We’re getting lots of job requests

“We’re getting lots of job requests from people currently working for the Social Security/Medicare cutting (JUST WATCH!) DeSanctimonious Campaign. Ron’s Poll numbers are dropping so fast and furious that many people are speculating he’s not going to run. Just hired “Kiss of Death” Jeff Roe, who dropped YoungKim, to see if he can help (he will only help make Ron poor!). I’m leading in Texas by 42 points, Iowa and New Hampshire by a lot, overall by close to 40, and by 10 against Scamer Joe Biden!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Sarah Luu

I hope the applicants that you MANY be vetting are good, honest conservatives & NOT RINO’S. DeSantes should save some money & embarrassment by STAYING AS Gov. of Florida. I honestly believe that he has been & will continue to be a good Gov. for FL, HOWEVER, HE IS NO WAY A DONALD J. TRUMP! A MAN like you sir comes along only once in a century (may-be longer!) & WE CANNOT & WILL NOT LET YOU BE DENIED YOUR AWESOME GOD ORDAINED DESTINY TO ANYONE ELSE! In this once great country, with even just a little bit of common sense, ANYONE can see that YOU sir are the absolute BEST MAN FOR THE JOB – THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB ON EARTH- THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA & LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD.You HAVE & WILL ALWAYS HAVE OUR UPMOST SUPPORT & EARNED RESPECT. Those that don’t see it, need to get their heads screwed on right & open their eyes, minds, and hearts & get a good dose of the truth before we ALL go down (WW3). GOD BLESS YOU, YOUR WONDERFUL WIFE & FAMILY & of Course THE PEOPLE OF THE USA! as always, with the UPMOST LOVE & RESPECT, Sarah Luu

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