We just want the Truth

“The Phone Call that the Radical Left Democrats and other Enemies to our Country keep talking about in Georgia was PERFECT, with no Statements made that were out of order or, in any way, shape, or form wrong. The evidence is plain and conclusive that none of the many lawyers or others on the Call, hung up in disgust or reprimanded me, or the people representing me, in any way. As was stated on the call by me plainly, and for all to hear, “WE JUST WANT THE TRUTH. IT’S SIMPLE.””

By Donald J. Trump

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Sarah Luu

The rigged & stolen election & EVERYTHING that has gone along with it just PROVES the old adage “The truth isn’t always so simple” – C. E. Sarah Luu

Mary Geiger

No one believes anything a demokrat says. They’ve proven every other syllable that spills out of their mouth is part of a lie so who would even bother to listen to anything they say? They are nonexistent to the majority of us.


Amen President Trump!
TRUMP 2024!


They must be disbarred, removed from any office they hold and perhaps even be charged with treason. Then sue the pants off them in a civil trial.


Mr. President, Everyone knows that the leftists are allergic to the Truth. They even know it themselves, they just won’t admit it because LYING is what they do best!!


The “TRUTH” has become a much feared concept at this time, in our Society.

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