We must find the answers to this terrible crime

“The whole world is watching the tragedy which just took place in Waukesha, Wisconsin, it is devastating, horrible, and very very sick! My heart goes out to the people of this great, beautiful, and hardworking community. We must find the answers to this terrible crime, and stop these violent and depraved acts from happening again. I am with you Waukesha, and always will be!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Dawn Froncek

This new obsession with pre-mature releasing of criminals.

Dick Morgan

I don’t care what side your on this is absolutely insane. The horror that has been perpetrated has only stoked the flames of division once again.
This must to stop.
Everyone has got to take hold of their senses and look at what’s happening and what the root causes are. If we want to take back our country we have got to take hold of ourselves and reason. People have got to quit listening to MSM and politicians who all have agendas and motives promoting hate to achieve their goals. Their goals do not include me and you. They do not care about us. That is evident. We are simply their means. Wake up and wake your neighbor. Realize how much we need one another. One big take away from the Jan. 6th rally, MSM and politicians saw the numbers. They all realized if we are united there is absolutely no stopping us and it scared the hell out of them. I’m not talking about just Republicans or Democrats. I’m talking about all of us TOGETHER. We are the people and we are the power. They can only manipulate us through division.


Astute observations. That’s why they are freeing and using violent criminals to cause chaos. Biden has stated, that he will use nuclear weapons against the US citizenry if they try to bring down his government. It doesn’t get any more communist dictatorship, than that. We’re all hoping this will just go away if we ignore it, but it won’t. It will keep getting worse, until it buries us all.


God Bless and God Help the people of Waukesha, Wisconsin!


This is not what America is about. Antifa is nothing but a bunch of terroristic mobsters put together by the leftest. Wake up people! Stand on the right side, stand with God, stand with our Constitution and President Trump. We’re going places, we’re winning, but with thugs like this it makes it a bit harder. They must be done away with.

Debra Puddy

Sir, if you have the “Trump” card, now is time to play it! How many more causalities must happen! Innocent lives were taken, several injured, this sickness must stop!


I do believe it’s coming soon, “the Trump card”. Patience, we must get them all.

Elizabeth Headley

Debra! I know how you feel! I myself have gone thru the whole tumult of emotions begging for his return, as if he’s some GREAT MAGICAL AVATAR that will make it all magically go away!! He’s awesome!
But this is OUR AWAKENING! OUR RESPONSIBILITY. to be HONEST with everyone we know and love, and FIGHT, publically, for our truth, and our rights as Citizens of a FREE COUNTRY! With our voices and our votes! And practice patience KNOWING THAT GOD, JESUS, TRULY IS SAVIOR, AND IN CHARGE!
He’s the one we need to take our pleas to! And HE HEARS US! And like our President, won’t let us down!
But Jesus, also like our President, is on a time line also! He is working on this, every waking hour, but we as a Nation, HAVE TO WAKE OTHERS, UNITE TO FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOMS AND RIGHTS…b/c it’s OUR PLACE TO! OUR RIGHT TO! AND IT’S THIS BOICE THAT WILL AEAKEN THE SLEEPING MASSES THAT STILL LISTEN TO THE MSM!
We need to utilize the laws of our Constitution, TRUSTING, that we will prevail! Because WE WON’T BACK DOWN!
I say this in all humbleness!
I beg him too! Have! Am getting better at not doing it, but I get it!
I share MY truth wherever I can! If you’re a stranger, and start a conversation with me, beware! God must’ve sent you!! B/C as my children know it’s all @ CHRIST/TRUMP/POLITICS! So they won’t talk to me!
We all need to take our pleas/prayers to Jesus! AND VOTE! Start a political page on line! INFORM PEOPLE OF THE TRUTHS YOUVE COME TO REAIZE, hopefully your family are more forgiving but we can’t let the SLEEPERS PREVAIL just b/c they will abandon us!! Get involved in your Community-political activities that are pushing for truth, and for our Constitutional rights to be upheld! Make a sign! Stand in front of that building (state Capitol, or gov offices)..ppl will join you! WE HAVE GOT TO BE OUR OWN ADVOCATES!! I have done all but make a page myself, and I would like to do more…just know this: I GET HOW YOU FEEL! TAKE IT TO THE GOV!!
(And TRUST THE PLAN! (keep the FAITH🙏) Q!)
I love you, and feel you, in Christ!
I know our dearly beloved POTUS is doing ALL that he can! He WON’T abandon us!
The Military IS in charge!
You trust them don’t you??
And PRAY! Giving THANKS in all things! For Wisconsin!
For us all!

Just Me

We are a Godless society, a society given over to evil. That’s the answer.

A society cannot murder the most innocent of lives, burn down cities in support of criminals, erect statues to honor criminals, destroy the basic nature of life, and expect to see anything other than the callus destruction of more innocent lives.


I personally think it was another set up to distract from what’s going on. Media only shows what they are told to show, what a horrible tragedy and prayers sent to the victim’s family’s.

Yuk Chun Birch

These thugs wouldn’t be so bold if the democrats didn’t shelter them! You are the only leader stand up for the middle class working men & women often assault by these lawless thugs.


God Bless all of those affected by this tragedey!!!! We have had more then enouhh of this fake administration.

Michael Jenson

CBS say’s the reason was the suv was running from a knife fight, so I ask CBS is that statement suppose to give reason to tone down the murder’s of those that are running over children? Just a question I would ask…why didn’t they take a road without a Parade.


That is an insane excuse. You barrel through a parade to get away from a knife. Idiots. He ran over children and older dancing grannies. Evil.


Is that the spin on it by main stream media?



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