Who is running the show? Ron DeSantis or Never Back Down?

“Ron DeSantis and Never Back Down are not on the same page. 

Ron DeSantis trashed the bipartisan debt ceiling deal in a Monday interview. “Prior to this deal, our country was careening toward bankruptcy, and after this deal our country will still be careening toward bankruptcy,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis’ Super PAC, Never Back Down, disagrees.

National Spokesman Steve Cortes wrote in a Daily Caller op-ed that “Conservatives should welcome the deal that the GOP House negotiated against an obstinate Biden Administration. Is the package everything we want on the Right? No. But it represents tangible success and a key starting marker for fiscal sanity in Washington. Plus, it provides a key starting point toward earning control of all three levers of fiscal power in the 2024 elections: House, Senate, and White House.”

Cortes went on to draw a contrast with DeSantis, who voted to cut Social Security and Medicare during his time in Congress, saying, “Crucially, these cuts and safeguards do not arrive at the expense of America’s seniors or veterans, though. Social Security, Medicare, and the VA are all protected.

“With control over only the House, at present, this agreement represents a worthy deal that should receive the support of patriotic populists,” Cortes concluded.

Looks like Cortes and Never Back Down sent out the talking points from DeSantis’ donors. Like his flip-flop on Ukraine, time will only tell what Ron will do.”

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Hopefully he runs out of time or money soon.



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