What Conservatives Need To Know About Francis Suarez

Francis Suarez represents everything wrong with swampy, RINO politics. Here are four facts conservatives need to know about Francis Suarez:

  • During the 2020 election, Suarez hedged his support for President Trump and the Republican Party, claiming that he wanted to see what Biden had “to offer for the urban communities.” He proudly claims that he didn’t vote for Donald Trump in either 2016 or 2020—his flirtation with Joe Biden contributed to the problems we currently face.
  • Suarez is a typical pay-to-play politician—he was paid $170,000 as a “consultant” for a real estate developer seeking permitting approvals from Suarez’s city government.
  • In July 2020, Suarez co-authored an op-ed stating that mask mandates “need to be backed up with the threat of fines and, for chronic offenders, even arrest.” He went on to brag about deploying dozens of police officers to enforce his COVID mandates with legal penalties, including arrest. Suarez was another COVID tyrant.
  • Pro-China billionaire donor Ken Griffin, seeing Ron DeSantis’s weakness, has thrown his support behind Suarez. The globalist megadonor, who has praised Xi Jinping and is deeply invested in China, gave $1 million to Suarez’s political committee.

Suarez was paid $170,000 as a “consultant” for a real estate developer seeking permitting approvals from Suarez’s city government.“A developer quietly paid Miami Mayor Francis Suarez at least $170,000 over the past two years to help cut through red tape and secure critical permits for his stalled real estate project in Coconut Grove, according to internal corporate records exclusively obtained by the Miami Herald. Notes of company meetings held last summer and fall by the development firm Location Ventures indicate that CEO Rishi Kapoor was having difficulties getting plans approved for his URBIN Coconut Grove complex as he tried to assure jittery investors that Suarez would help resolve the problem.” (Joey Flechas, Jay Weaver, and Sarah Blaskey, “Developer paid Miami’s mayor $170K to push his project, company records state,” Miami Herald. May 23, 2023)

During the 2020 election, Suarez hedged his support for President Trump and the Republican Party.“Miami Mayor Francis Suarez (R) declined to commit to voting for President Trump in November, saying he wants to see more from both the president and his presumptive Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, before making his decision. ‘I want to see what both candidates have to offer for the urban communities before making up my mind on who I’m going to support,’ Suarez, 42, told Politico.” (Marty Johnson, “GOP Miami mayor does not commit to voting for Trump,” The Hill. Jul. 8, 2020)

Suarez: Mask mandates need “threat of fines…arrest,” deploying dozens of LEOs to enforce legal penalties.“In short, warnings to anyone not wearing a mask need to be backed up with the threat of fines and, for chronic offenders, even arrest. There is no time to waste on half-measures. Florida’s Miami-Dade County has already recorded more than 107,000 covid-19 cases and 1,400 deaths from the disease. So, starting this month in the city of Miami, where one of us (Suarez) is mayor, residents now risk a legal penalty if they venture into public without a face mask. The city has assigned at least 39 police officers to make sure that residents are following the city’s mandatory mask ordinance. Offenders will be warned but, if they refuse to comply, they will be fined. The first offense will cost $100 and the second another $100. With a third — God forbid — the offender will be arrested.” (Francis Suarez and Vin Gupta, “Mask mandates won’t work – unless they are enforced,” Washington Post. Jul. 27, 2020)

Griffin donated $1 million to Suarez in March 2023.“One of Ron DeSantis’ top donors in 2022 recently contributed $1 million to a political committee tied to Miami Mayor Francis Suarez — a potential GOP primary rival to Florida’s governor. Ken Griffin, CEO of hedge fund Citadel and a powerful financial supporter to Republican campaigns nationwide, cut a $1 million check to Suarez’s committee on March 7, state records show. The committee, Miami For Everyone, is registered with the state’s division of elections and was used to raise millions for Suarez’s mayoral reelection campaign in 2021, most of which went unspent in a race where he attracted no major challenger.” (Joey Flechas, “This billionaire and major DeSantis donor gave Miami Mayor Francis Suarez $1 million,” Miami Herald. May 17, 2023)

Griffin praised Xi Jinping.“Beijing’s recent moves to relax Covid measures and to support property markets ‘indicates that Xi’s team is committed to, once again, re-accelerating Chinese economic growth.” (Lulu Yilun Chen, “Ken Griffin Says Xi’s Refocus on Growth Bolsters Citadel’s Plans,” Bloomberg. Nov. 15, 2022)

Griffin’s businesses are currently expanding their investments in China.“Citadel’s billionaire founder Ken Griffin is upholding his plans for Asia expansion, encouraged by China President Xi Jinping’s renewed focus on the economy…‘China, given the size of its capital markets, is a center of focus for our investment team,’ Griffin said Tuesday, adding that stronger growth in the world’s second-largest economy could lower the risks of a deep recession next year…‘If we see higher growth in China, that will make the recession shallower,” said the chief executive officer of the Miami-based hedge fund with $59 billion in assets. ‘Seeing growth in the region accelerate only encourages us to increase the size of our commitment.’” (Lulu Yilun Chen, “Ken Griffin Says Xi’s Refocus on Growth Bolsters Citadel’s Plans,” Bloomberg. Nov. 15, 2022)”

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Thank you President Trump for getting the truth out there. We need to know, because the media want inform the public and Rino’s and democrats just lie.



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