What a difference!

“Crazy Nancy Pelosi didn’t do an “Impeachment Inquiry” on me for making a PERFECT phone call, the Radical Left Lunatics just “Impeached.” Crooked Joe Biden stole Millions and Millions of Dollars from China, and many other countries, and Republicans in Congress just TALK – Nothing will happen. Some actually say they “have other things to do.” What a difference!”

By Donald J. Trump

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The Republicans are why we, and you, are in this mess. They NEVER actually accomplish a darn thing.

Nancy ran Congress with Ryan was Speaker; she mopped the floor with him.

So far, since January 2021, all the Republicans have done is hold hearing after hearing and reduce a tiny amount of future spending. They have accomplished nothing to make an actual difference in the here and now. They never do.

We The People MUST impose Term Limits, every election, vote out those who are in their second term or have already served two terms. We do not need Congress to pass Term Limit legislation. Like Dorothy and her red shoes, we’ve always had the power to make the necessary changes.


Our whole system is being abused. If the Republican Politicians want help the American People they stand for they need to get out.
I’m sick of it.
These politician don’t want the people to have a vote so they can keep their jobs and stay in control.
I’m tired of them stealing our money.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Absolute corruption. Exactly why the SWAMP needs to be drained in 2024!



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