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Daniel Zakaluzny

60 Minutes=Fake News.


Leslie stahl wont apologize because she is brainwashed and leftists truly believe lies they tell this is FACT. She is ridiculous & I won’t watch 60 minutes with her on it anymore because she said that to you POTUSDJT I only watch 60 minutes AUSTRALIA which covers all truth content everyone should know their truth reporting. POTUSDJT when is VERNON JONES going to do that wonderful thing he was talking about & gets you back in the saddle again? I hope it is soon this would be excellent & the best move ever for AMERICAs best interests TRUMP 2022 & BEYOND

Susan Cossett

Yes, an apology should be offered for that whole interview! It was known that President Trump was badly wronged and he should have an apology for that cold interview.


A cannot stomach Leslie Stahl for one moment since seeing that disgusting “interview” she did with you in some sort of crazy looking room full of obstacles and with our POTUS having to sit on some bizarre uncomfortable stool, and then came her ridiculous questions and reactions. Ugh, could it get any lower? Well, yeah, it can, with progressives.

Marijo Makufka

I guess Leslie Stahl will apologize when her demonic overlords allow it… That should happen approximately NEVER.

Mark Rakow

She doesn’t need to apologize to you, nor to anyone else.

Get over it.


FJB! and Lesley “Facelift” Stahl and YOU!

Mark Rakow


Daniel Zakaluzny

Leslie Staal is Fake News.


The Hack can stuff her apology, I want to know who paid her to say it.

C. G.

The Left Never apologizes or reques itself, even with the smoking gun in hand.


It’s wasn’t spied on you idiot. Stop lying already

Daniel Zakaluzny

CNN is Fake News.

Carmine Gazerro

He’s not apologize after her 51st facelift. So it should be any day now

Knight Rider

They did neither Don. The Durham report found ZERO illegals acts during or after the election


What Durham report are you referring to, can you provide the link, oh of course not because you are a lying shill and there is no report. However there ARE indictments. There IS a Grand Jury. I wonder why Bidet doesn’t fire Durham….maybe he can’t quite get his head around it, maybe President Obungo the Antichrist and brains behind the Bidet wants rid of Clinton….you liberals are weird.

Mark Rakow

There is ONE indictment.
There was one Grand Jury. They’ve been excused.

Liberals may be weird, but Republicans are ignorant, and many are also liars.

Daniel Zakaluzny

You are Fake News.


“Bidet,” LOL, thanks.

Daniel Zakaluzny

Durham released his report? Where can I download & read it? Pls post link. Thx.


If I was embarrassed as much as she should be…I probably wouldn’t respond either….no, wait a minute…I’m not like them…I would in fact apologise!!!


Yet again you do not publish my comments as they are against the theme. You are more controlling than twitter. I see comments posted after being authorised way sooner than mine. I am building up a screen shot collection of your failure to post. You don’t want the TRUTH, you just want similar views…


Same with me.

Knight Rider

It’s that “CANCEL CULTURE” they keep complaining about!

Daniel Zakaluzny



Well that would make them look bad even criminal. I wonder how can we trust our news to report truth anymore.


I sent the station an email, asking when she will apologize.

Knight Rider

You’re such a badass Teru!


Yes Teru is a BADASS, unlike you who’re just a plain old ASS.

Quite appropriate as that’s what your party is full of and even promotes itself as.


Didn’t Special Counsel Durham say it was the Obama White House (not Trump’s) that was spied on?

Mark Rakow

Yes; that’s what the court filing said. But, naturally, Trump and his minions didn’t bother to read the court filing.

Still, I suppose they could have had it read aloud to them. But it had too many big words.

Kreg Vergith

She’s forgotten, or never learned, that a significant element of journalism is independent verification of a story.

Actual journalists do it all the time.

Elizabeth Curtiss

She never will. They are still trying to deny it as though it want be proved. Democrats are insane.

Michael Jenson

there a bunch of POS they have no honor, creditability, class and they would lie to there mother, that’s just the SOB’s they are……

David Q
Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Lesley Stahl is a sellout and a democrat HACK. I watched that entire episode. She treated President Trump horribly. Also, when Press Secretary McEnany attempted to give her the documentation, Lesley behaved like a juvenile.
The documentation was there.
Yet, a so-called career journalist; who is now nothing more than a complete HACK; had zero interest in reviewing the documentation.
60 Minutes has LOST whatever credibility they once had.
Oh, and by the way, Mike Wallace, father of Chris Wallace, my family knew very well. Chris Wallace is completely weak and a sellout compared to his father.
CBS, CNN, MSNBC, Washington ComPost, NY Times are worthless sellouts and nothing more than propaganda machine for the radical leftists and CCP.
An apology to President Trump would be very welcome, however, at this point they all need to go BROKE and off the air.
We the People cannot have NOR tolerate fake news medias and big techs whose “woke” agendas are destroying our Country.
We need our rightful President, President Trump, back in the White House ASAP.

Elizabeth Headley

…I hear only cricket’s chirping…


Me Too!


Errr never, because she was right…

My Man Trump

LOL! These people do not apologize. Never. They have no moral compass, no filter and no sense of wrongness. The only rightness is what they believe. All they know how to do is lie and spin. Power, control and greed is not for the “little people” who do not matter. None of us honorable folks matter.

Your Delusional

You sound like your describing Trump


You must enjoy high grocery prices … unnecessary high fuel costs … turmoil w other countries … million of illegals from southern border. Trump isn’t perfect and his personality was/is unique but he did not act like a communist dictator like fascist biden. Trump is for the people. For the CONSTITUTION!


Trump didn’t run our country into the ground and make us look weak on the world stage, That was your man Biden and Kamella DeVille that did that. so it’s YOU that is delusional.


Lesley Stahl is a condescending media propagandist who spins lies. Her job is to hide evidence that gets in the way of the communist agenda to rule over Americans and enrich a small powerful elite class.

She is another “Lt Colonel” Vindman the fake whistleblower that the Communist Left used against President Trump. The Left were desperate to halt the successes of President Trump and find a distraction.

We are aware and awake of this treachery.

President Trump is forever a hero who exposed the Communists in our midst.

Gloria Hensley

I doubt she knows how to do that. Pretty obvious she is a democrat and they don’t apologize. Just give her over to God.He’s knows how to handle people like her.


I remember that interview before President trump shut it down. What a bitch that Lesley Stahl is. It was so blatant how she treated the president of the USA to push her own narrative. Where is the common sense of the people? They should have zero ratings but there still plugging along. Wonder if these corrupt organizations will ever be shut down?

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

60 minutes has become a worthless bunch of hack jobs.

Craig Barrett

Don’t hold your breath, she might have been in on it


100% Correct!
She might have planted bugs like Crabs and Syphilis!


Lesley Stahl is Nothing more than a $2.00 Prostitute!
FJB! and the FAKE NEWS!



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