What a group!

“When the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago, they wouldn’t let my lawyers or representatives anywhere near them. They wouldn’t tell us what they took. Knowing them, and based on past performance, they probably later “stuffed” in other documents. My lawyers had to wait outside, on a very hot day. The FBI took my medical records, birth certificate, and passports, and just about anything else they were able to get their hands on. What a group! They didn’t do this to Crooked Joe Biden or Hillary.”

By Donald J. Trump

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They have weaponized the FBI to go after the democratic opponent only. Their days are numbered.
I feel certain they will plant false evidence, that’s all they got.

Sarah Luu

Simply put since you & your lovely, gracious wife walked down that escalator years ago, EVIL JEALOUSY! EXTREME FEAR that they are willing to do ANYTHING, no matter whom it destroys, to DESTROY YOU. Again, SIMPLE, EVIL, FEARFUL, DIABOLICAL JEALOUSY – PERIOD!!! Sarah Luu


TRUMP 2024!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

It is an absolute disgrace. The WITCH HUNTS, and the HOAX garbage have not stopped since President Trump came down that escalator.
The swamp is deep and full of corruption. The exposure that we now see is a real mess. However, if we are MAGA, and want our Country back: we all need to do our part.
God bless our Country, and God bless President Trump. MAGA!!!

Mr. Ree

Nikki! Mom just called & your hot pockets are ready after you take the trash out!

Mississippi Jen

They have to make up stuff continually to drag your name through the mud and they never have consequences for it. We the people see. We HAVE to correct the rigged voting system AND the criminals have to be arrested to restore law and order. They stole a country!!!!



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