When will they be looking at the Biden Documents?

“When will they be looking at the Biden Documents, many of which were brought to CHINATOWN, and then sent to Boston. Is this why China paid him and Hunter Millions of Dollars? What about the Classified Docs laying on the floor of his unsecured garage (with the Corvette!), or at Penn, or the, get this, 1,850 BOXES in Delaware that they REFUSE to give up. I followed the Presidential Records Act, he didn’t. He OBSTRUCTED, I DIDN’T. Trump hating Prosecutor Jack Smith, a lunatic, should “GET BIDEN!””

By Donald J. Trump

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Airmen Anderson

Good evening, Mr. President, I concur with many in several Articles here. YOU WILL BE IN HARMS WAY IN NY! I PRAY TO GOD YOU HAVE THE WHITE HAT PARTITION OF USMC, GOING WITH YOU! AND NOT JUST A COUPLE OF SECRET SERVICE MEN THAT CAN BE OVERWHELMED. Both Generals, Gen Eric M Smith and General David H Berger have pleaded with you NOT TO GO! DO NOT SURRENDER by SHOWING UP! These people are evil, they have no conscience, and will try anything to stop you from running again for the Oval Office when in fact the Office is still yours! I pray to God that nothing happens to you, Mr. President Sir! Like General Berger said, “We all would rather have a living President than a Martyr.” You are too valuable to our Country to be put in harm’s way, God be with you in Christ, Jesus’s name, Mr. President Sir! God Save the Republic!

Sarah Luu

Biden & the rest of them, i.e. The Clinton, Obama Mafias etc., WILL NEVER BE PUNISHED as long as you exist. ANYONE with ANY brains can see this. It is ALL so incredibly obvious why they want you destroyed – FEAR!!! Good people that are presently in positions of power need to not be so chicken, rally together & go after these BASTARDS, PROSECUTE them with ALL of their might TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK! NOW!!! Sarah Luu

Ken Locke

mr.Trump i have watched, any one with functioning common sense, that is wide eyed aware of what has be brewing. One day the lord knows, that all this chaos that evil folks have tried to push off on everyone will end. Politics will take second shelf , when just survival, will be the focus. Not a business suit, how big a home is, but what is the next meal, water, secured shelter. loved ones close.I and So many hope you do return to office. but the fact that we are dealing with corrupt, evil people.that have been exposed.. have to face trail and punishment for their traitorous actions We as a Republic under God, must stand steadfast,
Cant let them destroy Our Freedom,Our History. If we do not get control of this mess. then God, and mother nature will cleanse the Earth once again.as i said politics will mean nothing, survival will.


I would say they will go after the whole Biden family, who are corrupt as can be, the day after hell freezes over. MUCH LOVE AND MANY PRAYERS ❤️ TO YOU PRESIDENT 🙏 TRUMP AND 🙏 💙 ❤️ YOUR FAMILY. I PRAY 🙏 TOMORROW WILL 🙏 GO WELL FOR 🙏 YOU AND YOUR TEAM. I PRAY 🙏 FOR WISDOM FOR YOU AND YOUR TEAM. GOD BLESS YOU. GOD BLESS AMERICA 🇺🇸 🙏 ❤️

Nancy A. Daylo

Dear President Donald J. Trump, Certainly, AMERICA is behind you, and I am with you all the way. But, you NEED JESUS on your side.BIG TIME. The forces of evil are so corrupt and sons of the devil. You NEED JESUS to grab them and shake their tails, drive them out forever.I continue to pray for you, dear PRESIDENT TRUMP. And thank GOD if I never put a dollar in the fund. I would NEVER hurt you no matter who gets mad at me. Take me with. you in the battle. I want to sit right beside you in court.Nancy A. Daylo


EXCATLY President Trump!
TRUMP 2024!


100% CORRECT President Trump!


What services did the Biden family provide to receive millions of dollars from communist China? The American people want to know!


Cho Biden = Chinese Foriegn Agent!



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