What they are trying to do to 75M+++

“Do people see the Radical Left prosecutors, and what they are trying to do to 75M+++ Voters and Patriots, for what it is?”

By Donald J. Trump

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Lee Stephen

We need a full forensic audit in Pennsylvania.I actually just talked I actually just talked to senator Argall and he was very short and no motivation.We all need to blow up his phone lines here’s the main one 717-787-2637 to senator Argall and he was very short and no motivation.We all need to blow up his phone lines here’s the main one 717-787-2637


Do you think Mr. TRUMP will “primary” Senator Argall ?
Is it true Mr. TRUMP is now considering Bill Cosby to run for the office ?

Shawn Powell

Believe it when President Trump says “The best is yet to come” because it is yet to come. Things are happening all across the country, if you don’t see it then open your eyes. The storm he referred to is upon us so let’s see where it takes us shall we?

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Ralph Fleming

They’re doing what the 81M++++++++++ voters wanted. Not one shred of real evidence of fraud. So it’s either a legitimate election or all of you people claiming frauds have to admit that the democrats are too smart for you to catch! Which is it?


Have you watched the Fulton County video, hear that there are hundreds (I think thousands actually) of sworn affidavits of workers that saw fraud happening, heard of the mathematical impossibilities of the percentages of votes Biden got from certain batches, the evidence being found in the Arizona and Georgia audits of all the dead voters and the batches being scanned multiple times? Ask yourself this, did Trump stop investigations when the democrats said the 2016 election was a fraud? They spend years and found nothing. But now that the Republicans are saying there’s fraud, what is being said? We are unpatriotic, there is no fraud; lawyers are fighting to stop audits, saying they are unconstitutional. They’re not, just like looking into an election for fraud wasn’t unconstitutional in 2016. And by the way, have you seen what’s going on in New York City? They said there was so much error in their current mayoral race that they need a recount: https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/mayoral-candidates-call-reforms-recounts-nyc-board-elections/story?id=78578998

Ralph Fleming

Have you heard what Trump’s lawyers are saying in ACTUAL court documents? “This lawsuit isn’t about fraud” A video that was investigated by Republicans and fought to be not fraud. How many of those affidavits were cleared by judges as being from people that did not attend the training that explained the process and were reports of normal proceedings? No one said the results were fraudulent in 2016. What was said in 2016 was that Russia and others were interfering by using social media and misinformation to persuade voters to vote for Trump. Not that machines were being manipulated and people actively switching votes or destroying them. And they proved that with evidence that Russia and others did exactly that. Those affidavits can be filed by anyone just like the lady in Michigan that testified as the “star” witness that was completely unhinged. Ask yourself why you believe every word Trump says that is in his favor? Do a quick search on the miniscule things Trump lied about. He lied about where his parents were born, he absolutely lied about the path of the hurricane, he lied about his mistake of saying he was building a wall around Colorado instead of just submitting he made a mistake. Look at all the lies he’s told but you believe the lie he started before the election even happened. And you are saying that even though he had control of the DOJ he couldn’t find the evidence.



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Ralph Fleming

Funny how after my response with facts there’s no response from any trumpsters.


Obama, Hillary, Fauci, Cuomo, and many others should be in jail right now. I don’t understand how they are walking free. Really… I don’t know much about law, but how can you have Snowden blow the whistle, incriminating evidence come out about faking the need for an FBI investigation, kill senior citizens, and kill millions of people by lying about a disease, and still be free? Can we, the citizens, come together and get them arrested and put on trial? I think we have enough evidence, and one or all 4 fall, the corruption will slow down! They KNOW they can get away with anything right now.

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barbara white

I am really afraid that people are starting to give up, thinking nothing will ever happen.

True American

Something is happening. Trump is being held to account for his disdain for the law, and the Trump organization is being held to account for breaking the law. Justice is very, very sweet.


It’s the other way around and you are not a true American you are a Commie.


True Ameri’cant’! Spell your toon right next time!

Uncle Sam’s Dad

Your still mad Trump grabbed your mom by the pussy? What a fucking loser! At least she got some.


You are no American, and “true” is a descriptor which will never be applied to you.



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