Who’s this Clinton appointed “Judge,”

“Who’s this Clinton appointed “Judge,” David Carter, who keeps saying, and sending to all, very nasty, wrong, and ill informed statements about me on rulings, or a case (whatever!), currently going on in California, that I know nothing about – nor am I represented. With that being said, please explain to this partisan hack that the Presidential Election of 2020 was Rigged and Stolen. Also, he shouldn’t be making statements about me until he understands the facts, which he doesn’t!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Trump’s own lawyers told him the information was false and not sign the document which would be committing fraud. That’s what the judge determined and told Eastman he had to release the emails.

My Man Trump

Whoa David Carter, stay in your own lane and quit trying to be relevant. We have more commie dems than we want. You are just another indictment. The majority of Americans will not tolerate you.


They are desperate. Desperate people do desperate things. “We the People” Vote Vote Vote!
Expose the truth of Our Rigged and Stolen Election.

Kreg Vergith

Those in the “judiciary” wouldn’t give your cases a hearing, but they’re allowed to pull crap like that?!?

Where’s the rulebook?

hang biden

2 years into this FAKE FRAUD of a “presidency” and still NOTHING is done about it!! I’m so tired of the bitching and complaining with no action!!! These corrupt bastards MUST be brought down!!! From judges to media to that corrupt POS biden!! They MUST ALL be brought down!!! Hang every treasonous bastard, and they will NEVER pull this shit again!!!


Just ANOTHER Piece of Shit Commie-Lib that was selected by Pedophile Epstein JR-AKA Bill Clinton!


More dirty/woke judges! Traitors should be exiled.


Shot by Firing Squad on National Television!
Send A Message!


Who should be shot? That might be taken as a threat.

Last edited 5 months ago by Brad

FJB! And You!


fuck you.


Get Some!


What a weirdo.




Everyone in the “Clinton Clan” always run their mouths on things they know nothing about or make-up stories just to fill the air ways. Trying to look important, par for the course.

Cynthia Alina

these spawns of satan have no value of life, when they are drained out of the swamp, and at Gitmo for their sentence, Then we will have peace. I think all Judges and lawyers should go back for training. They have forgotten the constitution.


Maybe he’s just lying to his choir.

joy young

Pres Trump, speaking for myself and based on months of observation and listening, the DOJ and FBI from top to bottom are corrupt. it is totally obvious by observing the dc federal judges and courts. look what they are doing and not doing tells all of us a lot.

Wild Bill

Yes sir you are right (as usual). I read a great article this morning from Epoch about the unconstitutional J6 committee and the deleted messages from twitter. Everyone should read this to clear the air about the truth. Just my opinion. God bless America because no body else will.

Michael Fuechtmann

Keep fighting!!!!!!!!! The tyrants and the sheep will lose in the end.

Leven Brown

Thing is that these people are not after the facts in an objective fashion. They are after the fiction they created with lies, half truth, hyperbole and omission to support their clearly partisan narrative. Every time I find a ‘Never Trumper’ I say ‘What policies did you object to that made you tangibly worse off?’ – that question is usually greeted with crickets! Or some rapid changing go the subject onto fake investigations ‘mean tweets’ or similar cosmetics. Thing is they can’t think of a single policy they actually object to and that is very telling.

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