We know who he is

“I spoke to the wonderful mother and devoted husband of Ashli Babbitt, who was murdered at the hands of someone who should never have pulled the trigger of his gun. We know who he is. If that happened to the “other side,” there would be riots all over America and yet, there are far more people represented by Ashli, who truly loved America, than there are on the other side. The Radical Left haters cannot be allowed to get away with this. There must be justice!”

By Donald J. Trump

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gordon r parker

well – print his name.


Mike Kissinger is obviously an unemployed democrat! Probably a teacher who doesnt want to go to work and has lots of time to write this.

ronnie Deciantis

I hope this idiot isn’t walking around a hotel with a axe


And who—pray tell—might Michael Leroy Byrd be??

Dick Johnson

He is the blm racist black cop the blew Ashli away from point blank range without saying a word out loud.

harry ballsac

there must be justice? you mean like how you promised to lock up hillary?

harry ballsac

trumps idea are great but unfortunately he is part of the divide and conquer agenda. if you think he did not know the outcome of jan 6, you have ingested too much fluoride in your lifetime

christian troy

His Name is Chuck Schumer 😉


Lawlessness AboundsBy Rob Pue|August 8th, 2021

Fast forward to January 6th. Millions of patriots descended on the US Capitol building to show their support for rule of law and to protest the stolen election. Literally thousands of videos taken by people at that event show the DC and Capitol police escorting ANTIFA and other anarchist groups into the staging area on countless buses. They infiltrated the patriots that were there, and as is their way, caused more mayhem and destruction and violence. Following that event, six hundred true patriots who attended the rally were arrested, simply for being IN Washington DC on January 6th. Many of them remain in jail to this day, held without bail, though they did nothing more than attend a rally. And a new term was coined: “Patriot terrorists.” And indeed, they probably are the most dangerous — to the illegitimate regime that has taken over our nation, opened our borders, made backroom deals with our enemies and is openly persecuting Christians.

So while those who literally burned thousands of businesses and homes to the ground, attacked police all summer long all across the country, while police were told to stand down, citizen patriots in America are now considered the most dangerous people in the world — “patriot terrorists.” Matthew 24:12 reads, “Because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.” We now have total lawlessness. The innocent are persecuted while violent criminals are hailed as heroes. And the love — and even common decency and respect for human life has, indeed, grown cold. But always remember what Jesus said, and knowing the power and might of our Savior and that He holds us in the palm of His hand, knowing He will NEVER leave us or forsake us — even in the midst of these wicked days. He said:  “The one who stands firm to the end will be saved.” See that you’re strong in the Lord, and that you stand firm to the end, and never, ever be afraid of what this world is coming to. It IS coming to our doorstep. But our GOD is already with us.


Trump did not cause the riots at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. The occupation of the Capitol on that day was pre-planned well in advance and designed to paint the Trump supporters as White Supremacists and domestic terrorists. The Democrat un-constitutional impeachment of Trump for allegedly inciting insurrection is a purely political scam to discredit Trump more than they have already. They are motivated by the raw emotion of unbridled hate for Trump who had the audacity to challenge the Establishment’s status quo in DC.

Runt Grunt

The election was stolen. Biden is the senile puppet put in place by a shadow Politburo to troll the American People, with people like Obama, aka Barry Dunham-Davis, and George Soros calling the shots. Ashli Babbitt was utilizing her constitutional right to protest a stolen election by an illegitimate Marxist regime seeking to turn the United States of America into a Communist police state. Lt. Michael Leroy Byrd of the Capital Hill Police murdered Ashli Babbitt on behalf of said Communist election thieves; and therefore should be charged with murder. People like Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Kevin Clinesmith, Andy McCabe, Eric Holder, John Brennan, SecDef Lloyd Austin, CJCS Mark Milley, Barack and Michelle Obama, and members of the Dictatorship and its collaborators actively committing genocide against the United States of America and our children’s future’s all need to be arrested, and after trial by Special Constitutional Tribunal, put up against a wall and shot, or hung from the nearest oak tree. Treason should never prosper, and traitors should receive the harshest penalty allowed by law.


Dang there are a lot of unAmerican communists posting here. Its pretty sad. You hound the guy for five years without mercy, you defraud the guy of an election he won legitimately, and now kick him when he’s down. Pathetic excuses for countrymen.

Mike Hunt

Ashli Babbitt was a traitor – JUSTICE SERVED!


a vet that served America traitor not on your life. There is more to that story that needs to come out.

Mike Hunt

Derek Chauvin is a racist murderer, Ashli Babbitt was a treasonous insurrectionist who got what she deserved! The officer who shot her deserves a medal!


Nope he needs jail time 🙂


How about LIFE in jail for MURDER, because that’s what he did – he murdered Ashli.


Dear Mike Hunt,,
If she was a treasonous insurrectionist wouldn’t they have all been charged with insurrection? But they havent been. So why haven’t they?? Would you also say the same for the people who tried to bust the door down during the Kavanaugh hearings?


George Floyd was a criminal slime who got what he deserved.

harry ballsac

nice try

Mark Hodgson

And you’re an obese liar and loser and, most likely, paid sayanim.


Your uninformed comments are one thing but you are officially a piece of shit taking up air space.


Don’t feed the trolls. Look at his name again… look kinda close. Mi KeHunt


Total troll.


FBI instigator, nothing more.


Typical lefty POS


The murderer is the traitor. Killing an unarmed woman posing no threat whatsoever is the stuff of traitors. And so are you for supporting him.


Yep, shooting unarmed people, guess you can get away with it in you’re in the government. In my state we have Castle and Stand your Ground laws.
Shooting an unarmed person will not go well for you in court. But I guess if you are part of the correct class, justices’ wheel turn differently.

Last edited 1 year ago by joe

What do you expect from MyKunt? The guy is a troll – ignore him.

truth seeking fool

Agreed You are a POS taking up air space

Runt Grunt

No, Barack Obama and every Democrat are the real traitors. Winning looks like hangings and firing squads.


George Floyd was a POS animal drug addict. Justice served.

Mr. Bloke

Hopefully you’ll get your chance to eat a round soon

Mr. Bloke

Mike can’t understand normal thinking


Agreed. Hope Who killed ashley gets sentence equal to or more than Derek Chauvin! Murderer!!

Mark Hodgson

Her murder was obviously an act of opportunistic, anti white racism.


Such a senseless tragedy. Ashli Babbitt was a veteran of the US Air Force, having served two tours in Afghanistan and Iraq before later deployments with the National Guard to Kuwait and Qatar. She was a fighter for what she believed in, even with her very last breath. May she rest now in peace—as WE fight for HER justice. 💔🤍💙🇺🇸 🗽✨


She was an insurrectionist.


Are you blind, stupid, or paid? Or all 3? No sane person would make, much less believe, such a moronic comment. This was premeditated murder. That guy was hunting for a pro-Trump,person to shoot, per Nasty Nancy’s kill order.

Ralph Fleming

There weren’t any Trump supporters there remember. It was all Antifa and BLM dressed as Trump supporters. Must have taken him all day to find the one Trump supporter there minding her own business to shoot.


You’re conflating. Cheap technique, usually reserved for morons who have no real point.


The American Socialists are REAL touchy about the Ashli Babbitt MURDER. That is because they need to cover up the truth. The truth is; she was shot in cold blood. The cop was a Trump hater and wanted a trophy. Citizens entering THEIR house, (“the people’s house”) to protest a stolen election is NOT an “insurrection”. CNN made up the “insurrection” story to cover up the fact that the Capitol Police ALLOWED people to enter the building.

Roy Batty

Paid Fed Trolls are all over this board.

Mark Hodgson



No, I think she was army – not Antifa.


You probably wear a mask when you’re alone in your car too….just keep believing everything they tell you. You must obey.

Mark Hodgson

You’re gonna go down, ‘robert’,
you and all like you.

We Anon Patriot

Capitol shooting was a false flag. Mr. President, you need better intelligence advisors. 21 minutes of proof. Ashli Babbit likely a CIA spook. https://www.bitchute.com/video/DYlb92zMkj41/

Linda MacLeod Goodman

If so, why? To create rage to justify their Insurrectionists! narrative? If so, they failed. Deeply weary of deception, but can it only be conquered by playing along?


You are USING the Babbitts and we all know it dumpty!


Nobody is using nobody! Everyone knows the government is guilty and the election was rigged! The capitol police officer needs to be held accountable for Murder in the 1st Degree!

True Americana

Everyone knows?? Like, my next door neighbor knows? Any my cousin Tom? And that girl I had a crush on in high school? They ALL know? Damn.

Babbitt was an insurrectionist. I’m very sorry for her family, but no sympathy for her at all.


There was NO insurrection, stupid. You are buying into the media’s language. And Ashli was an INNOCENT VICTIM. She was not breaking windows, she was not creating a dangerous environment AT ALL. She was there as a part of the peaceful protest of the treasonous actions of the House. TRUMP WON. That’s that.


Like EVERYONE know the election was STOLEN. You dolts on the left just don’t get it. Or, you do and your Marxism will CONTINUE to display moronic utterances and a lack of critical thinking.


His only defense is the truth: that he was carrying out the kill order given by his commander, Nasty Nancy.

Ralph Fleming

But it was all America and blm people dressed in maga gear. Guess no one told poor Ashli.

Mark Hodgson

And you and your ilk HATE America and Americans

and we have woken up to that fact.

Cary Miller

Yes Sir! Mr. President, there must be justice. For Ashley and sooo much more. God Bless us all in this time of [23,1,18]! Thank you President Donald J TRUMP, for your love of God & USA!

True Americana

Uh oh. Some Q code going on now. [23, 1, 18]. Locker combination? The secret code to get into the Meadows? Cary’s shoe, hat, and shirt collar sizes? We may never know….


What is wrong with you????

Barfing Uncontrollably

The first number is your IQ


The Capitol Police, the FBI and the DOJ should be charged with MURDER for killing an UNARMED protestor! Ashli Babbitt is a United States Air Force Veteran and a TRUE PATRIOT! God Bless Ashli Babbitt and her family. May the Killers be EXPOSED and the CORRUPT United States Government be HELD ACCOUNTABLE!

True Americana

Blah blah blah. Wah wah WAH wah wah BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!

Kathryn A Malone

It’s shitwits like you that make even coming here insufferable. Countdown to flyvomit. I’ve had it with you and all your goddamn ilk. Pissoff while you still can.

True Americana

Or….what? Let’s say I choose to not “pissoff” while I still can. What happens then, cutiepie?

Mr America

Stop trolling Hillary.


They’re like ants at a picnic. Try to ignore them as long as possible. Haters gotta hate. Just be glad that you’re not part of their Demoncrap party!

P.s. I agree with you 100%

Drink Clorox

See the Right Wing Super Patriot:

Hear him preach how he loves his country. Hear him preach how he hates Liberals…and Moderates…and Intellectuals…and Activists…and Pacifisits…and Minority Groups…and Aliens…and Teenagers…and the Very Rich…and the Very Poor…and People with Foreign-sounding names.
Now you know what a Right Wing Super Patriot is: 
Someone who loves his country while hating 90% of the Americans who live in it.

Harry Flashman

You just described yourself…apart from the fact that you filth only constitute 30% of the population, which is why you have rely on election fraud.

Mike Kissinger

The capitol policeman who killed the Insurrectionist was identified in April of this year, Mr. Trump. Maybe you should visit reputable news sites instead of qanon areas and Pete’s blog. But, hey you are a retired old guy and cannot be expected to keep up. Bless your heart.


Who are things in Cuba Commie Mike? How many miles to a gallon does your Unicorn get?


Cuba Mike, What are you and Raul doing?

True Americana

Did…did you just respond to your own comment? Damn. Someone is slippin’.


By his own admission Mr. TRUMP is part of the “other side”.
Mr. TRUMP sides with the insurrectionists who took violent action in attempting to overturn the government of the United States.
I hope he is prepared to accept the consequences for his actions.

No worries DONNIE. There will be justice.


You sound so stupid. Go troll your buddies on Fascist Book.



Mike Hunt

CUTE Stewie! How many hours did you spend making that one up?


Justice When the Commie-Libs and the Corrupt Federal Government are EXPOSED and HELD ACCOUNTABLE. There is a Special Place in Prison and in Hell for these people!


What utter BS.

James Morgan

violent action”


Sport, if you thought what happened was “violent” you be one super soft powderpuff if I ever saw one.

Florida Robert

Two tiered judicial system. Somehow the US judicial system has lost its credibility.

Mike Kissinger

Not sure what a two tiered judicial system is, but that does not exist in the US. Maybe somewhere else, but not here. Seems like the US judicial system is very credible…it is able to recognize fraud bs when it sees it, as it has over 60 times and counting.


How are things in Cuba Comrade Mike?

Cary Miller

Been to any dark alleys lately Mikey?


Mikey is TOO scared!


Correct Robert, The United States Government is CORRUPT TO THE CORE!

True Americana

“Somehow”? Really getting surgical in your opinion there, Roberta Jean.

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