What a mess our Country is in!

“If properly handled, there was absolutely no reason that the situation currently happening in Ukraine should have happened at all. I know Vladimir Putin very well, and he would have never done during the Trump Administration what he is doing now, no way! Russia has become very very rich during the Biden Administration, with oil prices doubling and soon to be tripling and quadrupling. The weak sanctions are insignificant relative to taking over a country and a massive piece of strategically located land. Now it has begun, oil prices are going higher and higher, and Putin is not only getting what he always wanted, but getting, because of the oil and gas surge, richer and richer. The U.S. was energy independent under the Trump Administration, an independence that we had never obtained before, and oil prices would have remained low. Now, what a mess our Country is in!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Marijo Makufka

You’re correct, Mr. President. It seemed to me that you, President Putin, President Zelenskyy all got along very well and understood each other. There’s no doubt that our great nation–and the whole world–were safer and better off when you were in office. This was true within our 50 states and throughout the globe!

calvin wrenn

i guess china likes high oil prices as long as they gets every thing else they wont. whats wrong with putin making some good money off of china china makes good money of of us

Last edited 1 year ago by calvin wrenn
calvin wrenn

Mr Putim thought you would have been a little tuffer on some of them jews back home and straighten them out little bit and tought them some lessons from the christian hand book


Wow, that doesn’t sound remotely racist…


You’re a piece of work. Maybe brush up on your spelling and grammar too.

Johnny Appleseed

What a crafty little thing. Hmmm… no guys this was not the handy work of an idiot red neck… it’s someone that knows a bit of history….

Sir, President Trump loves Yahweh’s people.

The dark one on the other hand…

You are very crafty.

So are the imitators.




This is a spiritual war…

If you come against the one that comes in his name… you are handed over to him.

Abba, do what you want with this one he exposed himself.

John F. Brzezinski III

The board was set up very nicely for these idiots to be exposed. A shame that those who don’t ‘get it’ are gonna suffer mass amounts of stress and anger, just like us ‘conspiracy theorists’ have had to endure.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

The incompetent and illegitimate ZOMBIE and worthless cackling CUNT need to be removed ASAP. Their administration is destroying our Country!


WOW, you used the “C” Word!

Knight Rider

Oh Stuart! You’re the puppy I never had & the turd I couldn’t flush!


Geeeez I guess you went and had that old turd mounted and hung in your living room to share with all your friends, or should we say BB’s now that you’ve come out of the closet.

Don’t worry we tend to not be judgmental of anyone’s persuasion, as long as they take NO for an answer and stay away from CHILDREN!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.



Roger That!


and you should be sleeping in quicksand!!!!


This country is In a mess cause of you and all your Lies Donald. Never forgot that. All you do is Lie and are nothing more then a con artist


YOU are nothing more than a DUMB LIBERAL!

Knight Rider

I thought it was “commie-lib?” Are you airing new material Stuart?

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

I guess you one of those “WOKE” clowns who cannot live without those HAGS and CUNTS on that failing program The View.



Knight Rider

It’s funny! All you folk here love the term “commie-lib” while your hero is sucking up to Putin & calling him a genius! I guess that make Trump a commie-fascist?


You are only proving the general rule that Democrats do not understand diplomacy. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging your enemy’s intelligence. There is nothing wrong with getting along with your enemy (unless they go too far, of course). Trump understood other world leaders and that they wanted what was best for their countries, same as he did. They respected each other. They also knew Trump would not fool around if they stepped over the line. That is how you handle leaders like Putin…peace through strength. Whereas now we have…war through weakness?


Yeah you’re using intelligence and critical thinking there Tabby, not surprising he responds to Stu’s comment and completely ignores your’s.

You have far more patience than I do, and is quite admirable you attempt to converse logically with them.

Oh by the way did you know you were supposed to ASK Mark Racow to look in the Jan 6th political prisoner with celiac disease for him to actually do it?

Sadly I was under the impression he was intending to do it from the response he gave you regarding it.

Mark Rakow

One of the interns in my office has agreed to take this on, per my request.


Thank you, Mark. I truly hope something can be done. I guess I haven’t had the heart to ask about it…

Mark Rakow

It’s quite all right. A colleague of mine in Virginia is consulting with my office in this inquiry.

We have reason to believe the prisoner in question may have been transferred to a holding facility in Pennsylvania. If so, it would be, at least, the seventh time he has been moved since his arrest last April, and his fourth move since his most recent court appearance, technically a “status conference,” on October 4.

This, on its own, is decidedly unusual, and our team is exploring the rationale and purpose of these transfers as a separate inquiry.

I will keep you posted, once we know more.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark Rakow

Good for you I’m glad you finally stepped up to your promise, too bad I’m the one who had to keep prodding you towards keeping it. A truly honorable man would’ve kept to their promise and acted upon it instead of claiming Tabby was supposed to come back after you made the promise and ask/beg you to proceed. Maybe you were expecting her to offer to pay you for it? A joke of course, but why didn’t you?

Curious though, what’s with the veiled threat towards me, in your reply to me about your fraud investigation for AG in WI, and referring to your colleagues investigations into a State (apparently here in MN) investigations, and my needing to be worried?

What on earth would I need to be worried about then?

Didn’t you previously state making threats is a CRIME in and of itself?

Posting on this site is certainly no crime, and not involved in Fraud as far as I’m aware, so what could you possibly be alluding to?

Did you discover something on my digital fingerprints then, preparing to dox me, or what exactly? Should I be lining up care for my Mother before you have me hauled off as a political prisoner to be held without due process? Geez just before she’s due to get her vision buddies that helped her to see my face in full for the first time in 4 years too, that’s ok I’m sure you’ll be happy to explain it to her before she has to be placed in a nursing home and forced to take a EUA vaccine for a virus she has a natural natural immunity from, no that wasn’t a typo.

Bring it on, I have nothing to hide, and certainly am in no sense of the term AFRAID of you or your veiled threats.


Quit smoking crack with Hunter and Brandon!

Knight Rider

Your mom’s here too Stuart!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Sad that you still believe the democrat/fake news medias hoaxes about Russia. Truth is, it is demented Joe and his entourage getting rich off of Russia and CCP Xi…. all at the expense of destroying our Country.


Everything has turned to s—.


Sick and tired of being sick and tired of all this crap! Get the Globalists out of our country! Including sell out Biden, Harris, all the democrats, and RINO puppets.


I don’t believe anything that comes out of the mouth of the resident puppet nor the lame stream media (Kabuki drama). I support President Trump and pray daily and trust in God almighty for this great United States of America. Hold the line, keep the faith, be strong and of good courage, the best is yet to come, so help us God.

Pete M.

Mr President, sir. This country is in a mess, that is so very true!! We all knew this was going to happen, yet sir it’s seems like you are partially to blame!! Why did you step down as president when you were fully aware that you won the election in a massive landslide!! Why did you not enact the insurrection act, and Marshall law?? Let those bastards prove they won the election, not you defend your win!! It’s over a year now that the greatest act of treason the world has ever seen took place, and now that these corrupt cheating bastards are in, THEY WILL NEVER LEAVE!! Forget 22 midterms, and most of all forget 24!! Now that they have the seat of power they will never relinquish it!!!!! They will never walk away, like you did sir. I know of the talk of nukes and such, but America’s principle is to NEVER negotiate with terrorists!!! I know you thought the judicial system and the Supreme Court would intervene but the Supreme Court and judicial system failed us!! The great military that you are so proud to have built up, FAILED US!!! They have all the evidence of foreign and domestic TREASON, but yet our military brass FAILED US!!!
The audits were going to ‘save us” but the audits mean nothing!! They only prove what we already know, and that is that you won, but NOTHING is being done about it!!!!
So for 3 more years it’s going to nothing but bitching, while these GD traitors destroy our country and laugh at us!! “NOTHING IS GOING TO STOP WHAT”S COMING NOW” We all believed that it was justice that you were talking about. We didn’t know you meant the destruction of America!!!


He. Lost. The. Election.


Are the walls still closing in on Trump? (I think not)

“TRUMP 2024” (or maybe sooner)

Johnny Appleseed

The jury is still out on that one.

Grand Jury… that is….

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

(On Bidens Speech)

Sniff Sniff, Do I smell whiffs of Neville Chamberlain?

Johnny Appleseed

Deadly accurate.

You have been working on your aim.


Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Elizabeth Headley

He’s the ALL – TIME WORLD CHAMPION @ PLAGUERISM!!! Has DECADES of experience!!!


That’s an insult to Chamberlain lol…


Yes, and England knows it!

Patricia McDermott

Biden is a brain-dead puppet. I cannot abide him, but people, PLEASE understand, the entire administration is corrupt beyond belief! The puppet masters, Soros and Obama to name a few, are the real evil that’s destroying our Country. They will do NOTHING to stop Russia from doing whatever Putin wants to do. Now it’s a big show to frighten us even more. I pray that it does not go beyond that and become a war between the U.S. and Russia because we would lose – the puppet masters and this administration would surrender. They’ve already surrendered to China.
And worse, not enough of the brainwashed on the left understand how bad it is nor how bad it’s going to get. They stole a presidential election. What makes anyone think they won’t steal the November 2022 elections?

Pete M.

And the 24 election! Trump should NEVER have stepped down!! He should have enacted the insurrection act and Marshall law! Let those bastards prove they won!! Now that they have power, they will NEVER relinquish it!!
Putin will NOT attack Ukraine!! This is braindead biden pushing for a war to hide his MASSIVE crimes there!! Putin a good guy, although opportunistic. He will get Ukraine on his side, but NOT through war. He’s way to smart for biden/obama


President Trump didn’t “step down”. He never conceded the election. Have faith, fellow Patriot. Trump is our President in Exile…it’s certainly not the Resident FJB.

Larry K Robinson

At this point I have no idea Who Wins This War That We Are Currently in, The Enemy Is Powerful and Has Infiltrated Everything and perhaps it is impossible to save the World as we once knew it or thought it was, But Thank You and All Of The Patriots That Have been A part of Everything You have Done To Force The Enemy into the Light, Giving People A Chance To Save Their Souls and At least Not make it easy For The Evil Bastards. And These People 👁️🔺 Are Pure Evil and Thanks To You Mr President A Lot More People Know The Oranges Yes 🍊 OF They’re Tyranny, PRussia PRussia . My Prayers 🙏 Are With You Mr President And All The Patriots with You, Thanks Again, And We Know In The End God Wins.

Tracy Fusco-David

Yesterday, I bought a 32oz bottle of Heinz ketchup at Publix… guess how much it cost?

Pete M.

Oh, we were so happy when gas was 1.75!! That didn’t last long, did it??? Do you know how many billions they are making off these fake prices?? All in the corrupt bastards pockets!!! How much more hurt will they put on us before we the people rise up and put an end to these evil politicians!! The whole damn political system has to go!! It’s corruption is beyond saving!


Gas prices mean nothing Petey!!! Just something for you to complain about!!!


FJB! and the Commie-Libs!


I’m trying to stay hopeful, but I fear the worst, 2.5 years more of this?????

Larry K Robinson



Dear President Trump,
it’s not that we think you are God, it’s just that we know God works through you. We all walk in faith with you doing the lord’s work!
Love you Sir!




What are YOU waiting for? I exposed everything nearly four years ago and the fake news media all know it. What is the point in exposing the truth if media are going to ignore it all? I have never seen such a coverup in my entire life!!! I can no longer watch this circus show anymore. The lack of empathy and total disregard are hurtful and inhumane. I find it all rather sickening and evil. I exposed a worldwide demonic pedophile ring and the media ignore it all. I hope when they all stand before the thrown of God, they’re cast into the lake of fire. I’d like them to feel what pain of burning 24/7 feels like. I have never cried so much in my entire life.


This is a little off subject but worth it…

Speaking of a mess
A WSJ news bulletin this afternoon was critical of the Thuth social app rollout

I wrote back to the “reporter” ….

From what I can see it is the largest download of an app in recent history despite the socialist press doing what they can to discredit it

Question for you ?

How does the DWAC app rollout compare to the rollout of the Obamacare site ?

better yet,

how does it compare to the

Democratic 2019 primary computerized election tabulation in Iowa …

I think they are still counting the votes in Iowa

oh no, now I remember…. they gave up and just declared a winner.

Same think the media did in 2020

Those two events would have added a nice touch to your “article”

one last thing……

Trump won

Needless to say the coward has not replied

Last edited 1 year ago by Drofphilosophy

Update on my comment this morning…. the coward still has not replied and yet put out some more garbage this morning…. I am sure more people read this comment than any of his hit pieces…. perhaps he is a failed investor who had to go into journalism where there are no consequences for failure….


The media all know who and “what” I exposed nearly four years ago. They are knowingly ignoring me because I’m not a public figure or a celebrity. I’ve been viciously attacked and persecuted for being truthful. I’ve been left defenseless and attacked by everyone. It took courage exposing the government swamp and Hollywood elite guilty of crimes on Epstein Island. They all got caught and I’m tired of the “show”. They are guilty of human trafficking and child sacrifice. This was never about democrat vs republican. This truly is a silent holy war of good vs evil.


100% CORRECT President Trump!
Dummy Biden has turned EVERYTHING into a Cluster F*CK!

Elizabeth Headley

We are, under the Biden Administration, now a MARXIST AMERIKA! Shut your mouth, mask it, and bend over….


You had mutual respect going with Putin, Xi, etc., and a no-more-nonsense, solid foundation on international relations. Now, thanks to the illicit election, they consider the USA a great big dopey buffoon, to be laughed (and cringed) at, like pics of Biden sensuously caressing little girls and sniffing their hair or doing one of his incoherent “you know, the thing…” speeches.
“Undo everything Trump accomplished, and then keep on going full bore in the worst direction possible on everything” is his/their way. Except, that is, for blaming you for “forcing” him to withdraw from Afghanistan, totally insanely. Lie upon lie upon lie; gaslighting, creating confusion, with the MSM lavishly endowing them with free propaganda day in and day out.
Something has got to give and get us back on the right track.


Mr. President, we’ve been told that things can and will be reversed once Stouffer are back in the Oval Office. I certainly hope that’s true. We need you back immediately, these false flags and the inept government leaders have laid all of us on the chopping block. How much longer can we take this knowing our lives are at stake at every turn? We NEED ANSWERS and DIRECTION. The Russians are nothing to play around with and we all know it. I also understand there are measures in place if things go south, hopefully this is true. Truth Social will take some more time to reach everyone, but is there anything you’ve u can say to ease the fear and tension we are feeling as as nation? How are you us truckers or to begin tomorrow and I’m praying they have much better luck than our Canadian counterparts. God bless. God save America! 🙏❤️🇺🇸💯




Mr. President,

You are correct about Putin, but Ukraine would not have been playing with UN and US if we had you full force. I do think him signing independence for two self-proclaimed republics already loyal to Russia, is not the same as taking over Ukraine. The people do not feel this disloyalty in that region.

My question to you, on countries being overtaken is the one to our North, what was your thought Mr. President on the move made in Parliament yesterday?

My best regards sir,



It’s ok that trump called Putin a genius today? If Biden did that you would all be screaming he was a traitor and should be hung. Would it be ok if Mexico decided it should annex Texas because it once was part of it?

Johnny Appleseed

Prize… Putin is an adversary true….

But he is not Stalin.

Putin is Russia… yes.

Russia is not the Soviet Union.

Putin was KGB… but he is their leader now.

Those of us with brains respect our adversaries.

Reagan never called Gorbachev a dumb ass.

It’s called diplomacy.

Learn some.

(They did provide over 20,000,000 souls to win the Second World War… that in and of itself deserves a little Sanctity.)

If your side knew the rules of Chivalry…

Perhaps you would not be behind the curve.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

Point taken about Mexico and Texas, and no it would not be ok. I think Trump is trying to influence Putin to put serious limits on what he’s doing and then to stop, rather than leading things down a path to international warfare. Nobody wants that, except perhaps for the current US administration. The only reason Putin is doing this now is because of the serious weakening of the USA under the “Biden” (deep state) administration. Same for China if they invade Taiwan.

Last edited 1 year ago by Laura

And aside from all that, in direct opposition to the Trump Administration, the disastrous Biden administration backed completion of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline into Europe, which would further enrich Russia, immensely, giving them massive power over Western Europe, as they’d be dependent on Russian gas to heat their homes in freezing weather, so Russia could wield energy dependence as a weapon. President Trump strongly opposed the pipeline. Search an article titled “Nord Stream 2: Trump approves sanctions on Russia gas pipeline” from Dec. 21, 2019.

Last edited 1 year ago by Laura

Putin is smart, very smart. Too smart not to take advantage of the doormat we now have for “president.”

Knight Rider

I hear Ted Cruz wants Mexico to annex Texas because it’s closer to Cancun!


How would you have all felt if the former president, Secretary of State, democrats and press had turned against George Bush after 9/11 and instead supported Bin Laden. It’s disgusting that you all support Putin and not the US president, no matter how you feel about him. At least he was able to get NATO back together, along with other non-member nations, to support Ukraine after trump did nothing but try to divide everyone.

Last edited 1 year ago by Prize

Prize, what are you talking about? I in no way support Putin, and have never said I did! He is a total monster! All I said was he is a smart monster! We need to be very concerned about what he is capable of. Please tell me where you got the idea I am supporting him, because nothing could be further from the truth. That’s why I miss Trump–Putin knew better than to try anything while Trump was in office. When Obama/Biden was in the White House years ago Putin attacked Ukraine. While Trump was in office, Putin did nothing. Now that Biden is (supposedly) in charge, here we go with Russia and Ukraine again. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. Putin knows weak leadership when he sees it. In pointing out that fact, I’m not condoning Putin’s actions, I’m bemoaning the sad fact that things are coming to this point thanks to Biden’s ineptness.


Putin knew trump was a reckless idiot and had no idea how he would react. I just can’t believe almost every republican, including a former president, Secretary of State, et al, has to constantly put down the current president and praise Putin. I know you’re going to say they did that to trump, but I didn’t see democrats praising enemies when trump
was in office, especially the former administration.


Everyone is putting Biden down because he’s doing a terrible job! I don’t know who is praising Putin but it sure isn’t me. I keep seeing people on here saying Putin is a good guy and I have no idea where they get that idea…makes me feel kind of like banging my head against the wall.

My Man Trump

FJB has nothing to do with this. This is what the cabal wants, FJB just reads scripts. They are beginning the great reset. The new world order. The cabal pulls everyone’s strings. It started with the orchestrated, worldwide collusion of the stolen election and look how fast it has taken off from there. Watch China next. Trump needs to make his move now.


Let’s see liddle lie’s a janey, didn’t john kerry go over and collude with Iran throughout President Trump’s term?

Comparing 9/11 with what’s happening in Ukraine? That’s quite a stretch don’t ya think? How about the disassociation of 9/11 by the democrats and the squids especially? The democrats have turned everything upside down from the 9/11 commission report in the handling of our BORDERS and countries involving Jihadist Terrorists.

Why are the democrats and RINO’s so concerned with defending Ukraine’s border and Sovereignty but nothing on Taiwan? More importantly the United States BORDER and SOVEREIGNTY???

Trump is the one who got NATO back on track and held them responsible for carrying their own weight by paying the 2% of GDP required. Germany who was the basis during the Warsaw pact for NATO’s foundation never did own up, and most recently denied NATO ally Britain access to their airspace to fly weapons and supplies, and despite several denials YES this happened.

Now the democrats and biedumdum administration want to blame all their woes to include our energy problems and inflation on Russia Russia Russia and Putin, Get Real. We all say how biedumdum shut down U.S. energy independence down and helped Russia with the Nordstream 2 pipeline and China with it’s pipeline goals across the mideast with the Afghanistan debacle. We still have people over there, and the biedumdum administration knew about the bombers responsible for the 13 service members killed at the Kabul airport, and was busy looking at his watch during the ceremony of unloading their bodies back on U.S. soil.

You and your ILKE are complete hypocrites.

Johnny Appleseed

Man I love reading your stuff lately… you are an ass kicking machine!!!!!

Johnny Appleseed

If the shoe fits.

I would like to know more about that situation personally….

My old man was an encryptor…

Just so happens what is said in the news usually isn’t what happened at all.

And people like you eat it all up hook line and sinker.

When people are hurting and going mildly crazy…

Like the American people were right after the Towers fell… they would have believed anything they were told. And they are easily swayed.

Bay of Pigs. If you think people won’t.

Currently the largest money laundering ring ever imagined is being wiped from the planet. The largest Donor to the deep state machine was

Dah dah dah…


The biggest quid pro quo….(good ol fall and babble himself)


The biggest crooks outside of NATO where NATO rules do not apply and anything goes…





The dominos are going to fall.

I do pray for the civilians that they may be protected by the hand of God.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

Yes it’s the Civilians that always suffer, of course we know the globalist elites of the WEF could care less how many casualties there are from any conflict, war, or terrorist action to include the creation of bioweapons like covid, swine flu, bird flu, hiv and all the other failed schemes they’d foisted on the public through covert operations throughout history across the world.

I pray they are shown mercy.


Re: Mexico and Texas again: I’ve heard that the breakaway regions of Ukraine want to be part of Russia again; don’t know how true that is. But do you think ANYONE (including illegal immigrants) in Texas wants to be part of Mexico? I don’t.

Last edited 1 year ago by Laura

Your arguments are getting so weak.

It’s so easy for you to see now how voting in a president over hate has grave consequences.

I sincerely hope your dumbass has learned something. (Although you’ll never admit it)


Mr. President (and you are the real president) …. we know Biden (or whomever is actually ruining the country) is making a mess of it …. but is nothing that together we cannot fix.

We will not leave it all up to you. …. Millions of us (the vast majority of the country) can’t wait to roll up our sleeves and join the cleanup …. the criminals doing this know this is about to happen … so “hold on we are coming… too”

I heard you on the radio this morning … wonderful as usual

Steve F.

My guess is the only reason Biden and his cronies are involved in Ukraine is to protect Biden’s interests there, and prevent the truth about his bribery from ever surfacing. I imagine Putin believes Biden is weak and ineffective, and if he was able to take control of Ukraine including Burisma, he would not hesitate to hold that over Biden and use it to extort whatever he wanted.

Mark Rakow

Regarding Joe Biden, the reason “the truth about his bribery” has never surfaced is because there was no truth to it, and there was no bribery.

Biden and his “cronies” are involved because this is a situation in which a large and powerful adversary of the US has surrounded a much smaller, far less powerful ally of the US, and may invade. No matter how one looks at it, or who is President, this is a very serious matter, and we cannot stand idly by.

Trump claims if he were still in office, it wouldn’t be happening. We don’t know that, and we have no way of knowing that. The fact remains; Trump is no longer in office. What he would have done, or what might be happening, is totally beside the point.

Johnny Appleseed

Why are they speaking differently than your narrative??

Please explain.

Mark Rakow

Who is “they,” and in what way are they speaking differently?


God bless America 🇺🇸 Land of the free home of the brave🙏🏻🇺🇸

Craig Barrett

That’s what happens when we have a corrupt DOJ and FBI that allows fraudulent elections




Spot On!
Well Said!

Kreg Vergith

Nothing has made Putin happier than the weak, rudderless Biden administration.

He can do nearly anything he wants, with nearly no opposition.

Odds are, the current circumstances will not even motivate the other countries of NATO to pay their dues. They will wait for the U.S. to bail them out.

The grinding destruction of the U.S. domestically, and the projection of weakness abroad, will invite more aggression from our enemies, and more distrust from our erstwhile allies.

Biden doesn’t care about it, and he is incapable of stopping it.


Now what “has begun”???? you POS fear monger!

Save Our United States

What a mess! Everything!


Roger That!

R Minoglio

We need you. Biden has done nothing to help this country. He is destroying the America I know and love. He is not the president. He is the resident of the White House.. I hear people say “how much damage can he do in 4 years?” More than we will be capable of fixing…We can’t allow this to go on. The democrats hate America and the American people. In 3 more years our freedom will be gone. We have to act now. It is a matter of life or death. The Republicans can’t get it together. I want so badly to help but don’t know what to do. Many of my fellow Patriots feel the same way. I hope you have a plan. Like I said. We need you. Now more than ever before.


I couldn’t agree with you more!


will we ever be able to return to the way it was when you were in office. Can we recover from the damage done by Joe


Mr. President Donald J Trump I got your back. I STAND FULLY WITH YOU TO BEAT THE INCUMBENT PREZ


The only bright point to this whole mess the Democrats are causing.

Is that the ones who voted those creeps in. Are generally suffering even more than the rest of us.

I guess most Democrats now know, what it feels like to shoot yourself in the foot.

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk

They voted for the Commie-Libs, and THEY got it!

The patriot

If Russia invades Ukraine, will the Biden family corruption be lost? Hum


It’s done! Lol

Dean Clevenger

Yes.. everyday Americans being hurt..every time Americans get ahead .. gets slammed

Elizabeth Curtiss

It is to the point I can’t bare to even listen to the news. We are living through a nightmare. Praying we can survive. #Trump2024

Last edited 1 year ago by Elizabeth Curtiss


American girl

Lord help save us.



YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President