackouts like crazy! Guess the windmills and solar panels cal has adapted aren’t worth a shit!


Run for Your Lives to a RED State!

Ralph Fleming

You should move to Texas, seems like they are doing fine with power grids. Good luck


“WE THE PEOPLE” have To Rescue the United States or WE will NOT have a United States!
Save America!


Bill Barr is worse than a democrat. He should keep his fat ass mouth shut.

Sarah Luu

Shove a big fat rotten Turkey Leg in it. (I can think of SEVERAL other things, but I don’t think they would be allowed). MAY-BE He’d “choke to death” on it ALONG with HIS own words!


I have an image of stuffing Hillary’s purse full of Black-cajoling hot sauce into his the nutcase’s meat hole.

Kreg Vergith

We’ve got your back, sir!

This is going on, apparently, “just because it’s Trump”.

You go by the book, and that’s what sets them off the most.
They’ve got a lot to hide, and they know that you’ll find it.

Works for me!!!

Keep going!!

Sarah Luu

What IS the latest big hoax? I haven’t heart ANYTHING big, just the little trivial BS spread by & with the cooperation of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. There are HUGE truths being revealed about THE BIDEN MAFIA daily, such as HIS (Joe Biden) DAUGHTER’S DIARY, confirmed to be authentic, describing, in EXPLICIT DETAIL of INCESTUOUS ACTS inflicted on her BY HER FATHER(SHOWERING TOGETHER) & OTHER family members? Where is the “investigative reporting” on this bit of info, along with the TONS of other ILLEGAL ACTS i.e.- THE RIGGING of the Presidential Election (TONS OF PROOF), & STEALING THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! ( In my opinion, one of the top 5 crimes in all of humanity. The 1st of course, the Lynching of Christ ). WHAT BS have they crapped out now? We, THE MAJORITY OF THE U.S. People ARE ALWAYS beside you. AS ALWAYS with the deepest of LOVE & RESPECT, from MY family to YOU & YOURS, Sarah Luu P.S. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL!!! – YOU & YOUR FAMILY!!!

Ralph Fleming

If I understand you correct Sarah Luu, you are calling God’s divine plan of sacrificing his own son to save your very life the biggest crime in all of humanity? I don’t believe you understand the Bible at all. Good luck in the after life.


Yes even the crimes against our Lord Jesus Christ The Son of God are forgiven through God’s divine plan, that should tell you how much He loves and cares for us.
Only through our Lord Jesus Christ we will be saved.
I weep and rejoice.

The REAL Donald Junior

LOVE the ENTHUSIASM Sarah! Have you been making monthly donations to my father’s battle against the EVIL DEMS? With your contribution, he can fight the Dems and take back OUR COUNTRY!!



We Can not allow the enemies of the people to have any civil rigths including freedom of speech or voting. We cannot allow the enemies to destroy our country from inside. What other country would fo that???

Sarah Luu

THEY, The Biden Mafia, their cohorts, & the FAKE NEWS MEDIA WANT these people flooding in for ONE REASON & ONE REASON ONLY, VOTES!!! PURELY TREASONOUS ACTS. THEY ARE destroying our beloved country without ONE SINGLE THOUGHT OF THE CONSEQUENCES. They ALL are becoming more & MORE EVIL & INSANE with EVERY second that passes. Don’t they know that ALL of these people being let in will TAKE THEM OVER TOO? I FIRMLY believe that the Biden Mafia believe THEY ARE GODS because they continue GET AWAY WITH EVERYTHING EVIL THEY DO with VERY FEW TRYING TO STOP THEM! THEY DAMM WELL KNOW that PRESIDENT TRUMP is about THE ONLY ONE that can stop them & they are using EVERY DIRTY EVIL, TRICK in their bag to DESTROY HIM, LIKELY EVEN TRYING TO KILL HIM!!! I HATE TO SOUND SO MORBID & PESSIMISTIC, BUT I FIRMLY BELIEVE THERE IS NOTHING BEYOND THEM. The WAR between GOOD & EVIL i.e.- God vs Satan, TRUE, GOD FEARING & Loving People vs Communist, Socialist, EVIL, SELF-ABSORBED FOOLS, etc. IS COMING TO A HEAD!! Enough from me for now. As always, FROM MY ENTIRE SOUL, THANK YOU SIR FOR EVERYTHING. Remember that you have millions, if not billions of people on this earth that love you & are right with you ALL THE WAY!! GOD Bless You & Yours, From ME & mine & PLEASE SIR, PLEASE BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL!!! With OUR UPMOST LOVE & RESPECT Mr.President, Sarah Luu P.S. – Thanks Andy!

jo young

nothing is going to be rescued until the msm, social media, rhinos, and dems are forced to face what they did to this country, they allowed hate for one person to poison everything they said and reported. shame on them and the Americans that voted for Biden for being so self centered and stupid.


my heart goes out to you. it is so frustrating seeing our tax dollars wasted on corrupt whim to attack you who represents the american public who have good values and love our countries freedoms

R Minoglio

You are right. All great American Patriots know the truth. The demoRATS hate America and the American people. Wake up people. We need to save our once great country. It will be great again. Thank you President Trump. Let’s go Brandon. ULTRA MAGA.



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