Well, it’s happened

“Well, it’s happened, just as I predicted. The Golden Goose that was so beautiful is being slaughtered by Fools. MAGA has left Fox for more promising “prairies.” Long live the King. The only solution for Fox News is to bring back Trump Allies and MAGA—Backing No Personality Ron DeSanctimonious has been a disaster….”

By Donald J. Trump

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Sarah Luu

Should have NEVER trusted them in the first place. PLEASE put your efforts into FREE BROADCAST TELEVISION There ARE several FREE OVER THE AIR STATIONS across the country that ARE MAGA supporters. ALSO RALLIES-“TRUMPSTOCK” RALLIES that can reach EVERY American! MANY people are “cord cutters” & cannot afford cable. DON’T EVER TRY TO TRUST THE”FAKE NEWS” MAFIA. ONLY if & when THEY PROVE THEY CAN BE TRUSTED TO TELL THE TRUTH, like a TRUE HONEST REPORTER should. Admitting the election WAS RIGGED & SHOWING THE PROOF would be a start. THANK YOU Sir for STAYING STRONG FOR ALL OF US! GOD BLESS, Sarah Luu


They will go down with the cabal of the weaponized entities of this regime. Yes, they are fools.
The world is going to be surprised at what the people can do.
The media knows no truth and it’s wicked tongue will seal their fate.

Eric E. Willison

You should have Attorney Robert Barnes going over the legal strategies of those who are defending you. He has your best interests at heart and he sees straight through all the hoopla. I am a defense attorney myself in Ohio and though I have never met him, I think very highly of him.

Lastly, bring in Dershowitz to watch out for appellate issues. Your counsel has to preserve those at the trial court level or they will be waived, and Dersh will know how to do that. His greatest talent is as an appellate attorney.


Mr. President, we can’t have you back soon enough!!! Please promise us, we the people, that on the very day you take the oath, you will prosecute EACH and EVERY one of these TRAITORS for TREASON, and need I remind you what the penalty for treason is??

Nancy A. Daylo

Dear President Donald J. Trump, I know there are reporters who are faithful to you. But I have noticed that sometimes their comments are not fully supportive and may back DeSantis. So, he is not in their good graces? Ron is not experienced and he is disloyal and his policies are not all in tune with MAGA. I would not voter him and if FOX is backing him, they ARE FOOLISH. You are the ONLY logical choice for PRESIDENT. You are a master of foreign and homeland policies. You know how to fix the mess that Joe Biden made.
Nancy A. Daylo

myree williams

Saw that one coming, well, I guess there’s nothing left to say.


FJB! and FAKE News Fox!
TRMUP 2024!



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