Whatever happened to the Crooked Joe Biden Document’s case?

“Whatever happened to the Crooked Joe Biden Document’s case? He had 20 times more Boxes than I did, and he wasn’t covered by the Presidential Records Act. I was! When it first came out that Biden had all of these Docs, many Classified, almost everyone, including those on the Left, said, “there goes the case against Trump.” But they waited and waited, got failed prosecutor Deranged Jack Smith, and STRUCK – but did almost nothing on the REALLY BAD Biden Documents case, many stored in Chinatown!”

By Donald J. Trump

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ALL HANDS ON DECK!!It doesn’t matter how much Trumps support goes up every time a new inditement is filed!! It also doesn’t matter that Trump is innocent!!! They are trying to keep Trump off the ballot! If they get a conviction, they can keep Trump off the ticket!!! Appeals will overturn a false conviction, but by then it will be to late!!!! These inditements are VERY SERIOUS!!!!!! They KNOW Trump will win, so they MUST keep him off the ballot!! DC and NY are corrupt to the core, and the jury will be 100% ANTI TRUMP!!!! Stop looking at how this boosts Trumps ratings!!! It doesn’t matter!!! If it goes to trial before the election, they WILL convict him for sedition, and that will keep Trump off the ballot!!!! VERY VERY SERIOUS!!!!!!Yes, we can impeach braindead. That is important, but The number one goal is getting Trump in office in 24. The rest is distractions!!! WE MUST STOP THESE inditements!! 100’s of millions of Americans may want to vote for Trump, and are planning on voting for Trump, but if he is NOT on the ballot, we will not be able to vote for him!!!


The deep state is protecting Biden. Their only concerned about attacking you because you will take down the deep state and raise the American Citizens.


Keep fighting our dear president!!!! All that they intend for you will be on THEIR heads!!!
They are afraid of you sir! They know that if elected you will bring justice for their crimes of sedition and TREASON!!! They will make every effort to convict you and keep you off the ballot, BUT that will NEVER happen!!! Even if we the people, all 100’s of millions of us have to write your name on the ballot, we WILL elect you!! These corrupt evil deep state communist need not fear you sir, THEY NEED TO FEAR WE THE PEOPLE!!!!! We the people will NOT allow them to take our freedom away!!!They will NOT stop the will of the people!!!We will unite by the 100’s of millions, independents, democrats, and republicans and utterly crush the deep state enemy!!!! WE ARE AMERICANS!!!!! To much blood has been shed for our freedom!!!! They will NOT Take our liberty!!! WE ARE AMERICANS !!! W WILL FIGHT AND DIE FOR OUR COUNTRY!!!!! RED YELLOW BLACK OR WHITE WE ARE AMERICANS!!!! We will unite and fight this evil in our land and purge the corruption from within our government, doj,fbi, cia,and schools! NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT”S COMING NOW!!!!



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