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Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Upton, Rino scum.


Fred Upton of Michigan, Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio, John Katko of New York, and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois DOWN. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, Jamie Herrera-Beutler and Dan Newhouse of Washington, Peter Meijer of Michigan, Tom Rice of South Carolina, and David Valadao of California TO GO!

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My Man Trump

Bye. Bye! On your way out take the other two with you


They all need to go and we need to prevent Michael Obuma from running for the presidential seat!

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Becky G

Awwww…good ole Michael…uhhh…I mean Michelle….no wait… I ABSOLUTELY MEAN MICHAEL…🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

Mark Rakow

Just how would you “prevent” that?

Not like it matters. Because you can’t.


Enemies of the people should not be allowed to run ( or vote!). So that is easy


Just say any idiotic thing that comes to you


NO RIGGED elections Commie-Liberal!
FJB! and YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Line em up. One by one.


This is sort of off topic but I’d like for everyone that reads this to remember. I lived in WV for 5 years and have keep up with the weasel Joe Manchin’s disgusting political career, so mark my words and watch him when he realizes the republicans are going to take control and you’ll see him do a complete 180 and lean hard right. This guy is so obvious. He always jumps ship on his party about a year or so before his term is up and imitates conservative, especially if that’s the majority of the house but as soon as he sees an opening after his election he pulls off the sheeps clothing and shows his true colors. EVERY TIME! WV needs an honest, strong conservative to run against that slime ball.

Dean Anoia

Beautiful to watch. God Bless you sir 🇺🇸

Save Our United States

All RINOs. Need to get rid of all of the RINOs not only in the House but in the Senate as well.

Becky G

6 5 4 3 2 1….. BOOM!!!!!!




Flush the toilet, and free 🇺🇸 US 🇺🇸 of these RINO’s! They’re worse than Demoncrats! Globalists are united in ushering in the One World Government. That’s why they hate Trumplicans who promote American Nationalism! Correct 11/3/2020, and reinstate POTUS Trump before it’s too late…!


I hate to bust your bubble, but these quitting Republicans are the sane Republicans. The Republican party has turned into a “cult of D Trump” party.

Ralph Fleming

Are you saying that Trump followers are the REAL SHEEP. You know animals that follow one leader and do whatever he tells them to. No matter how many times he switches his direction or endorsement. Say it ain’t so Pete! Say it ain’t so!

Mark Rakow

They have no idea how risky this is. But, of course, they’re not called Trump Chumps for nothing.

Save Our United States

Pete, we will gladly send all of them to your party. Which party would that be, CPUSA?


They sane republicans are the losers and traitors? I guess not! Our President is an Amazing person. Very gifted. Extremely intelligent and never lost anything. He is a great, great winner whether it is sports, business, women or poltics. Very generous, very fair and very honest. That is Why He reacrs so strongly to cheating and dishonesty

Ralph Fleming

Who in the expletive are you talking about? Trump? He lost the election, look at how many bankruptcies he’s filed (He couldn’t keep a casino in business), he sucks at all sports, and he buys his women. You picked a real winner.


Wow! It’s good to hear that you think so highly of President Biden!


Quit smoking CRACK with Hunter and Brandon!


Why is someone who lost reelection gloating about someone who chose not to run for reelection?


Count the votes. Big difference between losing and being cheated out of an election. BTW, I’m guessing you were a mail in vote. You’re lucky because you’re vote probably counted 10 times for good ole honest Joe. Don’t you just love a fair democracy?

Save Our United States

I can see why you chose to be identified as “Shell”.


Four dirt bags down 6 to go! One more town and another show!

Don’t let the door hit you on your jackass on your way out the door loser.

Teresa Jawson

Keep draining the Swamp Mr. my favorite President ever😁
~God Bless America 🇺🇸

Michael Jenson

Let do the old LoL Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha feels good




Yes sir, great! Hope all Americans wake up & realize the financial & economical damage
this Biden administration has caused upon us all, not to mention, but I will, the emotional & mental distress too! Everyone needs to vote straight Republican ticket going forward in every election. Americans’, please call your Washington, DC representatives & voice your concerns to them. This will force them (Democrats & Republicans) to get engaged to get busy on fixing America First! The phone numbers & email address are available on the governmental web site to the public. Mr. Trump, sir, hope you are serious about the 2024 run again! Also, legally push back on “all” persons, that caused you harm & lied, regardless of their public status, that caused you, your administration, support colleages’, family & all connected to you financially or politically, to LEGALLY sue them (Hillary Clinton, Christopher Steele, etc.) take them to court, sir! This will show Washington DC that they are NOT Above the law of the land!


Prison for all the enemies of the people !

Carmine Gazerro

The POWER of Trump/MAGA we beat you before the primary. Squishy RINOS take note we have the Election yes the Primary of corse MAGA added a new obstacle. MAGA Sniff Test pre primary. We took down 50% of our targets before a primary vote. How hard will the other half be with the weapon of a ballot. Liz think we can check that one she’s playing to democrats. Like Mitt, And Lisa in senate. Imagine you need Democrats to win. You think that’s what Republican MAGA voters desire a Democrat vote in a senate race.

Last edited 11 months ago by Carmine Gazerro

Who’s next? How about Jaime Herrera Beutler WA-03 and Dan Newhouse WA-04 ?

Last edited 11 months ago by Betty

The big guy has to be removed from the office of presidency. Not impeached but removed for fraud. However as soon as that is said everybody runs away!

Carmine Gazerro

POTUS Harris and New VP Pelosi. That don’t sound safe.

Rosanne. Choate

It isn’t! It’d be horrible.

Mark Rakow

Would you prefer that, instead of running away, we STAND THERE, laughing in your face?

Fine and dandy.


Great News President Trump!
Make the USA and Michigan GREAT AGAIN!


Keep the pressure on!! The swamp must be completely obliterated this time!


No other sanctions? After all He voted against the most honest President in history and against the will of We the People. Is There not a Word for that?

Mark Rakow

Yes. The word is “rational.”


All together we are still draining the Swamp I see Legit President Donald J Trump, Sir. Winning for MAGA praise, honor glory to God in Jesus hallelujah

R Minoglio

Can’t wait till you are back in the White House. That is where you belong. The demoRATS hate America and the American people. Biden and the Democrats want to destroy this great country.

Mary Geiger

Upton won’t even be missed. He can’t be counted on so “Shoo, go away”!

Dan for DT

Good riddance to bad rubbish says I.

Craig Barrett

America First



Dan for DT

If they are not on the side of the people then they are expendable and best left behind.


The 2 in Washington State Please!

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President