We would have obliterated all of our many enemies

“If the Democrats could fight wars as well as they execute Election Fraud, we would have obliterated all of our many enemies throughout the World, and would have nothing to worry about!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Please Make America Great Again President Donald J Trump~I am counting on you to bring justice , freedom and the pursuit of happiness to everyone who deserves it <3

The Soothsayer

President Biden was smart to protect himself from COVID but Trump wasn’t so smart and now is suffering form Post-COVID Brain Damage:

How COVID damages the brain

COVID can cause damage to the brain directly by encephalitis, which has devastating or subtle consequences. In one British study of 12 patients with encephalitis, one made a full recovery, 10 made a partial recovery, and one died. This study also found that a number of patients with COVID suffered strokes. In fact, COVID infection is a risk factor for strokes. A group of Canadian doctors found that individuals over 70 years of age were at particularly high risk for stroke related to COVID infection, but even young individuals are seven times more likely to have a stroke from this coronavirus versus a typical flu virus.

Autopsy data from COVID patients in Finland suggests that another major cause of brain damage is lack of oxygen. Particularly worrisome is that several of the patients who were autopsied all had brain damage.


So true!

its me

Unfortunately, President Trump, I don’t think their enemies are the same as ours. In their world, WE are the enemy, and they are in fact fighting a war against us, and aren’t too far away from winning it.


Mr President,

What you need to do is start calling out the names of the deep state ring leaders and their connection and how they contribute. Make this a daily event and a constant reminder to the people.

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Do something President Donald J Trump. The media is doing a disservice by not exposing them for who and what they are!!! Demons who are guilty of crimes against humanity. What was the point in me exposing the flightlog list and Nancy Pelosi in the underground rooms if the media wont report about it?

Eira Kjear

Get some help ..You are dilusional!!

Last edited 2 years ago by Eira Kjear

Your lack of empathy for trafficked children and your attack on my mentality just shows “you” are the one who is dellusional and need to Wake Up Elra.

Meegan Fixler

I am so looking forward to the final report of the findings in the Arizona audit! But we all know the Dems, etc. are not! Because they know its all over for Bye-done!! Thank you President Trump, for being here!

Ralph Fleming

Guess we’ll have to wait for the bamboo test to come back to prove that China sent over boat loads of fake ballots! Can’t wait to see what the new date will be for Trump to take office again. Please everyone join me in holding my breath until then. If you can’t hold your breath until then please take a cup of Kool-Aid and wait in line with the others. You’re all lunatics!

Vincent A Brenner

This is sick and sad. The Dems are ruining our country and setting soldiers up for certain death. God help us.


Actually the RHINOS participated as much in the election fraud and cover up of it as the demonrats. The only thing the (fraudulently) elected ones are good at is sticking together to pass their socialistic unconstitutional legislation, phony partisan committee witch hunts, and impeachments that fail like their foreign policy decisions.





Imma Doomas

Would you have talked them tov death, abandoned them like the Kurds or sent missiles to an empty airfield again. You know Putin wouldn’t allow you to “obliterate” anyone & evidently the Taliban gave you orders as well.


Wake Up!!!


Your comment is so idiotic and CNNish , no response is necessary. (and your name suits you to a T)

Melanie Miller

Well said sir!

Cary Miller

Prey, Jesus Christ is the only, that gets absolute blind faith. This information war is confusing the iddy bitty minds of the “Sheeple”. Just a little feedback from what I’m seeing from my “Foxhole” view. Prey 40,000 ft.vw, is obviously better. We grieve the loss of our Patriots and People. Lord be with all of us and especially those with great loss. God Bless this Nation, World, good people of Earth and God Bless you Mr. President.


Well Said President Trump! With the Commie-Libs we have a FAKE President!
God Save America!



Lisa Catano

AMEN! Isn’t that the truth. It is good to hear from you! 🇺🇸🙏


When will they be held responsible for the manufactured hysteria they put all of us through for your entire Presidency, including Election Fraud?

Theresa Mullins

Given that there was a Deep State bait & switch from a potential preventative vaccine to a deadly experimental inoculation, well I’d say they are working on it.


they sure know how to play games and tricks and nothing else matters to them


Boy, howdy—ain’t THAT the truth!!!



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