“Why isn’t the Unselect Committee of political Thugs, who have criminalized Justice to a level never seen before in our Country, going after the people who illegally SPIED ON MY CAMPAIGN? Why aren’t they calling Nancy Pelosi, or the D.C. Mayor, who are IN CHARGE OF SECURITY, to ask why they turned down 10,000-20,000 National Guard Troops, or Soldiers, prior to January 6? Why won’t they discuss the massive voter fraud and irregularities that took place in the Election, the reason Jan 6 happened?”

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

Everyone knows why. You said it; nothing but political thugs. The public is awake now. Can’t wait to see the repercussions of evil when this is all over. And it will be soon.




they are evil, they are the ones that need to be looked into and it is coming.


They want go after their own who oviously are criminals that are doing the dirty work for their agenda and it would expose the corruption and criminal activities they are involved in.






100% Correct!
Thank You Cindy!


Complicit with the same #Treason on US Insurrection Day 11/3/2020!


Spot On!

Michael Jenson

What is, they think they are smarter than they are?…….BING! BING! BING! yea




Why? Well, I will tell you why? They’re betting you (during your second term as our president) won’t hang em high. I am indirectly telling you it would be in everyone’s best interest if all the corrupt player from you first term in office are put in prison or shot!


Well Said!
America Can Not Let This Happen Again and Needs To Send a Message!


Well Said President Trump!
GOD Save the USA!

Patricia McDermott

Mr. President, we know the answer to each of your questions – they are traitors to this Country and THEY set up Jan. 6. This is more of the evil these creatures have inflicted upon us and our Country. I know that they’re doing everything they can to make certain you don’t run again in 2024. And, this is another of their distractions to foul these primary elections. And there will be something else evil that they’ll concoct as the November elections approach – we can count on that. Good and patriotic men and women must win in November and start their work on winning back our Country.


Follow the money and the blackmailing from the “Higher Ups” …. The general population is in the dark and kept subservient but, so too are the do-nothing “elected servants of the people! Greed and power become the mantra and driving force in lieu of honor, integrity and the preservation of our country. The oath taken to uphold the Constitution, Rule of Law, our Bill of Rights and God-given freedoms is nothing more than a right of passage to “do what it takes” for personal gain! May God have mercy upon the human race!

Penelope Murphy-Westby

Trump cannot recall whether it was 10,000 or 20,000 troops that he allegedly offered. Why not? Obviously, that’s an extremely crucial detail. So, it’s only common sense that he’d remember that, easily. It’s also common sense that he’d document that fact in some way, as well as the response he got to that offer, and that such documentation would still exist. But he didn’t. No such documentation exists. Why not?

He claims that he made this offer to Nancy Pelosi. But he didn’t. In fact, he couldn’t have, and he wouldn’t have. Nancy Pelosi is not in charge of security of the Capitol complex.

Please consider this for a moment. The very idea that she would be (or even should be) in charge of security is both absurd and illogical. For one thing, the House is only one half of Congress – where power is shared equally. So, there must be a Senator who wields equal power in that regard. That, too, is just common sense.

No such Senator exists. No Senator was contacted with such an offer.

More common sense – why would the Speaker of the House be assigned the extra duty of being in charge of security? Is she qualified for that task? Or is it simply that the Federal government is trying to save money?

Unfortunately, Donald Trump has no common sense on such matters. Not only is he unable to remember how many troops he promised, he now claims he made that promise to Nancy Pelosi, AND Muriel Bowser, too. Ms. Bowser is the mayor of Washington. Why on earth would she be in charge of security at the Capitol? Once again, common sense says otherwise.

Let’s use common sense, and face the facts. Trump is trying to shift blame onto his sworn enemy, Nancy Pelosi – and now, onto a completely innocent bystander, the mayor of Washington.

Common sense says that Donald Trump is a liar and a fraud, and completely despicable. Common sense tells you that he must be held to account.

After all, we call it “common sense” for a reason. Because it’s common knowledge to most sensible people.

Last edited 9 months ago by Penelope Murphy-Westby

Just ANOTHER Stupid Liberal!


Penelope writes and knows not a lot. Sounds like she’s trying to convince someone.

Penelope Murphy-Westby

I’m merely illustrating how ordinary common sense tends to disprove Mr. Trump’s version of events.

It’s clear this is not the only sense in which you are lacking.

Cheryl Driscoll

Because the OBVIOUS is the one thing they can all agree on…..to IGNORE! Why we call them Democrats!




The News Media Are “Knowingly” Ignoring The Truth!. The Government Swamp And Hollywood Elites Are Guilty Of Human Trafficking, And Crimes On Epstein Island. The News Media Doesn’t Want To Acknowledge, I Exposed Nancy Pelosi In The Underground Rooms, Of Epstein Island, Caught On Security Camera Ch11, And The Names In Epsteins’ Flight Log. They Would Rather Ignore The Truth, Than Acknowledge, I Exposed Everything. Heaven Forbid I Be Acknowledged, For Being Truthful. I’m Not A Public Figure Or A Celrbrity, So Apparently My Truth Doesn’t Matter. The Misinformation/Disinformation About “QAnon” Are Intentional. I’ve Never Seen Such Lack Of Empathy And Total Disregard. I Tried My Very Best For You 💝 PresidentTrump . I’m Praying Justice Prevails For You And Your Family And For Me🙏 God Bless And Godspeed *Q-Anonymous* #MAGA🌹🦁🇺🇸


Nancy Pelosi was a Sadomasochist in the under ground rooms of Epstein island!


You know why. They know why. We know why. Most importantly, God knows WHY. They are determined to destroy this great nation. Their plan was working beautiful until you came down the elevator and set them back 4 years from their goal. America is AWAKE. Only a stupid few are woke. God will WIN.



Michael Fuechtmann

Because they’re corrupt!!!!! time to take back Congress and in 2024 get President Trump back at the helm. Save America!!!!!


Here’s another why? Why haven’t the Unselect Committee gone after Steven Colbert and his group of ‘merry men’? They spied on the wrong political party’s offices, too?


These people are evil and power hungry. They don’t care about Americans.


They are Marxists and you interrupted #husseins 16 yr plan. They must destroy you and MAGA supporters so that they can continue their COMMIE takeover of America. #neverbackdown


Spot On!
Thank You!

A new leaf on the tree

Most people have moved on from this sham (shame) trial. But we all will be paying attention again when the republicans take over in November and investigate these traitors to our country. That is unless the rinos run the investigation in which case it will be another sham

Last edited 9 months ago by A new leaf on the tree
Jim Rains

President Trump you stand for everything true and right and did so many things for our country, more than you said you would. You love this country. You believe in God. You still are doing everything you can for this country, all without ever taking a salary. You are the best president of my lifetime.
What these democrats have done to you even before you were elected by spying is thousands of times worse than Watergate and I hope they will be prosecuted for what they have done. Crazy Nancy needs to turn over her emails and texts about January 6th for it to be a true investigation. Other democrats need to turn over their texts and emails about it , also.
Thank you President Trump for all you have done and still do, there are millions that thank you, also. You are The UltraMAGA King.


Because none of that really happened?




They will all be exposed and then you will know what really happened. Sorry you refuse to see the truth. You just can’t change it.

James Cummings

Because there is probably not one member of this Kangaroo committee that isn`t deep state.



R Minoglio

Because they are evil. They want power. We will take our country back.




Because their agenda is to destroy Trump so that they can finish destroying the country they despise, which is the United States of America. Traitors.

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