(WE!) lead Ron “Kill Social Security” DeSanctimonious, 61 to 19

“New Polling just out: I (WE!) lead Ron “Kill Social Security” DeSanctimonious, 61 to 19, and lead Joe Biden, by far the worst President in the history of the United States, by 7. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!! Don’t forget, we WON the second Election by far more Votes than we WON the first. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Forever With Trump

President Trump, do you realize how monumental it is to have gotten 20% more votes in 2020 than you got in 2016?? There is no way that demented, deranged, senile thief and basement dweller, the father of a crackhead, porn addict got anywhere near what they claim he got.

Nancy A. Daylo

My dear President Donald J. Trump, I get it. Ron is being ambitious and he is losing integrity by not being loyal. It is a valuable lesson for him to learn and you are the teacher. Your teachers were really mean and attacked you everyday. If you teach Ron DeSantis a valuable lesson, he should thank you and move on. NAD

Nancy A. Daylo

Dear.. dear President Donald J. Trump, You beat him by a lot. Be nice. Enjoy the lead. He only hurts himself going against you So, be magnanimous and be nice. But… I guess tough guys do that. it is what men do, so who am I to say nay?I like you anyway! No, I like. you because you are a man! Kick his aa**! Nancy A. Daylo


you are the one america wants and needs mr. president.


Spot On!

R Minoglio

Thank you President Trump.


TRUMP 2024!

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