Who can believe such incompetence?

“Can anyone even imagine taking out our Military before evacuating civilians and others who have been good to our Country and who should be allowed to seek refuge? In addition, these people left topflight and highly sophisticated equipment. Who can believe such incompetence? Under my Administration, all civilians and equipment would have been removed.”

By Donald J. Trump

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One plane flying into a building could be an accent. A second plane flying into a building is DELIBERATE.

A dozen or more dangerously distructive ‘mistakes, blunders and missteps’ are not gaffes. They are DELIBERATE attempts to weaken the US and the rest of the free world.


Leaving the equipment was part of the deal with China.


Criminal Biden should resign or be impeached. A complete and total cluster flub!


Did I mention RESIGN?!!! HE MUST RESIGN‼️


Seems to me that TaliBiden wants chaos, wants the Taliban to breed extremism, as extremism spreads across the globe, it creates a situation where the demoCrats* can run roughshod over the perfect constitution. *=“DemoCrat is derived from two words, Demo meaning a presentation to further oneself or ones group. Crat means the ruler, or belonging to a ruling party.” This is why demoCrats do not serve the public, instead they see themselves as the rulers over the people.

Thomas H Weight

I thought the two words were “Demon” and “crat”.


That will work too!


Close! Demon and crap.


Oh! That’s a good one! “TaliBiden” I like that as much as Bidenophile!


Meanwhile Russia & China are saying the Taliban are having a much smoother transition of power than in the US (and they are laughing)


Who invited the taliban to Camp David and released 5000 taliban prisoners? Taliban trump


And your point is? Who is in charge of the US right now. The buck stops here. Joe Biden is a dunce.


Try Commie Biden!

Mike Hunt

Oh Stewie, Santa’s gonna give you a dictionary for Xmas since it seems there are many words (like commie)that you do not understand!


Maybe he wanted to let them return to create in-fighting for leadership with the MAJOR Taliban murderous leaders that Obumya released from Gitmo?

Do you think we’re going to forget that? Of the pallets of cash he sent to his Mooslem brothers?

Kate Kate

I believe their actions to be intentional, Sir. They hate the USA that much. Please hurry back Mr. President.



frances moskowitz

Resident biden is totally incompetent! his policies whatever he does is the total opposite that should be done! he doesnt know if he is coming or going RESIDENT BIDEN SHOULD BE IMPEACHED ASAP! AMERICA IS IN GRAVE DANGER WITH RESIDENT BIDEN AT THE HELM!!!! PRESIDENT TRUMP 2024 CANNOT COME FAST ENOUGH!!!! LETS PRAY TO GOD HE SHOULD HELP US ALL AND SAVE US FROM THIS ILLEGAL DISASTEROUS ADMINISTRATION ASAP!!!!!!!!!


i hope you will be back in office soon. this biden crap needs to be over.

Gloria Hensley

Yes. We know Biden and those he has put around him, are definitely incompetent. That’s why80 million + citizens voted for you President Trump. I believe that through God the omnipotent, all things work together for the good for those who love the Lord and follow Him. I am 75 years young, living on a fixed income and I get over 100 emails a day – from Republicans – asking for money! Republicans will answer to God for their arrogance and greed – just as will the marxists/democrats. Check out Ryan D. Kelley of Michigan. He’s our guy but lacks the big buck of the others. Tudor Dixon will never make it past Nessel and Benson.

Robin Seeber

I believe it, the intention of the commie/dems is to destroy America, and make them look as bad as they can… all planned, all intentional IMHO

Mike Hunt

You are SO right Robski! I can’t wait for Trump’s sweaty, unwashed masses to haul all us commie-lib-tard Marxist to a FEMA camp. Once we are all put away Trump’s SS will go door to door, take your money & wimins to build a Super-duper, best ever, like no-one ever saw before golf course & brothel! That’s what people are saying & they use words, the best words ever ’cause Trump’s got a big, you know, brain & stuff!

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