Who gave Crooked Hillary Clinton’s “plumbers” their orders?

“Why isn’t the media asking who gave Crooked Hillary Clinton’s “plumbers” their orders? With Watergate it was the coverup that turned out to be the far bigger crime. With Hillarygate it is the Mainstream Media Coverup that is almost as big of a crime as the act of treasonous espionage itself. It is showing the world why our media is truly the enemy of the people!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Marijo Makufka

Thank you, Mr. President, for showing our great nation and the whole world just how the LAMESTREAM MEDIA COVERS FOR THEIR DEMONIC OVERLORDS.

Who DID give Killary Killton‘s plumbers their orders? To answer this, we have to look through many layers of their pyramid and follow the money.

I fear the answer will scare most of us to the verge of death.

The demons we see–Soros, Maxwell, the “Roy$l Family”–are actually underlings.

Who are their rulers?

I know YOU know, Mr. President. We the People know you have it all and that you are letting it drip drip drip out so We the People can peacefully organize and help you in your mission.

Although it seems like the world is falling apart, We the People know it had to be this way. The whole world needs to see how bad it could get if America turns its back on God.

We the People are with you and your family, Mr. President. We know about the great work you and your wife are doing behind the scenes and await the RETURN OF THE DULY ELECTED, GREATEST-EVER, MOST BELOVED, 2ND TERM PRESIDENT and the RETURN OF THE GREATES 1ST FAMILY EVER!!!

We the People remain forever at your stead.


Time for arrests!!


Excellent Statement President Trump!




She was not installed as president.

Johnny Appleseed

Stop and think:

Nixon. Was ousted right??? By the media.

Killary was there.

It was the beginning. And all the hell and termoil since.

Our kids got dumbed down.

Including us.

Our cities have been destroyed.

Our families have been shreaded.

Our lives have been turned upside down over and over.

They imported drugs and got everyone hooked. The ones that didn’t get hooked had to fight a zombie apocalypse to survive.

And now they sold what is left of us over to our enemies???

For what a $20,000 freezer in their house with an assortment of the most expensive ice cream known to man kind???

While we eat Empire of shoddy caused the civil war vieana sausages and a sleeve of crackers??

Whole meal costs less than a dollar even in today’s inflation rates….

What the fuck?? Really??

And then they lie to us. Tell us that one group has more advantages than another while cutting us all down using the “different” “more diversified” person next to us to do it.

One min it’s the blacks who are no good thieving criminals they are coming to your homes.

Then it’s the tree hanging rebel flag wavers are going to rape your children and drag them with a rope…

Most of us are no like any of that.

We get up in the morning.. we drive to work… we cuss out the asshole that just cut us off because it makes us feel better than fighting the bullshit the schools shoved in our kids heads. We work our asses off all day doing the shit no one else wants to do because to keep this country running well.. some asshole has to do it. Don’t care if you are a janitor or the general manager of a hotel they look at all of us the same… like we are the shit they have to put up with to make money.

We go home after getting our asses chewed all day by someone and now something (they now have ass chewings automated… don’t believe me… look at your phone)
Only to realize now we have to fight that fight with the kids we were releasing aggression about earlier trying to avoid it.

The schools teach them we don’t matter. They teach them to rat us out about everything. They teach them to lie to us. They teach them to sell us out. They teach them that they have people to go to and people they can call. They teach them that if we say anything they don’t like we are being mean. Then the television backs it up. Parents going to jail left and right for some stupid shit that don’t even sound real. I mean they suppress the parents and lie to the kids so much… most of us see it and understand why they snap and then pray to God that never becomes us because we really know how easily it could be.

Then we bring them to the therapist driving in their heads we don’t know what we are doing and a government official is needed because we are too stupid to raise a child.

We are watching our children grow up… believing we don’t care about anyone but ourselves and are sorry no good sacks of shit for working all day at a job that don’t cover everything.

And then the cabal does shit like… impeach a President that is not even supposedly elected… which we all learned in high school is a big bunch of bullshit.

All because some guys got caught snooping and a real asshole helped unseat a sitting president.

Media has been untouchable ever since.

But to hear them tell it…

They saved us.

We are too stupid to wipe our own asses let alone make decisions.

In some cases that may be true… but the vast majority of us…

Man all we want is to bring home the bacon and make sure those little school made zombie observers that are sent to spy on us stop screaming for dinner.

Oh yeah and don’t forget… we are a free “democracy”……

They remind us every day just how free we actually are.

Here little zombie spy… eat your supper. I pray you like it so I ain’t the one getting sent to big house tonight.

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Johnny Appleseed

American Government Spying on Citizens

This is a multi tiered system of sharing people’s private lives and information.

It is a net of the most convoluted bunch of bullshit wrapped in “we care about you” ever devised on the planet.

It is disguised in the mental health care game. You go there seeking comfort and then they get every deep dark secret you ever had. Everything . The whole kit and Caboodle… directed more towards women and children. Because they will spill the fastest. They are more trusting than men.

You only think Facebook is bad. This one adds to it.

It is protected under “client privilege”… but how many people do you know right now right here around you that don’t blab??

Look around… how many of the five to ten people you see in the next 24 hours… will tell everything you have ever said to them to someone else.

Couple that with the mental health system giving horrible advice causing more problems so they can make more money…

They have got you by the pocket book…

Because if you love them you will seek help.


Well… though that “getting of help” you just gave all your information about your family to someone else. All your private feelings and emotions… imagine if that came out in public….

Would it be good???

What if the information was used covertly to cause problems in your life to keep you at a certain place for the rest of your life.

What if the “care providers” caused agitation and programming of a person to make them cause a


Does it sound like conspiracy???

How many things have been called conspiracy so far that have been manifested straight out of the Twilight Zone????


Puts a new twist on the wife beating commercials.

Puts a new twist on the alcohol commercials.

Puts a new twist on the child mental health care.

Puts a new twist on mental traumas…

Don’t it.

Here is the final key…





What kind of person would use them to harm us??

Food for thought.

It makes making victims make more sense dosen’t it.




And how does it make you feel??


they are making little poor little me spies.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed

Think of the government as the snake that got Eve to bite the apple.

They use our Bible.

They find every weakness it says we have and they use them against us.

Make more sense???


Youre always right! Please get revenge.

Mary Geiger

Hillary is the teflon queen. It’s going to be difficult, but the day will come when she will have to pay the piper. Along with her fiends.

Johnny Appleseed

She already is.

Just us taking is causing serious damage to the brand.

Johnny Appleseed

Talking not taking…

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Fake news medias, Big Tech’s, and demonrats need to be removed.


T.R.E.A.S.O.N. Is it TttIiiMmmBbbEeeRrr time yet, Sir?


The media is complicit. Coming back sooner than we thought

Tom Spear

Lock her up


Boy did you think of that all by yourself!!! Mommy must be proud!!!

Craig Barrett

They are just as guilty of TREASON as she is

Gerald Warner

The Federal law states a Coup is Treason and Treason only penalty is HANG. Bastard obama tried changing that penalty his last year in the outhouse and now he is living in outhouse basement with idiot obiden they might try changing the law again or use double jeopardy for kilintons. It is time to change gov 95% and get true Americans running this country. We need your social media out soon

Mark Rakow

There’s no Federal law describing a coup, and there’s certainly no law stating that the penalty for treason is hanging. Total nonsense.

Diane Roy

How long is this coverup going to last President Donald J Trump? The fact media won’t acknowledge the truth, is why I will no longer watch the news anymore! It’s like being slapped across the face every single day. What was the point in exposing everything if the media refuses to acknowledge any of it? I have never seen anything like it in my entire life!!!


The fact that Hillary Clinton will not be able to run for elected office ever again after all this. Is the same as throwing her into the deepest darkest dungeon with just bread and water.

(The torments are equal to her.)

And that I can go to sleep every night knowing that she is having fitful nightmares of a “GIANT ORANGE PRESIDENT” devouring her whole.

Thats all I ever wanted…………….Thats all I’ll ever need… (anything else is just icing on the cake)

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk

And if she thinks that’s bad, just wait ’til she gets to hell.

Last edited 1 year ago by SLG
Kreg Vergith

They know that any swamp scum they dig up will likely slop on them, as well.

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