Will always remain the Cleveland Indians to me!

“Anybody who changes the name of the “storied” Cleveland Indians (from 1916), an original baseball franchise, to the Cleveland Guardians, is not fit to serve in the United States Senate. Such is the case for Matt Dolan, who I don’t know, have never met, and may be a very nice guy, but the team will always remain the Cleveland Indians to me!”

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

Everybody is woke now a days. How sad and regretful they will all be when this is over. And it will be over….Soon. You are right again, Sir, it will always be the Indians.




Yes, it is and so are the Kansas City Chiefs!

Craig Barrett

I quit watching MLB when they went woke as always anything the demonrats touches turns to shit

Just Me

It’s just another way to erase history. Teams, automobiles, trucks, and various products that have “Indian” names are honoring the strength of those for whom they are named. “Woke” people can’t see it, don’t want to see it. All they want to preach is bad white man, making fun of Native Americans, enslaving Africans…bad, bad, bad white man, bad America…must erase all history and create a new State with State assigned names.

Clara Mayorga

Erasing American History is dangerous, those trying to change it have a diabolical purpose.


What are The Cleveland Guardians?
A Security Firm?
Never heard of them!


Same, and the same goes for all other products, teams, etc. I’ll call them by their original names.


and your team will always be the Mar a Lago Fatties!!!


And your team will always be the Leftist MORONS!


Your team are the Commie-Liberal Losers……………

My Man Trump

I know someone who knows you. They told me you are quite the cow.


He has no right to change the name of anything that does not belong to him. I have never heard of Him. But he is surely a Communist. Or something worse…


Strongly agreed. It’s as if someone has a right to change my given name if they find it to be offensive to them. It’s ridiculous. All these teams going woke. Makes me not want to watch or support them.


Louis Sockalexis, the Deerfoot of the Diamond, played professional baseball in the National League for three seasons (1897-1899), spending his entire career as an outfielder with the Cleveland Spiders. The name change from the Cleveland Naps to the Cleveland Indians in 1915 is attributed to a desire to honor Sockalexis.

Please explain how this offends ANY Native American. I don’t understand. But then, I’m only part Native American. Mom’s maternal grandmother, who introduced me to fried chicken & mashed potatoes (my favorite entree to this day) at the tender age of 18 months, is half Chippewa & half French Canadian.

Ralph Fleming

Tim why don’t you ask yourself why in your post the only place you use the word Indian is when you mention the team? Every other time you use the term Native American. You may not be offended but you obviously know the preferred term is Native American.


Someone once said “ everything woke turns to sh!t”. Can’t remember who that was. They will always be the Indians, Redskins and on and on.

Sharon PA born

I’m 41 & have been an Indians fan since I was 4 years old. The Indians always had wonderful fans & loved their Indians. The logo was great & we all loved & respected it. My grandma watched every game until she passed at 95. She always believed in her Indians. I’ll never be a guardians fan…the mascot means nothing to me.

Save Our United States

If I were the same ethnicity as Pocahontas, I would feel honored that a baseball team acknowledged my heritage in their brand. Hey Matt, grow a spine then We The People will consider you for a position in the US Senate. Currently, we have a strict “no RINO” policy.


Louis Sockalexis was the first Native American baseball player. The Cleveland fans loved him. The team adopted the name, Indians, as a TRIBUTE. How any Native American be offended to have one of their own be honored in such a fashion is beyond me. Maybe because I’m only part Native American. Unlike Elizabeth Warren, Mom’s maternal grandmother is half Chippewa.

Dean Clevenger

Growing up in Ohio…will always be the Indians.. Cleveland Indians..



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